Friday, August 31, 2007

Koboy parking Lot?

Ok lah. I pun baru balik ke Brunei. Rindu nak jalan-jalan ke Bandar Brunei. So bila i jalan-jalan, i pun rasa nak jalan kaki so i cari parking. So, ini lah cerita nya. I pun tak tahu sapa yang makes the rules. You tell me ya.

I drive ke bandar tadi afternoon petang, like that lah. So i pun try nak park di kawasan Post Office kita kan. And bila i sampai ke situ, tutup. Ok tak pa, thinking that i can park my car at the next parking lot dekat Jabatan Perkhidmatan Elektrik. So bila i sampai there, i found this red cone in the way before masok dekat gate tu. So i pun get out of the car and i saw this guy came out from the booth and i asked him lah. I said, are you closed? Then dia jawab 'ya'.

Tapi i nampak the signboard - operation hours 7am to 6pm, i asked him again, why? Mind you there were a lot of space there too for cars to park. I wouldnt ask if i didnt see the sign there. And the time i was there was at 3.26pm. And you know what he said to me? First he opened the door of that booth (ada orang dalam lah which i didnt see , irresponsible of course not to tell me because that person was actually on duty, that is rude) then, he ask the person inside the booth, then with his face.. i mean yes with his upset face, he told me that that person inside the booth is about to leave. So garang. Like punya power boleh buat apa... Go where?

He then pointed to the other parking space on the other side of the road. So now i ask, Metro Parking Management, macamana ni? You operate sampai 3.26pm ke atau 6pm? Kalau u operate sampai 6pm, apasal koboi sana tu boleh suka-suka cakap 3.26pm sudah tutup? who is actually making the rules there? I, like some others, wouldnt mind to pay for parking, but what kind of service do you have, if you said on the signbord says operational hours at 7am to 6pm and inbetween those hours you are closed? So who makes the rules? Very inconvenient for kita kita.
In my humble opinion, it is very inconvenient. Some people actually tak mau bayar for parking sekejap saja, but some dont mind and that be like me. Please lah..

So, i went jalan-jalan after i parked my car the otherside of the road. Hey you what? I saw this big Post Office (i am talking about the main one... thank you chachak for chut..chutt...) where i parked my car kan, and i said to myself, i must check this place out. Yeah... I bought a 99sen stamp and its a Royal Wedding stamps. BEAUTIFUL...

The main post office selling it in a set of three for B$1.98. I love it. Its good for stamp's collector. I used to collect stamps from all over. But not anymore. Move about so much, until i dont have my collections anymore. I dont know where it is now. I wish i have it. But anyway, you must go to the main office and get one for yourself to keep. Very-very nice you know. Must have in you collection punya.

Oh well, that's the story for today. I yet to post some pictures i took at the Universal Studio...he.e.e.. Have a Great Day Y'all.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Just got home and well, barat rasa the body ani. (27.8.07) Sixteen hours direct flight from LAX TO SIN then arrived in Singapore at 4.45am and took another flight to BWN at 9.15am yesterday 29.8.07. It was a good flight.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

Pelangi FM

Now probably 10.52 pm there in Brunei and i just woke up and tuning to Pelangi Fm. I tell you we should be proud of our Artists Brunei with their achievement all from the beginning to the present. When i sit here in my room , i just realized that we Bruneian have own style and i tell you i am smiling now i am so proud of the Brunei Artists. They are no different with the international artists. Amazing......Sounds and everything are as professional. Looking forward for the Anugerah Pelangi.

Dj Iiril and Mdm.Fifi on-air hah.. Well guys selamat malam and see you soon. The song Umbrella atu pun ada new artist singing it, and so many comment about it. A slower version too. To Mdm.Fifi how's things in the village? Bah.. i am going to post some pictures from the Universal Studio. Take care you two. Drive safe. its 11.14am here.


Awesome day - yesterday at Universal Studio

What a day, at the Universal Studio. I love it and they love it too. Spend my whole day, well almost lah. Took lots of pictures. I just woke up and figuring out and setting my time to edit and post it here. I can't wait. Amazing place to go if you plan to visit LOS ANGELES sometime during the summer next year or whenever. Must plan first, jangan go without plan. So you have enuf $$ to spend here, and to visit all the interesting places they have here in the USA.

If you are interested, you can log in to or you can call 1-800-UNIVERSAL . You will get all the information you need. And if you want to go for sight-seeing, then log on to and it gives you all the rates include round trip and admission to attractions. And also you must get the Hollywood Visitors Guide and Map. It is good to know and to plan early where you want to go or log on to .

Anyway, need to shower now. I have salad, carrot for breakfast and a glass of water. Yea.. bunny rabbit. I will get back with some good pictures that, of course i took yesterday to share with you... cheerio... awesome

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Photos at the Pool - Monday

Jinny and Family(Jinny,John,Ryan & Steven) from San Francisco and Us

Zura & Jinny 'CUTE' Pose...

PS. This family i met at the pool was on holiday from San Francisco. A seven hours drive back today. Jinny was very nice. A real woman. Not fake. And a really simple family, i must see. Simple and happy. Its a family. I like them. We talked a lot, a very interesting information they share with me and how to go about. Which at this moment i am thinking of what to do for the rest of my last few days here. So i got something plan for Luqman and myself and of course my mom. Well, so far I've learned a lot and that i must say - everything happens for a reason - and that make me SMILE..


My Monday was at the pool the whole noon. I m fried. Ha..ha... seriously from the 12 noon up to 8pm. That what i call relaxing. Well it is a holiday. So why not. Today is another interesting day. And tomorrow will be another different experience. I am loving it. So, its so rugi kan to let the day pass catu saja.
Oh there in the picture me lah tu... Can't see me tapi you can see part of me and the small black dot in the pool ryte at the end atu, my son. Yeah.. it was hot yesterday. Today is Tuesday. and i am doing and settling a few important things and hope things goes well. Sometimes in this world, its like that. But never give up. You live before, and you will live even more.
Made a few calls today and that goes well. Got some good information and well, what do you know... I am going to get my coffee at the Coffee Bean in a bit. That would be Ice Blended Mocha with Cream....
I miss Ambuyat di Aminah Arif. Laksa di Q.lap, Soto di Soto Bunut in Q.lap, snails in Escapade di Gadong, Curry Kepala Ikan di KJ Restaurant di Gadong, Curry Kepala Ikan di ......& Iskandar Restaurant di Lambak. Oh ABC di pantai Serasa, Sotong Tutok and Sotong Basah di Muara, Soto rah babu di Serasa and huhu... banyak lagi eh... adoi... banyak kan di makan nie balik ani.. no need to masak for whole week...
Nothing much i do yesterday apart from making some phone calls in the morning, lay out at the pool and slept early too... but again woke up at 9am... Oh there's something i would like to share from the Prevention mag. Here it is:-
Brains scans now prove that as we age, we become increasingly optimistic . When shown a series of unpleasant and cheerful images, people over the age of 55 paid equal attention to both, while adults under age 25 focused more intently on gloomier shots.
Being alert to negative information when we're young may help us survive. But as years go on, and you make it through life's hardships, you gain the freedom to relax, expect good things, and fret less about bad ones - AM
So, i just wonder.... Have a great day and don't froget to Smile. Please i know the different between a fake and a real sincere SMILE... Cheer Up...

Monday, August 20, 2007


Sunday is always a good day. Everyday is a good day. Its how we see it that makes it good or bad. Up to you. Today early in the morning i went swimming. Just had water and apple for breakfast. Spend half a day at the pool with my son. He's enjoyed it so much. Its not really difficult to look after him. He entertain himself such as playing games ,watched TV (mind you he learn his English from that too) and i am grateful that i have him. Oh, he doesn't like shopping. Are all men like that?
Anyway, at the pool today i swim a few lapse, well just a small pool. And that make me feel good. If ever i have a house, i would love to have a swimming pool because that's one of a good way of exercising. Although, many said that if you have a swimming pool, you only use it for a while. And looking after a swimming pool is hard. Well, it's again really up to you. If every thing's hard, then, you are the one who just makes it hard.

Have my nap, went out to buy chicken at KFC. Love the biscuits so much. Right now, just resting and thinking what to do in the next few days to come. In the meantime, i am going to edit my pictures i have taken and post it in the blog. Aduh.. i am still editing the wedding pictures. Ah.. this is one of my hobby. Oh went to CVS too, i found a "Blendy Pens". What is it? Oh my son have been bothering me with this pen ever since he saw it on TV. Pretty neat i must say. Children loves this one. I tell you, its 12 Blendy Pens, makes 100's of CRAZY color blends. It includes 12 Blendy Pens. 6 Fusion Chambers. 8 Surprise Art Pictures. 25+ Surprise Art Stickers. Very nice. And i found it at CVS. He is really happy about it and he said, mommy find it, thank God... ha.ha.. Just to see your kid happy, makes you happy too. Its really hot and sunny here in California. Very nice to be at the pool ryte now.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Collide. I am glad this happen and will open a new chapter in the episodes of my life soon. You just have to be patient when things doesn't go smoothly as you thought. And you know you are doing the right thing. That is all with Allah's blessing.

I am wide awake this morning, 7.32am here, Sunday morning and i know Brunei is Sunday evening at 10.32pm. Listening to Jessica Simpson's and other songs in my playlists. Sweet in the morning. All i want to have my own freedom in my heart. Playing someones heart is not healthy. And i know what i been through thought me a lesson.

Always ada hikmah dalam apa jua if something happen. And we never know the new chapter would be better than the last. Whatever negativity that you felt need to be dealt and must be with the flow lah ah. Sometimes you just feel like its the end of the world, well only that moment saja when you are in that situation. But when you really open your eyes, its actually a clear bright light di depan you and for you to reach it saja lagi.

No need for regrets, even sometimes i felt it, but you know, what is regret? I am thankful for all that happen. If there's no regret, life won't be fun. If there is no pain, what's is life? All of this count. Gosh.. like mess up ah the relationship plang bunyinya.
Now, i just open my eyes, i am typing here i felt like i am not blinking. But its how you see things kan. But anyway, that's the end. Have a great day. I am going back to sleep. I want to rest and probably go swimming later. Oh well.. life is life... I am smiling now. Good day to you who read this blog anywhere in the world. Numb rasanya my heart ani... :)

Life is too short to waste. Enjoy life to the fullest. If you are sincere with anything in your life, i am sure you will have the best life of all.

Friends Issue

PS. I can't never understand why friend of the opposite-sex meant so much until some would rather destroy the trust they have build in a realtionship. I find this is interesting because it happens to me. And i read some comment on this site too, and well, we all are human. Its either the men or the woman. But always one half will know but try not to believe the other half is doing it until it happen and its too late. It ruin everything in a realtionship when this happen. Who to trust now?
Your Friends Scare Me
Why do I feel threatened by my partner's opposite-sex friends?
By Scott Haltzman, Ph.D. Updated: Aug 18, 2007
Question: Why do I feel threatened by my partner's opposite-sex friends?

Answer: If your partner is enjoying the company of another person, and that person is someone of the opposite sex from your partner, the answer is pretty obvious: you're worried about your mate becoming sexually attracted to that person, and, well, you know what happens next....

It's quite common for a couple to struggle with the thorny issue of opposite-sex friends.
It's quite common for a couple to struggle with the thorny issue of opposite-sex friends. Sometimes the problem arises from one partner refusing to let go of past boyfriends or girlfriends. Individuals who keep the old flames' phone numbers in their contact file believe it doesn't make sense to dispose of the friendship just because the romance fizzled out.

Some opposite-sex relationships spring from the workplace. In many job sites, including the military, men and women work side by side. When put into high-intensity situations, people bond. Some people, even if they're married, think that it's artificial to limit these positive work experiences to the office. They figure that if it feels good to be around their officemate during work, it should feel good spending time together after work as well.
Even though your mate sees lots of good reasons to foster these friendships, you have an even better reason not to: because it threatens your relationship.

You're concerned that if your partner has a friendship with a person today, it could grow into a love affair tomorrow.
You're concerned that if your partner has a friendship with a person today, it could grow into a love affair tomorrow. And you have every reason to be concerned.

The Warning Signs :

When one individual shares intimacies with another of the opposite sex, they develop a familiarity that binds them closer together. This connection breeds feelings of "specialness" that leaves each with the sense that they have a unique understanding of each other -- one that other people can't appreciate. The big problem with this arrangement is that it excludes you and directs the energies that should be going into your relationship out toward other people.
Your mate may believe that opposite-sex friendships are harmless because his or her friend is married. But that's just dead wrong! Many friendships outside of marriage start as "just friends" and grow closer and more intimate. Because these friendships are so fresh, interesting and compelling, it's not long before the two people involved start to think they are more compatible than their own life partners. It's a small step from that realization to the development of a full-blown affair, and the destruction of a marriage.

Do you need to be concerned?

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Is the person someone whom your partner would consider "attractive"?

2. Are they spending time together outside of the office (even for office lunches) when other people are not around?

3. Has your partner excluded this "friend" from your life, either by nottelling you when they are meeting, refusing to introduce you, or going into another room to talk on the phone when you are nearby?

4. Does your partner tell you that he or she has the kind of relationship with this friend that you just couldn't understand?

A "yes" to question #1 and any of the other three questions means your partner's friendship may be a threat to your relationship.

If your mate is involved in a special relationship that makes you uncomfortable, don't ignore that feeling. You've got to ask for what you need -- for your mate to end further personal and exclusive friendships with people of the opposite sex. Remember, your partner may not be intending to hurt you, and may honestly feel like there is nothing to worry about. You can help him or her understand your concerns; it may help to read this article together.

Finally, your partner may feel it's rude or unfair to the "friend" to end the exclusivity of the friendship. That may be right, but frankly, not taking action is rude and unfair to you. In all cases, the needs of your relationship outweigh the needs of a friend. After all, you should always be number one on your partner's buddy list.

Want to read more articles from Hitched? Check out
Scott Haltzman, Ph.D., is a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at Brown University. He is the author of "The Secrets of Happily Married Men: Eight Ways to Win Your Wife's Heart Forever." He's online at

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PS. i was wondering what was this men doing mula-mula atu? The sign thing he had in his hand atu, he turn it to that direction and he be dancing with it. Like getting the drivers attention. He caught my attention and i am sure the others too eh. You can see banyak tu along the street if they want to advertise something. Like renting apartment lah, like got to this shop lah, banyank lagi and you can see all different ages ani. So next time, sapa kan advert stail baru ani in Brunei, why not. Tapi inda tau if it work or not. It works kali, just i alum see it in Brunei yet. In the summer ani, lagi tia menimbun. And can yo imagine how hot it is here? My gosh.. burning boleh di grill kulit ah. Put talor outside, masak kali.... oh well, thought of sharing it with you.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Just put that attitude away from you and keep smiling. That's what i am doing now. I am listening to Jessica Simpson album. Yes makes me smile....That album is in my play lists now.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Favourite Cactus at Huntington

This is one of my favourite cactus shot i took in Huntington. Just so beautiful that it touch my heart. Every time i look at this beautiful picture, it makes me smile. Full of satisfaction.

Life - how i see things

Today is just as great as other days. Very interesting when i woke up this morning. Very early too. Pukul 6 am you know. Just by reading the shout box i have on the right corner makes me smiles.
So we all have our different views in life i must say. I like that so much with all the original comments on my blog. And whatever it is i will do the best.
One thing about human i know, from the experience i've been through is that everyone of us are just so unique. Born with all the uniqueness atu, makes everyone special and have their own way of living. Ha..ha... to me that is reality.
Some people would like you and some don't and some somewhat there and some would praise on you. That goes the same to you too who read my blogs. I am the type of person who can accept things the way it is. I don't mind you express your words in whatever way. It represents yourself too.
I am not a university's graduate, and i must admit my grammar are bad. I told my friends about that too. I can speak it well like others for their second language and i am not afraid of how i express my words. That's me...ha.a.a. what to do.. but i am most thankful to Allah to give me all the opportunities in my life that i am able to handle it with lots of courage, determination and patient and with the words of wisdom from others makes me the person who i am now and i will not look at "failure" as the answer for the solution to my life.
There are reasons why people say the way they did about you. They care even if it sounds mean to you (sometimes you've to be a **tch to be good to someone). To me i see it as love. They care for you and that's the way they express it. They notice you, and they say something to you whatever it is, means that they want the best for you. They love you.
All you have to do is to see it and take it positively in life, why they say it, is not for you to question, but for you to build yourself up knowing that there are people out there who cared for you so much that they don't realize that they are the one who push your spirits up to be a better person. But again, if you see it the other way round, then you be dead.... dead in your heart. dead in your mind and thinking. Dead in you. And just dead all the way and you will never see the light that you are supposed to be see and reach for it.
Well, i am out for lunch now. I will continue again if i were to bump into new chapter in the episods of my life. ha.a.a everyday like that kali ah.. i will update more with spice to make this interesting... why not... Salam to you. Have a super extraordinary great day!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I really don't know what happen when you are confused. Do we all have the same reaction when we are confused? I wonder. I have been staying in my room for the whole two days now and in the state of confusion. Confused about what? Well, i don't usually talk much about something like this. But for the past two days i am really confused. And to react like that would shock someone close to me. I never want to feel this way, being confused. You see now a lot of confused word because i am confused.

I ask myself how do i look like when i am in a state of confusion. Do i even want to talk to someone when i m totally confused? This is how i am when i am confused. I don't want to talk, to see people. Weird. But that's the way i handle things when i am confused. To me, confused means that i have so many things in my mind at the same time. In a way, i would say everything.

So, do we handle confusion the same way? I wonder still why do we have to be confused? Getting away from everything now is good. When you just feel the negative vibes coming your way, well its best to make a wise move. You either go away for a while or you can choose to be there where the negative vibes heading and be miserable forever.

Different people have different way in living their life. I know that. But why do you want to be miserable? Yet you can be happy? I see my life as my own. I don't know about you. I will make whatever decision my own and probably ask for someones opinion. But that opinion would not change how i see things because i have my own to live my life for the rest of my life.

I don't have best friends. Yes sad isn't it. But that's the truth. My best friend is my mother. When you are younger, maybe you have one or more that one best friends. But now i must say my mother is my best friend. I can never trust what other say. I used to trust one best friend i have so much until one day she betrayed me. I don't know why? And until now i don't have any idea why. But to me if it meant to be, well i have to accept. When i know my best friend betrayed me, she is no longer my best friend.

Sometimes how you wish you can trust your friends. But you have to see who they are too? OK, think about it on how it affect your life. The people around you. When i fell something fishy at the early state, i would probably back off. If you have a best friend that you think your best friend but not to others and makes your life miserable, and all the people close to you away from you for whatever reason, would you want to think it over what happened? Is that the type of friends you want to be with you? or what?

And this can confused you rite? For me, how i see things now, best friends can be your worst enemies. Yes, and there are reasons why i say that. But don't quote my word. There are best friends who are a real best friends. And that best friends are the one that would make you happy and not to control your life. Not to take over your life to be like his or hers, in whatever way that is. Best friends are there for you in trouble and during the happy times. And best friends wouldn't want to confused you when you want their opinion. Best friends will give the best advice and opinion in every way just to make you happy and feel good about yourself and not to ruin your life. I can say so many words of BEST FRIENDS and there are all nice of words you can imagine.

But if you have an EVIL BEST FRIENDS, you world will full of hatred to others and you will be as evil as your best friends are. People who praise you all the time is not as sincere as they said. Once is enough to tell a person. Actions speaks louder than words.

Hey how come i talk about best friends hah? I was talking about confusion. Probably this has got a 99% effect on the best friends topic. But anyway, i just like to be away from the negative vibes and its not healthy. I don't like to pretend if i am not happy about it. I rather just go away and not create the 100% negative vibes into me. I don't want it to blend with me and its not in my dictionary.
Oh Please... I hope you would understand what i meant. No hard feelings to anyone who have a best friends and this is only all about me. I don't sound that vain do i?....

Monday, August 13, 2007


Here it goes for the men out there. MEN'S HEALTH - FALL 2007 :-

  • Watch your workouts. Sweating exposes your skin to salt water, which can break down the skin's defenses and allow more ultraviolet light and pollutants to reach skin cells. Working out indoors, can eliminate 80% of UVB penetration.
  • Check the back of the bottle. Propylene glycol, an ingredient found in prescription cortisones and many moisturizes and cleansers, can irritate the skin and cause inflammation.
  • Say no to processed foods. A diet high in white flour and sugar can create so-called glycation reactions between molecules in the skin. This reaction binds collagen and decreases elasticity, so the skin becomes more susceptible to fracture.
  • Simmer down. Emotional stress causes the release of immune compounds called histamines, which can cause inflammation and disrupt the matrix of skin cells.

    MEN'S HEALTH - FALL 2007
    Source : Sandra Nygaard

Breast Signs

If you notice any of theses symptoms, bring them to your gyno's attention ASAP.

  • A LUMP IN ONE BREAST. A mass that is smooth and move able under the skin is likely to be a fluid-filled cyst. It it feels solid, its probably a fibroadenoma, a benign growth. However, either also could be a sign of cancer, so have to looked at.
  • A SORE ON YOU NIPPLE. A bug bite-like sore, scabby bump, or rash on the nipple itself that doesn't go away after a few weeks may signal Paget's disease, a form of breast cancer.
  • PUCKERED SKIN ON ONE BREAST. If he flesh on your breast becomes pitted or dimpled like an orange peel, it may indicate inflammatory breast cancer, a type of cancer that blocks the lymph nodes.
  • A MARK OR MOLE THAT HAS CHANGED COLOR OR SHAPE. Though skin cancer most commonly arises on a woman's legs, the upper chest is also a prime target. Watch for the ABCDs: The mark is Asymmetrical or has an irregular Border, different Colors, or a Diameter wider than a pencil eraser.

Know your body. - Cosmopolitan August 2007.

SOURCE: Suzanne Trupin, MD, Clinical Professor Of OB-GYN at the University Of Illinois at URBANA-CHAMPAIGN College Of Medicine.


Last night was a quiet night. Didn't go anywhere but watched a movie at home after dinner. I watched again "The Skeleton Key". Yes, and after watching it, i just couldn't imagine but well, you know, things happen. If you want to know why i said that, just go and watched "The Skeleton Key", then you know. I was off to bed after that.

Everything was ok until i got woken up by my bad dream which was about 2.45am. I was breathing hard in that dream. Amazing that woke me up. Then one of my closest friend Anne from Rimba called me at 5.06am. Yeah, its 8pm in Brunei kan. So, hard for me to sleep. Like tidor-tidor ayam tia after that. Oh well, what to do. But i managed to sleep pun until bout 11am. Lunch with fren at the Indian Fast Food at 12.15pm. And now home writing my blog.

There are some funny, sad, disappointed, happy episodes in my life i didn't quite actually share with anyone here, but i m thinking to upgrade my blog so i can put a few segments where you can click on it and find out about different side of me and how i am towards things that happen in my life and how i managed it and becoming who i am now. Not much, but a good experience and lessons to me. My experience in life is my teacher towards heading to where i am going to be in years to come. That i have to think over and over again and it would be my upcoming project aboutzura.

DREAM?....I wonder what is the meaning of DREAM? Why we DREAM? What do we have to do if we DREAM? Do we share our DREAM? Or what?

Sunday, August 12, 2007


I was looking for a luggage today. Well i broke mine other one when i arrive here in Los Angeles. Is not easy to look for one if you want to use em for quite a while. I love travelling, so i need to get a good quality one but at affordable price. So i found one already and may be in few days be getting em. What quality? Well, you just have to be at the airport when i arrive Brunei and see em yourself... ha.a..a...

Pink is my color today. I wore a pink flat "JS" shoes and a beautiful pink flowery tank. So hot here and i still didn't see rain. I feel like i am eating a lot here and i feel heavy. All the fats in the food, but what to do, i am on holiday rite...
me today.. 08/11/07
I bought CD today. Great one. Will play it when i got back. M trying to get some COUNTRY one here. Heard some good ones too. And some of the genre of the music here i have never heard. Seriously.. amazing. That need to share too. I got so many in mind to share with my work mate when i go back.
Now the song title is 'LOVE ME, LEAVE ME' and a very sweet song. I know you'll like em once i play it on-air. So that to come... love me, leave me... coz i already..... love me, leave me.. if you love me, leave me alone... i promise myself.... i would never.... that yeah for sure you have to wait for it to be on-air....
Oh this below is my souvenir i got from that MAGIC CASTLE. Cute?

I don't my Pledge Drive @KCRW today. Saturday night, just feel like hanging out there. If my frens are here, dah kami booking a place in downtown Los Angeles and begadang.. he..e... But anyway, will update with some more interesting thing kali next.

One thing i need to do is to post some wedding pictures of my cousin and sister in-law sister's wedding pic to post here. Yeah the one i took. But ya lah, Zura style ja toh. Have a Great Day y'all. Be happy and don't forget to SMILE... Smile for you and for the people around you and for me too!!!!


I am so happy today. I got myself a pair of boots!! :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sophia & Zura

A very interesting lady - Sophia


Nah tia. Look at this huge kali ah MUSHROOMS ani. Its as big as my palm ani bah. Tekezut i oleh nya. What do you think of this? I wonder cana kan masak and how many people can eat this one? Oh well, very unusual to me eh. I found it interesting. Went out to buy grocery tonight and this is what i found. This mushrooms was at Ralphs and the name is 'PORTABELLA MUSHROOMS" - US$6.99lb.



its just me again

Today i was at the KCRW radio station and yes i met different crowds. Very interesting all the time. I must say a good food too. Au, this is how i look like today. Sometimes berisi muka atu, sometimes capek.... inda tau lah ah. Ikut keaadan kali... Tired nie today. Slept late and woke up early, like kul 12pm kali. So work at 3.15pm. Supposed to be there at 2.30pm but I was so late today caught in the traffic jam. I dont like to be late for work. And what can i do... he.e.e. Au, kalau kaja on-air di PELANGI914FM, abis marah ehem..ehem.. my bosses kali ah... close book kali toh. Jangan main-main toh.
Today slow lah a bit. Got 6 callers in for pledge and no angels for me. Sad but hey, at least today ada 6 hit. When i tengah dudok-dudok in my seat kan, so this one family bah, sitting infront of me. And the three of them actually been doing this every summer. Yeah, i m talking about every summer... So the guy next to me, oh.. i forgot his name said that he met them 2 years ago, there too. Amazing kan. The Captains were all very supportive today and fun.
I miss working lah and at the same time i am enjoying myself too. But be great to be back on the HOT SEAT in PELANGIFM kan. That yet to come. Salam Sayang, Salam Rindu, Salam Kasih... Take care.

Friday, August 10, 2007

MAGIC CASTLE Hollywood -

Tonight i had a super magical night. Yeah, i menyaksikan performance by all the magicians. Really syok. One thing is that not all can go to the MAGIC CASTLE Hollywood. It has to be by invitation. And i guess i was lucky to be there and see all that.
Not allowed to take pictures (i know.. disappointed) but its OK. Not allowed to bring phone. Well, not allowed to take picture anywhere outside the building and inside. I must say, it was a whole new experience to me having to watched a magic show.
You can log on to and check it out. The dress code for woman was in cocktail dress, presentable not casual. And for men, must be in suite.

I had OYSTER half dozen for my entree, and WHITE SALMON and ASPARAGUS WITH ORANGE for my main course. Had BERRIES WITH CREAM for my desert. I am loving it. Great people around and superb waiters too. But as i said, a totally different experience.

So, since not allowed to take pictures and all, i bought a souvenirs. Yes, its a match in their MAGIC CASTLE HOLLYWOOD stamp on the box - very nice - and a dragon. That i yet to post the picture here. Oh.. I have a great time. MAGIC? Hey, i also got the special seat in the front row.

One thing i would like to say, this one lady who do the magic thing, ask volunteer to write something in the paper. And i am one of the volunteer too. I wrote what she told us to, and got our card not knowing whose card belong to who. Its not that we wrote our name on it. But anyway, as she read our card, she told us what type of person we are individually. So she passed the card back to us. WOW... (you are supposed to say WOW.... too you know)...

Then, my turn. My card was read and i tell you its true of what she say. I was amazed by that and at the end of the show i asked her to tell me again what she just said. That is amazing. So i got her business card and in case i need to ask more in the future.

SUPER MAGICAL NIGHT for me. And the ending is SUPER COOL.... WHATEVER!!! ... ha..ah... you want to know why i said the WHATEVER? One of the magician said that his twin 14 years old daughter is saying that to him now. Its the IN THING... he said.


EARTHQUAKE last night here. That would be Thursday morning and probably Friday there in Brunei. It was about 1-ish am the house - in trubulance - i would say..... That was the first time in my life, in my bedroom and its just like being in a plane and we have turbulance. In the plane usually the pilot would remind us earlier, but this is without. I was really scared eh. Panic tarus and jump out of bed and cant think of anything. Still in shock though probably its normal for some people here. But to me, i woke up, pakai my socks and kasut sport and just ready for anything. After that forcing myself to sleep, i ended waking up at 12pm. Oh well, along with that i had a bad dream. Not going to share it here, but i must say it was a bad dream. But you know what, i slept in my baju and kasut like ready to go. That was fun. ha.a.ha.


EARTHQUAKE last night here. That would be Thursday morning and probably Friday there in Brunei. It was about 1-ish am the house stumble. Shocking for me, coz' it was my first time. I felt the house is about to crash. Trembling for few seconds. I think its about 10 seconds but it does felt like longer. Not good.. not good... Never felt it before, but i surely not having fun. Well, some people in California just waiting for the big one to come. Its not funny i tell you, but its a good experienced for me. Sleeping but ready to move when i need to..... huh..

Thursday, August 9, 2007


KCRW 89.9 - 2nd day

So again i have a superwonderful day at KCRW. Meet different people and learn new things. Superb!!
The weather was so nice today at Santa Monica. Hot sunny day but cool wind. Can you imagine? Yeah, i know.
Hello Lydia. I miss you too. Thank you for visiting my site too. By the way tell Ashraff i met someone here that remind me of him. Wonderful. And he is famous too. I just kept saying he reminds me of Ashraff.. our Mr.Bling Bling. I love that.
As for today, i hit my target to get 5 callers and guess what? Yes, i got Angel today too. I did the gong twice. Very interesting...
I just took this picture too with my Nokia phone and this is how i am now. Lydia, miss ku jua working with you. And hey Yasmoon.. how are you doing so far girl.... i hope you get over your "x" too.
I also want to share with you today, i can't imagine how much they support their station here. Amazing. Imagine this morning on the radio they some pledge for 1k and some for 2k? Wow... very interesting. They have great music and different. I will bring some back and play to you all to PelangiFM listeners soon. And what is it? That would be something. Just have to wait.
Well, everyday is always a different day. A BRAND NEW DAY. So enjoy your day for today and hope tomorrow will be betterfor you. SMILE....

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hello... FRom Zura - Los Angeles

Well, i miss all my work mates in PelangiFM, my bosses, one of my good fren Anne in Rimba (hope you're well beb) and wondering how they all doing and i would like to say thanks to you to come visit my site. Where ever and whoever you are, i am glad i am sharing these experience i have with you and hope you enjoyed it.

I wish you have A GREAT DAY. And don't forget to SMILE....