Thursday, August 9, 2007

KCRW 89.9 - 2nd day

So again i have a superwonderful day at KCRW. Meet different people and learn new things. Superb!!
The weather was so nice today at Santa Monica. Hot sunny day but cool wind. Can you imagine? Yeah, i know.
Hello Lydia. I miss you too. Thank you for visiting my site too. By the way tell Ashraff i met someone here that remind me of him. Wonderful. And he is famous too. I just kept saying he reminds me of Ashraff.. our Mr.Bling Bling. I love that.
As for today, i hit my target to get 5 callers and guess what? Yes, i got Angel today too. I did the gong twice. Very interesting...
I just took this picture too with my Nokia phone and this is how i am now. Lydia, miss ku jua working with you. And hey Yasmoon.. how are you doing so far girl.... i hope you get over your "x" too.
I also want to share with you today, i can't imagine how much they support their station here. Amazing. Imagine this morning on the radio they some pledge for 1k and some for 2k? Wow... very interesting. They have great music and different. I will bring some back and play to you all to PelangiFM listeners soon. And what is it? That would be something. Just have to wait.
Well, everyday is always a different day. A BRAND NEW DAY. So enjoy your day for today and hope tomorrow will be betterfor you. SMILE....

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