Thursday, January 3, 2008


Cali cerita ah. Bukan inda cali, sampai menitik nitik air mata ku meliat. Habis ku ketawa and senyum and entah ah. So real ani bah. Must see movie eh. So cute. I like the part bila Daniel said "YOUR PARENT CAN ONLY GUIDE YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION IN LIFE, BUT AT THE END YOU ARE THE ONE, YOU HAVE TO GROW UP YOURSELF"... Life isn't simple, complicated kali ah. So the world full of confusion, full of questions can never be answered, we do our best to live in it. And the best part you do what you want in life, because life is short. And most important is to TRY. Don't quit even berfore you TRY IT.

A very imprssive comedy show. Very nice eh.. i like it. I don't know what to say kalau you watch that movie and nada effect. Well again, tepok dada tanya tia...he.e.e.. At the end its all about a real life we live in. What goes on in our everyday life, sometimes we pass it without even realizing it happen to us kan.... GO SEE IT YOURSLEF .....

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