Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Trend Now - Advertisement

PS. i was wondering what was this men doing mula-mula atu? The sign thing he had in his hand atu, he turn it to that direction and he be dancing with it. Like getting the drivers attention. He caught my attention and i am sure the others too eh. You can see banyak tu along the street if they want to advertise something. Like renting apartment lah, like got to this shop lah, banyank lagi and you can see all different ages ani. So next time, sapa kan advert stail baru ani in Brunei, why not. Tapi inda tau if it work or not. It works kali, just i alum see it in Brunei yet. In the summer ani, lagi tia menimbun. And can yo imagine how hot it is here? My gosh.. burning boleh di grill kulit ah. Put talor outside, masak kali.... oh well, thought of sharing it with you.

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Senor Pablo said...

Hey Zura. .thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm currently back to school down under. Happy to read about your adventures in L.A. I've been there many years ago. However, I haven't seen ur pics of Hollywood on the hills where James Dean did his famous scene from one of his movies. I love Venice Beach and been to Hollywood Bowl.
Wish u all the best in ur life. Things happen for a reason, Hikmah! Good luck