Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Its a celebration......... I've opened an A/C for you at Global Bank Of Blessing & Deposited 365 days full of LOVE, JOY & HOPE. enjoy spending each and every day. have a very Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous 2008!! Best Wishes from Zura @Pelangi Fm

Ps. Beautiful ending songs for this year for the past 10 minutes before New Year 2008 - 11.48pm Guns & Roses 'Patience' and the ending the year for 2007 with 'So Lonely' by Loudness (Japanese version) ... wah!!!!! enjoy eh.. here is how it sounds.. hear it ya.. "so lonely for you.. Oh baby.. what can i do.. i'm trap.. i'm leaving without you... " huhu.. Love it!!!

A very good start for this New Year with beautiful New Year songs.... Huray.. Huray.... Keep smiling... I am actually in the car writing my New Year greetings.. and i'm smiling. This is what happen when you get addicted for blogging.. OH WELL.. WHAT TO DO...

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!!!!!

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