Sunday, January 20, 2008


There are really sad people out there. Sadness that never gone away from them and become the blood and flesh now. There are lots of different sadness you know. But this one yang really dirty one that have that kind of hatred on themselves and never appreciate and all they do just the same old thing and make people around them as sad as they can be. Well, some you know, fall in that trap, but not all. Ha.ha..

New wawasan, i mean we are looking for something challenging in life. Something fresh, something good, and something more upbeat, and something positive and FORWARD AH.... bukan kan mengucap inda beranti.. Use your tongue and your mouth dengan baiknya and Insyallah you will receive something good in return too. So start thinking something positive if you are a sad person and change you life lah. Not a lot of you left you know.... Pray and doa for the people yang punya penyakit rohani agar see the light of cure for your heart. Amin..

Oh well, i would like to end my day today peacefully and its been great. I am going to sleep soon. Just think, a fresh new day tomorrow, how bout' that kan? So what are your plans for this coming week? A whole new day, and a whole new week, you got to have plans or otherwise your life meant nothing and how would you appreciate being alive?

Just a thought... nyte nyte.... May Allah Bless Us All with his love and rahmat, and may we see the new day tomorrow. Thank you to our body and soul for helping us out to do our daily things in our life. And may we use our head to think properly, our heart to love and appreciate life, our everything just by doing the right thing. We only live once. Selawat salam to our prophet Nabi Muhammad S.A.W serta kerabat kerabat dan sahabat sahabat baginda....... Amin

GOOD NIGHT!! Kiss Kiss

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