Thursday, August 2, 2007


Went again to see HAIR SPRAY. Ok now, i cant still get it to my system that "John Travolta" jadi mothernya.... huh... i can terima Eddie Murphy ok, but JOhn... nah...nah... cali plang but well... ok lah.

So the movie, pretty good. Musical and all. Tapi banyak nyanyian and that's why its a musical movie kali. Then kalau catu i would prefer Hindustan filem kali. You know i only watched satu Hindustan movie saja. Very nice, very very creative and wow.. many many colors. Someone got to tell me what are the best Hindustan movie. I watched one of the Hongkong made movie kali and i am loving it. Thanks to Jack introducing me that movie. Bah, tell me kalau ada you liat the best to you atu ya.

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