Saturday, November 20, 2010

Did It!

I did my laundry. Yes i did. And i had Ipoh Bee Hoon sup. Heheh... i modified a bit. The reason why.. Ipoh? i got the receipe from there. So everytime i make bee hoon sup, have that touch of Ipoh. Em.. the way i remember ya.

Wether was cloudy, yes rain a bit. I did my laundry.. now its sunny. Okay.. did my bed sheets, quilt cover, fitted sheet, pillow cases. One pair of jeans. Few tops and panty and socks. Towels too... i think i've washed 3 pink, 1 big towel bath and one small face towel purple in color, and one light brown, and one white. That's two weeks of towels used. Oh.. kitchen towels and bath rugs. All done! Weldone me.

Cooked lunch, had lunch and about to go out. Tomorrow i got something to do. And i got to check it out later. Been listening to CDs.. Great CDs i tell you. You would want to know if you know what i am listening... I am also looking for a good song, a realy good one to help boost the mood. Plus plus.

So, what have you been doing? Anything for family? Watch movie perhaps? Oh... i want to watch two movie but haven't got to it yet. But will do that sometime next week. Next week too i will be very very busy. With work, with other things, etc... and cousin's wedding. this is everyday life. Its life. Sometimes its quiet and sometimes it sucks out of you. That would be horrible. Still ... that's life.

I don't expect much, but i am trying to think what and where i should start. I am thinking more about me. What i can give? What i can do? What? What? What? all about me. It sounds me me me.. but it got to start from me. You know.. i don't want to live less, when you can live your life!

How about yoU?

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