Monday, November 29, 2010


oH its like that. You notice? Well some of us maybe and some not. Not forever not ever. Good ones gone forever and left with us, still the good ones too... mm i think.

So, siapa yang terhebat? You? Me? I also don't know. I know me but don't know you. Do you know me? Do you know you? Again.. you're the only one who have the answer to all.. sometime not but hey.. its like that.

Honestly, i missed all the people i love gone forever. Cut deep hurt like ...... Al Fatihah .......

psst.. take it easy if you feel the same. I felt it too... Let your cry out how ever you want it.. feel it. And open your eyes, syukur that you got those times spend when they are around. Walaupun a setitik sedetik.. that was the time that you will never ever see again but memories remain forever.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Boy oh boy.. Nobody smile. Nobody talked about it too. Nobody say even a word. Silent all the way. I can hear only footsteps. No word. No nothing. What an impact that was after watching SKYLINE. Well... Don't know what to say. But sincerely from my view, from me.. Weldone for the hard work for the crews of making that movie. But i have seen better. So you know what i mean. I saw dissapointment on their faces. Maybe you got a different say or view.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


M&M'S my FAVE!

PSST... i am having M&M's penuts and M&M's PENUT BUTTER... Do you want to know what really happen? Here i share you my story. I love M&M'S PENUT. And here is so very expensive in a small packet. Hard to get the MAXI AND MEDIUM SIZE.

On my way to Kuala Lumpur, transit in Singapore Airport. Oh.. do you want to know what i did? Yes.. i got fours hours until the next flight to Kuala Lumpur. Apa lagi.. i go jalan jalan and i ate lunch jua at my fave place. I had a very NICE MUSHROOM SUOUP.

Stop at the chocolate shop and got my M&M's. I thought only penut. But M&M's got many flavor. Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate etc. Nice.. I grabbed quite a lot. And now ... only now i opened the peanut butter and peanuts. Nice.. Can you imagine .... the texture and flavor. YUMMY!!!

Story of me and my M&M's ... So, do you have story to tell about you and your fave chocolate?

Did It!

I did my laundry. Yes i did. And i had Ipoh Bee Hoon sup. Heheh... i modified a bit. The reason why.. Ipoh? i got the receipe from there. So everytime i make bee hoon sup, have that touch of Ipoh. Em.. the way i remember ya.

Wether was cloudy, yes rain a bit. I did my laundry.. now its sunny. Okay.. did my bed sheets, quilt cover, fitted sheet, pillow cases. One pair of jeans. Few tops and panty and socks. Towels too... i think i've washed 3 pink, 1 big towel bath and one small face towel purple in color, and one light brown, and one white. That's two weeks of towels used. Oh.. kitchen towels and bath rugs. All done! Weldone me.

Cooked lunch, had lunch and about to go out. Tomorrow i got something to do. And i got to check it out later. Been listening to CDs.. Great CDs i tell you. You would want to know if you know what i am listening... I am also looking for a good song, a realy good one to help boost the mood. Plus plus.

So, what have you been doing? Anything for family? Watch movie perhaps? Oh... i want to watch two movie but haven't got to it yet. But will do that sometime next week. Next week too i will be very very busy. With work, with other things, etc... and cousin's wedding. this is everyday life. Its life. Sometimes its quiet and sometimes it sucks out of you. That would be horrible. Still ... that's life.

I don't expect much, but i am trying to think what and where i should start. I am thinking more about me. What i can give? What i can do? What? What? What? all about me. It sounds me me me.. but it got to start from me. You know.. i don't want to live less, when you can live your life!

How about yoU?


What i had for b'fast this morning? Oh you really want to know.
Okay.. woke up, hungry. A glass of warm water. Got pickeled
onion, i think i have 5 pieces of that. A cup of green tea.

After that, walk around the house, checking some clothes for
laundry.. yup i am going to do my laundry today. I washed my
own towels. And towels are important to me too. Love good
towels.. towels is tuala or plural nya (tualas). Haha!!! I made

that one up.. heheh. Yup... i need that smile. Good for you.

Still hungry. Oh i got left over Fettuccine in the fridge. Plan to
make sup bee hoon today for lunch. More like Ipoh bee hoon
sup. Well i sort of got the tasting ingredients when i was in Ipoh
a long long time ago. That would be 'once upon a time' ... ah!

Okay, Fettuccine. Oh got some baki of tuna chilli in the frigde
too. Must be the labihan extra from tuna sandwich. Still good.
Now... i must have this for b'fast. What i do with it?

I am naming it as Fettuccine Tuna Zura way.. Yes way. Haha.. i
love food and i enjoyed naming whatever receipe i want when i
make or bake em. You don't have to be worried about not being
the PRO CHEF. You can still live and live fun and happy with the
food you create.

You go out and about, wherever in the world,
you pick up the taste of the food you ate, that if you enjoy
eating. Different story if you like shopping only and probably
you will one day open a store or start whatever with whatever
you like and learn. hehe...Me, still eating.

Okay... my bfast receipe. Need not worry with
nothing to eat. You will always find someting to eat. Just make
that move to start cooking. I know i am not an expert, and being not

an expert atu tah telling you that you .. yes you also can cook. So..
when i can cook, no matter how you say you can't, you can
actually cook.

Its in you and just make that move and start
cooking. I know the first one will be a ... may be turn well or not, still its
your cooking and how you cook that makes it work and unique. I would
love to be invited by you to see your first cooking.. why not.

Okay i am still writing. Okay.. okay... here how i make my

2 garlic. Chop chop. Heat pan.. pour olive oil. Throw in
the chop chop garlic. Let it until you smell the aroma.. then the
tuna chilli. Fettuccine in, sprinkle salt, a pinch of tomatoo pure ..
DONE!!! Get a white plate for the pasta. Fork to eat it with. OH..
lovely. Simply and just for you.

I ate mine already. Oh i forgot, if for you only, just not so much
with the pasta. Maybe just a cup size for bfast. Cooolll.. you
want to try it? let me know.

You can add red onion or purple onion, all up to you.
I am plain and love my food plain. Love
garlic too.. So i didn't want to add other onions because i
wanted to enjoy the taste of garlic... Haha!!!!

Everyday is always a new experience for me whenever wherever
i am and eating.. YOu?

Selamat Mencoba... Enjoy your b'fast.

Oh no.. i said i want to do laundry. But the weathere out there
look very mendung. What is mendung... cloudy.

Friday, November 19, 2010





Lyrics.. need it?

running towards me.
running towards you.
look closely?
none look familiar to you?
Your friend?
Is this your life?
Your life?
no me .. no you...
can you hear me?
.... la la ... la la...
are you going forever?
or just for a moment?
what would you rather have?
Me or just you..
or us ?

Psst.. maybe you want to use one for your lyrics?? Just a thought.. just maybe. Haha.. entah don't know.. Is it? Can it be use as a lyric? I don't know. Only you know... Ending is just impossible in in LOVE.. but its a pain in the ass. Haha.. You tell me, you can create a song from this? heheh..


Sometime you wish you're the one. How many times you wish you were the one? Wishes comes true for some, others just still waiting.. accepting it or just waiting in vain. How's your wishes? Your wishes come true?

How many wishes have you made and ask and pray for it to come true? Are you really wanting your wishes to come true or just something you wish that you wish not?

Some wishes something they wish not but wish too.. withouth think. Ever think that it would never occur to you what you wish for are not the wishes that you actually wishes for.. mmm...

Confused? ... read it again..

Did you ever wish for something you never ever think of wishing but the slip of your tongue the words of wishes flows without you even realize and it happen? And yet what you really wish for ... all these years never comes.. Ever?

Still confused? ..




Just a minute ago..
i felt like i am about to die.
My heartbeat really fast, fast.. really fast.. and i was really scared.
Entah for whatever reason i think of that just that moment ago, i am really scared.
I am not ready to go. But who am i to know when i leave and when i stayed.
Its just a blink or less than a blink away that i am here with you.
Really scarry eh. I pray .. good health and yes.. take me when its time.
But still i am not ready. Are you?

Friday, November 12, 2010


I just wonder what's running in his mind?? Not even a blink. Really wonder whats in everybody's mind? Wow!!!!! I have never see one like that since BKK? Yes.. i remember, since BKK. But here in J? That's someting. Something run wild in my mind. Ops!!! That is serious. What? Here in J? No way. For all i know in T only. And yes topless in other countries... ! i laugh with blood rushes in my adreline. Gila!!! Berabus my mind oleh nya. In J? I can't believe it eh. But i've seen it. Yes once is enough. Wow!!! Saw men like lorry drivers sat in the middle of the SJ, and as soon as it finished, a live band from quite a popular group on, well... they got up and went back. OOOOOhhhh... i told my friend, au jarih tu karang. But not sure siapa? Crazy i have to say, but puas to see that it does exist. Only the Girls, how bout the men? Apparently got. But when? Not staying longer.. All i can say, my ears were red, i blushed, and its HOT! What a day today to start my Friday here in J. I can't say no more. But if i am really relax, may.. just maybe i will share what i see with my naked eyes.. Haha.!!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Don't live to impress and please others.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Where? Mana? Have you seen? Yes .. like depan mata you. Have you seen? I have. And its funny.. Funny in a way like beli daging or like di pasar. Just di Club saja like jual apa? haha.. Oh well.. So not shocking, but thought never would see that happening depan you. Hiya.. macam macam orang kan jual. Bebisnes dari apa saja sampai jual diri pun ada. Very interesting kan.

I saw she her merunding harga. Harga Diri that is. A bit funny, usually kitani runding harga with our finger untuk barangan, but this is body.. I must say.. ada harga jua and dapat runding like that.. I think from $500 go down to $200 then lama lama ... entah berapa kah. I'll get back to this lagi karang. Later.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Having zuriat is the greatest thing ever happen in your life.. But nada zuriat is the saddest. But when you can its wonderful and amazing feeling to have, but if you can't, its sad but not the end of the world. Banyak cara to have one.

When you don't want to have one mean NADA LONG LASTING EVIDENCE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN TOGETHER (and what the point) yet you know you could. Sayang sayang sekali. But then again.. up to individu. How you see life.

Happy Morning!!