Friday, August 10, 2007


EARTHQUAKE last night here. That would be Thursday morning and probably Friday there in Brunei. It was about 1-ish am the house - in trubulance - i would say..... That was the first time in my life, in my bedroom and its just like being in a plane and we have turbulance. In the plane usually the pilot would remind us earlier, but this is without. I was really scared eh. Panic tarus and jump out of bed and cant think of anything. Still in shock though probably its normal for some people here. But to me, i woke up, pakai my socks and kasut sport and just ready for anything. After that forcing myself to sleep, i ended waking up at 12pm. Oh well, along with that i had a bad dream. Not going to share it here, but i must say it was a bad dream. But you know what, i slept in my baju and kasut like ready to go. That was fun. ha.a.ha.

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