Wednesday, March 31, 2010

End Day..

Before i close my eyes tonight, i would like to share the moment i have today with my friend. One of my friend, been friend since what.. 90's. early surely. And just today after work and zoom to mall. Met her there and we spend time a bit.. haha a bit!

One booth i went and i spend about two hours bah, and got what i wanted. Its not easy when you want something and that something is hard to get. So then we were laughing, and giggling. I said to my friend ani like we never shop before. Au banar. But it was cool to do that once in a while.

After that, we went took dinner. We had Mushroom Pizza (new! in the menu) and i had plain hot water and cheese stick, with desert Coit Tower. My Friend shared pizza with me and actually she wanted to drink Teh Tarik. Tapi sayangnya nada. Oh well..

So makan, and cerita-cerita. I called her Anih. I got so many Anih in my friends list. So bercerita lah. We know each other WOW! since we wer single, married, and complicated and divorced and now engaged. Haha.. So we are the unfortunate one that we do have someone in our lives but never seem to exists. Haha.. ketawa jua kami.

But yes seriously, we have someone but that our someone never around. How's that? Like invisible. haha.. So i pun share some of my stories with her. I told her about my friends jua. I got a real good friend and known her since i started work with Pelangi. I told her about my friend ani pun namanya sama jua. So my friend ani Anih, i am Anih jua and my friend satu Anih jua. Confused you ? Nah.. you will get over it nanti and get used to it nanti tu.

So I told her about Anih. She was touched by my stories. A good one of course. About semangat in life. And i told her about my other friend jua. A lot of stories lah i share. And she herself pun seems to know from the FB.. and banyak lagi.

I told her, its nice to have friends yang like us.. Haha. Like we are friends but have own privacy. Not bossy and alway look after each other. Though nda nampak, but we do look out for each other. That's what friends are for. The way we were before, wow.. malas kan cakap. Tapi though our lives like that, we find it very interesting. We got to learn awal lagi than maybe some of you about life.

Haha.. yang paling cali, one thing we have in common, masih jua di kepala ah. But that's between me and her. Yeah!! Oh well.. kalau dulu bejalan-jalan single, sekarang ada anak, anak-anak yang kan di peduli jua.. So dulu bejalan-jalan single, sekarang bejalan-jalan ramai sih.

Kecian eh my friend kan minum Teh Tarik tadi tapi nada. Tais liur nya lain tu. Kalau me inda me tahan jua tu. Neh, baik tah minum Teh Tarik, jangan sampai kempunan. Pun sia sia.. jauh kan dari balah.

From 6.45pm to 10.05 at the mall, puas banar. But that was one of the moment i must tressure. Once in a while jua, haha jadi peaibunan setahun sekali. Maklum lah, bilang orang bekeraja cari makan, so bila ada off tah ganya belaku. So atu pun bila inda bejanji. Kalau bejanji susah tu. Inda pandai jadi. Banar inda?


Benefits of a Healthy Morning Meal

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day -- it gives you energy to start the day and is linked to many health benefits. Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast can help give you a nutritionally complete diet, higher in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals; better weight control; improved concentration and performance in the classroom or the boardroom; more strength and energy to engage in physical activity; and lower cholesterol levels.

Bottom Line on Breakfast

If you find yourself at a fast-food chain in the morning, always opt for the healthiest breakfast options, or eat a smaller portion and save the other half. You can eat out healthfully, but nothing compares to the numerous breakfast options at home, from an egg and whole-wheat toast to a whole-grain breakfast parfait with fruit and yogurt. Short on time? Pack it the night before and take it along with you.

PS. i have a pice of bread. Toasted and slice in the middle and fill up with Spicy Tuna. Yummy.. Had Milk. Had Water. And my GreenTea.

How About You?
What was YOUr BreakFast?


It's good to say sorry - from you. It's nice to hear the word Sorry - for me. But it hurts and can't undo what have been done. And yes i do accept it. But again too much Sorry become meaningless. Which one is the real Sorry? The sincere Sorry? Or just perhaps the Sorry for Sorry? - Oh this is about JANJI.

Appointment Pagi..

So ke hospital appointment at 8.30am. Waited until 9.30am. Alum jua ada. Its okay. I can wait but not too long. Just have to prepare for work soon. So make another appointment. A day that i don't have to work, and start check up in the morning. Baru ia. Though i waited for an hour, alum ada, i understand for a check up not jua kan begagas, i really appreciate jua the sopan santun at the counter tadi. Excellent! How i wish all have that attitude - POLITE. Haha..

I asked when would be my turn? So oops!! Alum lagi nya.. alum.. Check lagi with the doctor, masih ada patient. Just wait lagi sekajap. Don't know how sekajap. Coz' problem patient have bukan jua easy to attend, not for a short while, inda puas. Kalau i am there, i woun't be puas jua kalau check up only for a short while - begagas. Mau jua tau and jelas with what the result of the check up .. I must say, them at the counter tadi was polite. I like.. I was polite jua, that's why menjangkit. Lebih polite lagi them. Saying sorry. Left saying thank you and i will call.


Ada ada.
Nada nada.
Kalau ada ada.
Kalau nada nada.
It's okay. I live. Haha!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Is Your Sex Drive in Park?
Are you or your partner losing interest in sex? A variety of physiological and psychological factors can impact your libido. Check out these common sex-drive killers.

Sex-Drive Killer: Medication
Drugs commonly linked to libido loss include:
Blood pressure medications
Oral contraceptives (some studies show a link; others don't)
Anti-HIV drugs

Sex-Drive Killer: Relationship Problems
Unresolved relationship problems are one of the most common killers of sex drive. For women in particular, emotional closeness is a major ingredient in sexual desire. Simmering arguments, poor communication, betrayal of trust, and other barriers to intimacy can steer your sex drive off the road.

Sex-Drive Killer: Obesity
Being overweight or obese is linked to a lack of sexual enjoyment, desire, and difficulties with sexual performance. The reason isn't clear, but may be linked to self-esteem, unsatisfactory relationships, social stigma, and other psychological issues.

Sex-Drive Killer: Too Little Sleep
If your sexual get-up-and-go is gone, maybe you're getting up too early or getting to bed too late. Or maybe you have insomnia or sleep apnea. Whatever it is that's interfering with your sleep, it's also interfering with your sex drive. Too little sleep creates fatigue. Fatigue saps sex drive.


Listening to that song now.. Quitet night. Bulan out and terang outside. Amazing.
So this song.. Tanpa Mu.. ku tanya my heart, ya kan? Is it really true kalau Tanpa Mu... lalala.. Oh well.. It all depends. I heard another song Derita Merindu.. I more like that one jua. Better ku Derita Merindu daripada .... Just listen to it. I like the lyrics. I used to like the lyrics from a song but now i realize lyrics and irama plays important role in song. Hehe..

More on the song list to add. Many good songs you like, well..Enjoy it. Its gives you kepelbagaian dalam memories and it's siok berabiz. The moment of everything roll in your lives are different with the songs you hear or heard. Haha.

I am in a jolly good mood. Tapi migrain eh. Lambat makan. Bad attitude to skip meals. But when its late, its even worst.


:) Love Drug You

Haha.. i smile. Talking about how powerful people who can talk about one thing everybody follow. Yeah.. Same like LOVe. So true. I smile.

Love drug the nations. And are you? Well.. when you're inlove, you got so addicted to it. Though you didn't say about it, but it sure drug you. Lalok with love. Who to live without Love. Don't know you, Love could be loving whatever you wish to Love.

A pinch of love, like a pinch of salt, like a pinch of sugar and a pinch of your emotional feeling would make a difference in your life. Changing without you realizing it but you know so because you know who you are and i know so because i know who i am.

I am at home, and doing research on how listener would want to hear whats onair. Just something useful for the people. Maybe about Health, about LIFe, about LOve. All related to a healthy balance life. How many achieve it? Simple but hard to reach that goal.

When you are inLOve, macam-macam ada. The chemistry you know you got it. If you don't how would it work. Learn chemistry and physic. Haha.. how life works? All banyak eh all very useful. No chemistry, you try no matter what pun woun't happen. Rare very rare only it happen if one sanggup to tolerate all the time. (I sometimes write whats out from my mind, and sometimes betul kah or salah kah?) but you the reader, what do you think?

I sat and wondering, tiga kelompok. Let say kelompok satu at the early stage of Love, baru kan kenal Love.. baru kan becinta.. and that would be at a tender age of 18 to 21. And then come to mid of 20s and to 30s. Then to end 30s and 40s. then above that.. Just so perfect tiga kelompok in one room.. and you got to see putarannya. You may not know what i am taliking about, but the reason i write this so i woun't forget. Haha..

Em.. the first time meeting, first time experiencing was the best. After that surviving. haha. I am naive at time, but i am not dumb. Its just as time lalu, you tend to just go along with it. But yea.. Learning everyday. Love with chemistry is so heaven feeling.. but no chemistry so gantong-gantong. Haha.

Sometimes i get nervous when i see an open door, close my eyes.. Always looking for the answers.. And what would your Love be? You got addicted to it? Why? What to addict about? Feel good when you are inLove or out of LVOe?

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I slept at 12.30am last night after a long serious talk. Long serious talk very tiring. I woke up at 12 noon today. That's how tiring it is. You know who you are and i know who i am, that's all i wanted to share so i woun't forget what i have said. Its simple.

I think it rained heavily this morning, i heard i think i thought that was in my dream. In my dream, it rained too. I have a good dream. I like it. Make it easy to wake up in a calm mood. OOOO.. want to know what dream? Haha.. nah, i keep it for me saja. haha. I like it. Silly but i like it..

Oh.. I wore the same baju as yesterday. Exactly the same. My jeans and my lady footlocker white&black and my black revedition. Just feel plain and boring. I am supposed to be in Jakarta this weekend, but i am here in Brunei. Hiya!!! Mesti exciting nya di Jakarta nya. Malas to think about it.

Long sleep for me. Read BB this afternoon during my lunch time at Yappy's and at the front page, an article and a picture of a car accident, a teacher age 27 died in an accident and supposed to get married in July this year 2010. While eating, in my heart says 'thank you Allah for giving me another chance to live, to let me eat and enjoy my food and to be with my family'..

And i started to think, well we all got children. We want the best for our children. We look after them, jaga them, give the best education for them. Graduates and grown up. We live and get to see them growing, in happy and bitter moments of our lives, and there .... Tuhan lebih sayangkan mereka. And took them away from us. That moment... can you feel it and can you imagine it? Its just pinjaman semata-semata for us and its only temporary. Us? Yes .. us just sementara.

I ate real slow and i wonder. Food tastes tawar to me though nyaman jua, tapi ia lah. Kecian her families and jua bakal her hubby. The day looks mendong, and i can imagine how mendong the keaadan is. Well..

And another article about other things. Yes.. we are what we read. We are what we eat. So how about you? Talking about that jua, in the long talk, we talk about human being. Well we human are the same, but we are different as a human living. You are you. And me are me. And the people around you, each one of them are different. You don't believe, you watch and see.. You can see forever or you can start now and realize that you, yourself are different. Entah ah!

I think this is what i get for sleeping too long. Haha.. from 12.30am to 12 noon today. Em.. What do you think?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pantai Serasa

Mencat kuku dalam kereta mendengarkan OST GLEE songs. Macam-macam lagu nya eh. Ada yang i like .. Endless Love. When i listened to that song on the way to Pantai Serasa, di repeat bebalik-balik. Baik jua cd, kalau kan menyanyi hilang suara eh.

So Endless Love reminds me when i came back from my break dari USA. I came back, that was in the 90s and i sang for the first time Kareoke at my cousins house in Bunut this songs. Haha.. reminds me how innocent i was in life.. and it makes me smile coz i remember how fresh it was, and how happy go lucky i were, that i am not scared of or afraid of anything. Like nada feelings at all yang involved broken hearted. Sang like whatever!

Hah.. i listened to it on the way, and i feel fresh. I started to sing along with it too.. practicing my vocal.. though i don't seem to be good at that. I wanted to flush out what i've been thinking, and it works.

I remeber those days, nice bah. Really nice. Did you ever feel the same when you hear songs yang menyenangkan you? Like gives you fresh memories? I bet.. Well enjoyed it.

I met Ann at Pantai Serasa. She was alone. I looked at her from my car, because i was in my car bz mengcat kuku, and with lights on, and she was drinking soda, and i said to myself.. should i get to know her.. hahah!

Yes i did. Reverse my car, and drove closer to her car, and i say HI! The magic word. I asked her what's she's doing at pantai alone? She said menghilangkan STRESS! Wow.. that's nice. Good for her. I am glad i said hi to her before i left Pantai Serasa.

Did you get to say HI to anyone? Do so, at least you add a new name in your list that could be your friends too. I am going to sleep. Take care.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This yang buat me ketawa. TAim marah and perasaan berkecamok tadi pagi, i put this in my FB. So liat yang reply nya.. haha!!

Dari me (FB)- ' i didn't stop you from doing whatever you want. I always gives you times and space. But it got filled up with all these mess. And giving space i thought would help, but it gives a chance and allow others to mess up this.. entah eh!!!!'

Abgwira Sygabglai
bohs lenx Zura...napa ia tue ..heehe he he last last ato bah ku soka ..entah eh !! heeh he he btw salamz selamat pagi lenx..
6 hours ago ·

imagine you.. membaca taim you like hilang perasaan. Ketawa jua tu. Inda jua mau ilang mood. Haha..

Ilang Sudah..

Sakajap boleh sabar. Sakajap inda. Bila inda, waduh!! sakit rasanya. Bila sudah, nyaman jua. Tenang jiwa. Malas kan pikirkan. Baik berzikir ada hasil.

Inda ku suka eh perasaan marah. I hate it. Inda suka perasaan inda sabar. I hate it.

Ya Allah, mohon perlindungan di jauhi dari kejahatan.. dari hasutan iblis dan syaitan. Amin..Amin..Amin..

I am okay already.


i FELT UNEASY lately. I don't know what to do and what to look for now. I am not feeling happy this morning. I cried whole night but who cares. Why with mainan perasaan.

I share my feelings in my FB this morning. I was upset. Really upset. Someone is happy with that but i got had too, you know. It hurts eh. Giler berabiz. I got this text from someone..

"As 4 type ani opnminded smtims any1 yg bri slm or tgur,ofcoz lyn cam biasa..Thn time goes by..frm friend..bcm closer..coz y it felt lk dis due 2 "time"Meaning n exmple - I ws alone all d time n wifey bkraja..thn blek rumah..mkn pas 2 mandi thn tido.- thts y I feel mcm kurang layanan..kmsraan atu mcm nda lyk b4, thn again I knw wifey tired so let's jst call it a tht is the time u need to be with sum1 or minta layanan..n since wifey tido or away due to work..I go looking for sum1 yg dpt layan like chatters..iatah dri sna punchanya smua ani jdi cmatu.. bt nw I learn my lesson dah a husband. .I must remember tht I vowd during nikah n also there is no one else pun jga me slain bini sndiri..sakit pun bini jua jga..if si scandle apa ia dpt buat?-"mkn ubat ah" only advicing..if tani ksmpitan $ pun bini jua pinjamkn $ wlaupun bini sndiri scandle apa ia dpt buat?-"sory syg..$ mama pkai" silly reason n pas 2 ckp dlm hati see the diffrence..iath ka..nw me dh insaf tht bini segala2nya ka..susah senang sma2 scandle punya prinsip..sng sma senang..susah. .."ko sndiri la".."

Thank you for sharing with me and i hope some would see the same as you.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Wah jeles ku mendengar. Hebat eh! I got to be one jua... Em.. Bila ah?


Kenapa dulu Kawan sekarag jadi Lawan? Heran kan. Well, you akan lalui nya jua tu. Garenti punya. Kalau you get to live to see all. Oh i've watched this movie, you should too. Forgiveness is a powerful weapon for you. Its for you and your enemies.

I watched it with my son, we laugh, and he caught me with my tears running down my face. I caugh and caugh, i was not well jua, and he asked me.. 'Mami menangis?' .. and i said em.. inda. Mami not well.. but i think he knows i did kali. The reason why my tears keluar, because mengenangkan he is a child. A child growing up. Fresh.. still in learning process about life. How innocent children are .. and there is me and you, kalau meliat wayang keluar air mata sebab apa tu nah.. maybe you see that's the reality of life.

Go watch it if you want to. Its called INVICTUS. I didn't know until i watched it. Its always like that.. so why not!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Everyday every saat, every minute every hour in a day i learned something new. All the time new.. From pemikiran and perasaan. Human all about that.. and lepas tu action. Kan? It's difficult to talk to ownself, but hey at least better than talking to someone who pretend to listen.

LIfe is like puzzles kan. Like a box of chocolate. Like whatever you want to say about life. How you go through life, how you struggles and how you achieve and how you survive. A lot. And it's not easy. All you have to do, to go through it with chin up. And not too up, coz you might not see where you going, but not too low, coz its just not you di ciptakan untuk feeling that. So balance life lah. Same like balance diet. If not balance, then something is wrong.

I am actually mad and upset. But yes all the time like that, just not prioritizing it in my life. Yes i do felt like you, but why bother.. You have better things to do than to prioritize your madness. Let a minute, think about it, its on a thin fine line and which direction you're going?

Ask about why? Why? Why me? But when i read books, it's already tertulis. Sabar saja. Fools? I do agree i am a fool. Yes at times. But i know how to ease myself. I am lonely. Seriouly lonely. That's no doubt. I wish someone out there would understand me. But no.. as every human are different, so the only way for someone to understand me is my soulmate.

I will not talk about that. Its just too common for me to talk about soulmate. I know.. And you know. Sometimes you just want to go away. Away from all this. Too i don't want to talk about it. Boring being lonely ani. Being young, pretty (em.. that's what i always hear from others) tapi lonely. Apa kan?

You go out, and you see all this people. Inda jua lonely dorang atu. Riang ceria jua. How ah? I am probably a boring person in this whole world. I don't like to hang out at cafe. What purpose? Or have i forget all that already? Its just not my way of life anymore. Only with purpose saja okay.

Yes, one of my dream to travel around the world. One day. I wish i just wish i felt how i felt when i was in those days. Whatever i wanted to do, i do. And just not feeling worried, berani, and also berakal lah. But those were the days.

YOu know.. kalau dulu when you were young everybody were your friends. Your girlfriends your real friends. But now i am so takut to have friends. I don't know whose is friends. Being a girl, not really easy. As you grow up, girlfriends just don't care about you. Especially about your feelings. Your life. Ada jua girlfriends makan you. That's worst. But i am glad to see all that. I know what i am worth and i don't feel rugi if my girlfriends want to do that. I know who i am, and i am sure girlfriends know who they are.

But i really wish i have girlfriends yang really girlsfriends who respect each other, in everyway. There's nothing to gain for something ....... malas ku kan cakap. Sometimes, girlfriends ani yang you trust, tah yang makan you. Unbelievable.. But hey.. one day you will go through the same. I may not be alive to see it, may i will.. but time will come.

Being lonely is boring. I know..i know.. filling activities yes.. to make you not think so much about being lonely. Hey, i am human, I need one to fill up my life. To share the joy till death do us part. Scarry ya.. but wait till you're there, grow old together, then you will know, who is really your soulmate. Who will look after you when time comes? Who will talk to you? Who will cook for you? Who will be there for you for the last breath you give out? And who will be there to tell stories about you? What you've done? etc.. etc..

Ah.. merepek kan what i said. This is the process of learning in my life. Anyway that's me bila sleepy. I am tired. Need to sleep now. But you know, i wish i have someone to bisikkan good nyte.. Nyte.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I forgot to buy Red Onion yang big one, and MUSHROOMs.. Huh!! Three types of daun already, got Goat's Cheese too, lime ada dah, and button olives. Yummy. I am going to have Salads top with Chilli Saussage. Bought it at Mabohai SupaSave. Good salads and fruits there too. Where did you get yours?

I got Fresh Orange, the big bottle, Cheese, Olives, 3 types of salads, Red Apples, Green Apples, Peaches, Bananas, em.. Bluberry Jam, Fresh Milk, 2 large Saussages. Yes.. Yummy for tomorrow lunch. Couldn't wait. Yummy...

Tonight i only have 2 slice of toasted bread, and mushroom soup. Still not well.. but i am okay. Runny nose dari hari atu eh.. and now caughing. Alhamdulillah.. i can still walk and shop!! That's a bounus.

I think i am going to sleep early. Don't have mood to do anything except to read. I wonder where all my friends gone? Are there on holidays? Or are they busy totally? Or do i even have FRIENDS?.. hahah!

I am tired.. good nyte. Cheer up you. And cheer up me. Haha. Ps. i always feel there's someone out there who read this page everyday. I am glad, though not sure. Why would anyone want to read it? Ya lah.. But if you do, hope it cheer you up. And hope you also in good health. And hope always hope..and just HOPE for whatever you wish will come true. I am done for tonight.. though i don't feel like stopping, but i got to sleep now... GOOD NIGHT!

Ikut MOOD!!

BORING EH!! Baru ia. Ikut mood.. boring eh. Why????? Next time jangan tah di pikir about planning to do something with someone. Think of what's your own plans. That's just spoiled it. Boring jua banar.

Sometimes.. (talking from experience), wating too long pun boring. And just as you plan to do something together, well... bad NEWS!! Nada mood tia. So there's goes your plan in the trash. Oh well...just spoiled it berabiz.

So, when you plan, buat lah plan sendiri. Inda jua frustated. Trying already to make it fun, though mengalih with other things, then.. nada yang kan cheer up. Oh well.. Oh well.. Girls always terasa like this. Just tune in saja with the segmen panas-panas, haha. No wonder. Ya lah, atu yang inda kena balas sms or misscall nya. And bla..bla..bla... banyak lagi.

So, next time, jangan tah bother.. mun kan siok sendiri, kalau you can do, i also can do bah. So best do own things, hasil ada. Or make plans with one or two girlfriends to fill up time. Don't be wasted. I am wasted enough. And i wasted enough.. haha.

Cheer up me!! There's always tomorrow. Hey love this song - LIVE LIKE WE'RE DYING! Yes, i know you know the singer. Not personally i know.. but you know the song. Live like we're dying.. like we're dying.. take chances.. live today turn it all around, and live like we're dying!! You never know what will happen, this is all we got.. la la la la la.. live like we're dying!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Jangan makan ubat jika you plan kan drive long distance. Inda you tekontrol tu mata you untuk tutup. Kenapa i say like that? Sebab i ate ubat tadi, complete before work. Kan kena suroh makan morning, petang and malam. So sure i took one in the morning before work. Wah.. suka ku eh. Kan tetutup saja mata.. tapi atu taim work saja still can control with all kesibokan dalam conti.

Tapi, imagine you when you drive? Driving under memakan ubat/drugs? Well not good. Not good at all. Especially when you are not well, and wanting to get well, and makan ubat. Well if mesti jua jalan, suroh tia orang lain drive. Ujung-ujung lain pulang ceritanya. Okay.

Sama-sama beringat, agar sentiasa dalam keadaan selamat walaupun makan ubat. Hehe..!

Songs Pelayan Emosi

I am listening to Arab songs now. Lawaaaaa berabiz. Ke jiwaaaaa. Memori yang di bawa nya dan melayan emosi saat hari panas macam di Dubai rasa nya. Masak eh... Suspen kan. Eh.. tapi seriously felt like in Dubai. Panas lagi sana, ani baru jua saja rasa ketmpiasannya. I miss that..

I remember when i used to play these songs all the time, all year round atu in my car. Amazing feelings.. wish i have that feeling like masa atu. But you know, it doesn't come selalu. Tenang, happy, like the world you punya. But still sharing with others and not you punya. Hanya semantara saja.

Tapi setiap kali this song, now i am listening, tepat masa nya, nilu bah ulu hati ah, I think you know what i mean. And when you di bawa dengan angan-angan, like you're in one place and you will cry. Cry for what? I don't know. You will... menghayati nya dengan penuh perasaan... i tell you, you will. Inda caya, coba. Tapi i got the songs. How jua. Tapi tenang you..... fuyo!

Arab jua. Haha. Ada jua lagu lagu yang lain. Sebenarnya taim i drive this morning otw (on the way) to work, i listen to few channels. That's include negara jiran. Amazing how we got the frequency ya di sini jua. I wonder if they got ours di sana? ... Haha Mimpi saja.

Realize you all the songs now about patah hati? Like selingkoh? Like love come back after betrayal? etc... All about human punya pengalaman in kehidupan. Notis you, like now, trend kali. Like all the song writer atu tau kan perasaan orang yang mempunyai masalah in love life, and banyak lagi. So even to the extend that you pun inda kan tepikir that it would happen. And ada lagu nya tu. Tau saja orang yang melaluinya. Kan all got love problem, and got different way to solve it, but soal hati atu macam sama saja. Lepas tu adalah lagu memberi semangan perjuangan hidup. Tepat jua..

And not just part Asia, Asean and jua International. Tell me what's the different between lagu-lagu dulu and sekarang? Ada perbezaan dari irama and lyrics lagu kan. Ya ada dulu yang like this tapi inda jua banyak. Banyak lagu-lagu yang menghibur dan menenangkan fikiran. Bila dengar sajok saja.. Does that happen to you?

Ia lah, this morning, lagu-lagu almost come up to the same meaning. Ada tia lagu-lagu yang siapa better, woman or man. Ada kan? And apa ciptaan lagu yang di nyanikan oleh penyanyi lelaki, penyanyi perempuan pun kan menyanyikan yang sama... Saja tukas gender nya, dan tukar sikit lyrics lagu, nah.. cun tia untuk dinyanyikan.

Eh macam-macam lagi. But it is very interesting ya. Now in 2010, i wonder how would songs writer write for the next 20years. And how would the irama be and the trend of life be. As you go along, you wonder. I wonder jua.. But will i get to live to see all that.. haha. Yes i would love to, but ... our life is just lima jari away. So.. enjoy your life and make it meaningful to you and your family to have you in their life too...


at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock

Wonder you apa tu? Well bila driving, you should've known what it meant. Want to know what i did after work? Start my car, jap wondering what i should do tadi. So i make my own project, a short one until i reach home.

Let me ask you dulu, how do you hold on to your steering while driving? Okay.. me at 10 and 2. Get it? Okay.. alum get it? Its like this, i count only 7 drivers from Bandar to Lambak that hold the steerings the way i do. The rest ada yang i didn't see their hands pun.. maybe they hold steering dari bawah kali. And ada yang only right hand saja yang hold the steering and ada yang only left hand saja. And worst, ada yang only the wrist on the steering, left only, and the other hand on belakang kepala. Imagine you? Can you imagine?

I mean its not wrong driving, you can drive. But you got to have the skills jua for driving. A proper one that you learn from driving school. Did anyone forget how we took driving test? Boh.. kalau lupa better take another one.. let see if you do better this time than the last.

I took my driving test in the USA and its different. Theory almost 100% but practical i got just pass, i think almost 80%. Well 70% above is just pass. But i learned all this while from my driving experience, but i still think it would be best and safe for you to drive with both hand on the steering wheel and at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock. Yeah.. try it and tell me whats the difference. You can try later lah.. finish dulu baca my writings. Later you try, yeah.. let me know what you think about it.

I guess everybody drives with their own way, tapi hey.. don't you think it would be safer when both hands on steering wheel? Incase of emergency.. what emergency are you talking about? A lot! I ask a few people tadi, and they said, if you take your licence overseas, you get used to 10 and 2. But if you take it here, well.. not all follow. Betul kah tu or just attitude problem when you're on the road? Always hear people complain about other people, on how reckless drivers they are, but how about you?

Its okay when the car stops, but while driving bah.. where did you put your hands? Haha.. i really wanted to see how many people drive with their hands at steering wheel at 10 and 2. Do you ever wonder? Do you ever care? Well about time to look around what's around.

There one incident my tyre blow up. And i tell you holding with one hand while driving not safe at all. How to control? Where got time to think when you're in that moment, situation? So let us evaluate ourselves on our driving..

Facts in Brunei banyak yang accident. In one day just imagine. Why? Ada kah siok sendiri punya hal? Not all are reckless drivers but i tell you, a lot still need to learn driving safe. One thing you're already thought when you got your licence to drive, its a matter of your attitude when driving. Please deh ah...

If you're an expert, you say you were, but others think what? Tapi, puas hati tadi atu eh.. i just want to see how many really care about driving safe? Like safe life.. Ada yang siok betalipon, ada yang sibok bercerita dalam kereta, ada yang rileks berabiz driving, sampai kerusi kereta almost terbaring, tinggal ja kepala di liat rah cermin kereta, ada yang suka-suka happy happy inda sedar badan anak separoh keluar dari cermin, enjoying the air.. wow!! handal eh.. (apa yang di pikir kan tu?) Oh ada yang wrist nya saja pegang steering, bukan nya di hold, but on top of the steering, and the other hand di mana nah? Haha.. angkat tangan, whole arm, and simpan belakang kepala, menyandar-nyandar bah.. Eh.. macam-macam lagi. Oh ada lagi ... ada yang terlalu berlapis-lapis sun shades ah.. sampai inda nampak apa-apa tapi dari belakang dua kepala like bercinta.. (you know what i mean ah, inda payah lah explain in detail toh..) and then teliuk-liuk bah kereta ah. Sudah tah tempah lebuhraya 80km, ani.. adui... 40km pun inda sampai. Imagine tah you.. siapa yang patut di salahkan tu?

Anyway, my projek was only about counting how many people really hold the steering the way it should be 10 and 2.. very dissapointing only just 7 including me.. There were many cars tadi, but only 7 saja. Well.. tmoro i am going to ask people how would be the correct way to hold on to the steering while driving... Good luck to you tomorrow!!

I need to sleep. I ate my ubat already. Not feeling well... tired very tired. But i wanted to blog jua.


Friday, March 19, 2010


Feeling much better today. Better than yesterday. Last night, shut down selepas makan ubat. Haha.. sempat jua blogging. Rindu kalau inda blog. Don't know why. Don't have lots of friends that really listen to you. So blog is the solution lah. Lagi best. You just let out what you want to share and whoever love reading blog, would read your blog and yeah ... that's what i called SILENT FRIENDS.. Agree you?

Took breakfast, again 2 slice of bread with jam and butter, a a glass of plain water. After 15 min makan ubat. Thank God eh.. baik lah leher ku hari ani. Kalau inda, au nyaman rasa. haha. Been resting that's good for me. Didn't talk so much, saving voice for work sepanjang dua minggu ani straight in a row.. no problem. That's better than not doing anything. Wouldn't you agree?

How about you?

I love all the Mutiara Kata people sending here. Beautiful. I am sure like orang yang menghantarkan atu.. Their hearts susah untuk di cari. Well i share some for you.. :-


ika kita ttp ingin kn cinta,maka stiap ujian hrus dilalui dgn pnuh ktabahn n ksbrn.krna hkikatnya,kbhgiaan tk perlu mhdpi sbrang cabarn.rosilawati bolkiahA

SaLam Lai. "D setiap apa yang aLLah berikn kpada kta,itu adaLH yg trbaik bgi kta.Krna sjak umor kta 4 buLn aLLah udh mbrikn bgini&bgitu jLan khdupan kta.AnniE

tuhan memberikan kita sepasang mata,sepasang tangan dan sepasang kaki tetapi mengapa kita hanya di berikan sekeping hati? kerana, yg sekeping lagi perlu di cari, utk melengkapi sepasang hati iaitu pasangan hidup frm aimanaries bsb

sahabat ibarat tangan dan mata. Apabila tangan terluka mata akan menangis. Apabila mata menangis tangan akan menghapus air yang keluar darinya. Dari arifin

meski pun ppisahn tjdi,hrp jgnlh smpai kita ikutkn emosi dgn mnyimpn dendam.Adalh lbih baik jika tlian yg prnah tcipta e2 trus dplihra.rosilawati bolkiahA

Ingat-mengingati antara satu sama lain adalah lebih baik drpd terus mencari kesilapan dan kesalahan org lain tanpa belas... ssungguhnya siapalah kita utk menilai dan menghukum org lain... sedangkan kta sendiri pun masih merangkak2 utk perbetulkan diri kita sendiri...:: Dri Edah, Muara Kem

Amalkan lah berzikir kerana berzikir dapat melindungi diri dari perkara-perkara kejahatan dan ia adalah satu amalan yang mulia dari zariah dirimba.

jangan terlalu percaya dengan kawan sendiri kerana baik seseorang itu adalah buruknya .. fm Leeya

iman&amal adalah b'sifat sndiri dan tdak boleh d'jual beli maupun d'wariskn kpada anak cucu..yg boleh d'wariskn hnyalah perjalanan iman&amal itu..tq eyul,tg.maya.

Kelebihan bukan untuk ditunjuk-tunjuki tetapi untuk dihargai, kekurangan pula bukan untuk ditutup-tutupi tetapi untuk diperbaiki, Tiada manusia yang sempurna di dunia ini, Walau kita tidak sempurna namun berusahalah untuk jadi yang terbaik. Dari Nina, Tungku katok Gadong.

ilmu yg tdk diamal kn tdk akn br chya,kmuraman akn tr pancar di wjah tuannya,tiada chya,tiada ceria.rosilawati bolkiah A.

Well.. hope you enjoy reading Mutiara Kata from them too... Nice ya.


Pagi-Petang-Malam. Lepas makan. Yang di baca rah plastic ubat. Terpaksa bangun tebangun dari tidor. Tidor-tidor ayam eh bila badan inda sehat. Siapa tau kalau inda di beritau. Kemarin punya cerita.

Cold in my room. Only T's and brief pakai tidor. Badan tak sehat. So terkajar-kajar cukup di campor dengan mimpi. I mimpi somebody hugged me, whispering something it didn't sound quite jelas. Boh.. baca saja. Jangan risau about my writing. Anyway, i beri salam, and baca Allahuakhbar..3x. And its okay. Clear. Jangan tanya face nya, all i know when i touch it, whatever it is, its sajok and nice and calm. It meaning i know its human but i didn't turn in that dream because it hugged me tight. Tight not killing, but a proper clean hugged. Can you imagine?

So i woke up, mau inda mau have to. I need to take my medicine for night time. Luckily i woke up, well andang-andang jua tidor-tidor ayam, forcing myself to bangun dalam keadaan lemah and tidak sehat. Temperature naik sikit. When i check up at the clinic, my temperature was 38 degrees something. So fever dikit.

Toasted bread 2 slice plus light spread metega and jam. Makan to isi perut to eat ubat. Must lepas meal. So i took my antibiotic, ubat selesma and ubat panas. Now grogy rasanya.. but yeah.. feel like blogging it, why not.

I felt my throat like torn. Aiseh.. torn lagi tu. Teruk tu. Tapi like luka padih-padih rasa nya the day before yesterday. Meaning today is Thursday, one sesi of ubat already makan, so Tuesday. When i work at Rentak. Runny nose, and dry throat. Balik i biar till the next morning.

Feel uncomfortable but have a good show with Ashraff at HBD, still not feeling well.. afternoon, rest but can't rest because of my fever. So zoom to Menglait petang at 5.50pm.. clinic still open. Rupanya open till 9pm.. baik jua. And Doctor gave prescribed me ubat to eat. Now throat is okay. But panas-panas saja. That probably be soon i will recover. Looking forward. :)

Kalau you not well.. if more than 24 hours, bah go see Doctor. And check up what you need to recover. And don't go near children and tempat orang ramai coz' you don't want to make people sick jua. Got it! Bah take care. I am going back to sleep.


Thursday, March 18, 2010


Yes tentulah. Kalau kan mau ngam with others, you got to know who kawan-kawan you kan? So best you know about kepribadian dorang. I have shared this one tadi on-air on HBD.

Which, may be some of you wonder? And i know, probably some of you know what i talked about. Best jua before you want to cari kawan, pasangan, you learn about you, be an expert jua about you, but also you got the opportunity to learn about them. How's that?

That's why kadang inda ngam with your parents, your siblings, your friends, your relatives and with others you met. Because you don't know how to handle it. Me? Well sama jua, kalau inda tau, mana kan tau. Tapi kalau sudah tau, then senang sikit untuk di perbaiki and to change to a new lifestyles. Kalau dulu asyik kan inda ngam sama orang, expect orang understand you, well... now, you change it (and its not easy for changes, disiplin mesti ada jua and kemahuan pun mesti ada) and be a new you but still you.

Why not? What do you think? Make sense?

(Ps. i also read this from book, that's why i wanted to share with you. I know if you read something like this, you would probably share it with me or with others.. that's a good thing..)

Manusia memang berbeda satu sama lainnya. Tiada yang serupa. Dan inilah yang membuatkan kehidupan jadi lebih indah, lebih bervariasi dan lebih dinamis. So ada empat jenis KEPRIBADIAN for you to know:-

Sanguin :
suka hura-hura, ramah, senang bergaul, jenaka, kurang serious, desenangi orang, suka seni, emosional, terangan-terangan dan optimistis.

Perfeksionis, cenderung memikirkan dirinya sendiri, setia pada tugas, seka seni, emosional, berorientasi pada target, teratur dan pesimis.

Plegmatik :
suka kedamaian, cenderung memikirkan dirinya sendiri, tidak emosional, punya kamauan keras, senang berhubungan denganorang lain, pesimis dan dikendalikan oleh tujuan.

Kolerik :
senang kekuasaan dan mengontorl orang, punya kemauan keras, tegas, berorientasi pada target, teratur, tidak emosional, terang-terangan dan optimistis.

So, you could be one of that four types of KEPRIBADIAN or probably you got two, and sometimes you got the whole four. A matter of how many percentage are you SENGUIN ?% + MELANKOLI ?% + PLEGMATIK ?% + KOLERIK ?% = 100% of you. So you do the maths.

Maybe you're a very strong plegmatik? That would be like .. well i've met all of these character and i tell you its not easy to handle. Me? hahah.. i know already. You ask yourself lah which one is you? One only, two and three or Four but MUSTAHIL when you tell me NONE!! IMpossible toh. You're not human if nada.. hehe.

Bah i hope you can handle whatever situation with others. If you know how hard to understand your siblings, ia tah sebabnya tu, didn't know the personality nya. Imagine di luar rumah, pergaulan ada kadang tidak memuaskan hati you, because others not like you. You're the only one in this world, you're unique and you got your own qualities and specialities.. and now look at others.. Pun sama jua like you. Enjoy making new friends, and boost that positive energy to know even better of your friends to have a better life.



Suka ku meliat kalau orang senyum. I masok rah BARBER di lambak ani, and you know sunyi dalam atu. Meliat orang mengunting rambut, comot-comot muka atu. Suka or inda, i pun inda tau. Tapi barangkali merilekskan menenangkan diri kerana di gunting, lapas atu di urut.

Pernah jua i betanya tu, boleh kah urut kepala bini-bini.. Au INDA boleh nya eh. Tapi membari dangki mamak urut like that. Puas rasa kepala usulnya. Kalau tah dapat, tiap hari urut kepala eh.

So sambung lagi pasal pengunting rambut ani. I was sitting at the back, of course menghadap cermin kan tu. So mengunting sambil senyum ia ani. I liat nada jua orang senyum, ada yang begunting atu sampai tutup mata lalap and telintok-lintok tidor, nyaman kali. Liat punya liat, rupanya, bila nya menguting atu, mulut nya buka and nampak giginya. So dalam hati me.. mesti skill nie jua. Because passionate bah pengunting rambut ani, mun sampai nga-nga! Of course i meant it in a good way. But i thought it was cute.

In my hati, oh.. sama jua kalau orang siok sendiri. Or siok meliat bola kah.. you know bab orang belari-lari mengejar bola, and kan menendang bola, and meliat standby bila bola kan masok tempat goal nya atu (eh, inda i tau apa nama nya tu.. i'm sure you know), so cuba you liat orang di sekeliling you, perasaan you? Ada yang nga-nga tu... haha.

Sama jua dengan boxing, and banyak lagi kalau kan di mention. Kalau DJ-ING, em.. ya kalau khayal dengan lagu slow.. nga-nga jua kali. Inda tau you bila bab you nga-nga. Tau kah inda jua apa erti nga-nga ani? Haha.. kalau belajar penulisan kreatif, ani namanya penulisan dalam kategori gila. You know why? Sebab hanya penulis saja yang tau ertinya walau nada dalam dictionary. Caya you tu? So you categori apa? Me? Yes miani tah tu ceritanya.

Sekali, demi nya menyukur anak-anak rambut di belakang, right tepat tiang leher you ah, buka mulu, stretch bibir, nampak gigi nya seolah-olah senyum. Cuba you lama meliat, you pun senyum tu oleh nya. Mun me pun senyum.. i pikir senyum with me, tapi rupa nya inda. Matanya arah tempat penyukurnya, bahapa ia kan senyum with me... hahaha.. Kan! you pun senyum membaca. Tau i tu.. haha.. Its okay. Good exercise untuk face muscle.

Jadi, bila-bila masa saja, bila you di tempat mana-mana saja, liat sekeliling you. Kalau tempat atu menyedihkan, sedih sabak you tu, tapi bila tempat yang riang ceria, you pun turut-turutan tu. Cuba tia kalau inda percaya. Kalau you tempat sunyi, bah mula tia kensyunian you tu, and mula lah ada suara suara hati berbisik rah you. Kalau yang baik membuatkan you senyum, senyum baik you tu, tapi kalau sebaliknya, bah emosi tah you to.. inda tantu pasal ketempiasaan arah orang yang inda sadar baik dengan apa yang you alami...

I find it interesting.. smiling just doing whatever, it will gives you semangat in whatever you do. Jangan tah malu-malu kan senyum, jangan jua karit betakang kan senyum, jangan jua labih senyum, sadang-sadang senyum. Kalau orang yang you beri senyuman membalas (doa jap, azan Isya........Amin..Amin..Amin..) con't. senyuman you, Alhamdulillah, tapi kalau orang atu inda membalas, buat inda tau, please jangan pulang you emosi and sasak, mungkin pasa saat atu berat untuk nya senyum sebab beberapa perkara, kan kitani inda tau dorang, so inda tau jua kenapa ia inda mau senyum, so you senyum and lalu lah. Janga berkata-kata dalam hati, yang boleh menimbulkan sesuatu yang mendatangkan dosa dari pahala.

Senyum adalah salah satu sedekah yang awda berikan, yang membuatkan orang senang, makanya ada pahala, Insyallah.. tetapi jika you senyum mengharap untuk di balas, tidak di balah, baik lah diam dan lalu dengan hati yang ikhlas dari mengata-ngata sesuatu yang boleh mendatang kan dosa.. kan. So you want to keep the pahala or just the dosa? Up to you...

PS. dalam Barber Shop atu, ada seorang warga emas, lepas urut kepala. Bila nya bungkas dari kerusinya atu, pakai nya balik songkok putihnya atu, then melintas ia, tapi masih serious (like really serious, can you imagine? Bila jua ia kan senyum-senyum, karang kena ucap tua-tua keladi. I paham pulang tu.. tapi) I senyum and hey.. automatically Pak Haji atu membalas senyuman. Sweet. I like that.

Cuba you try senyum, nyaman rasanya? Bah try saja bila jumpa sesiapa ya. Kalau inda tonight, tomorrow pun okay. Buat latihan selalu. I'm sure you will love it too.


Au rawan ku meliat. Tapi hey.. that's life. Berbasikal awal pagi seawal 5.30am menghantar anak ke sekolah, berkayuh basikal, rasa jua indung tani kan mau tani pandai. Bila i nampak? Selalu sudah nie.. hari atu balik sekolah, hari panas, duduk dalam kereta air-con panas pun orang complain, ani berbasikal balik sekolah. Duduk lagi di belakang basikal anaknya ... basikal ah bukan motorsikal nie.. Bapa mengayuh, anak duduk belakang.. masih boleh senyum and sembang-sembang. Yang meliat pun terharu.

Bersyukur tah dengan kemudahan yang kitani ada. Kadang ada yang berkerita inda betiada. Kereta inda sebarapa. Bayangkan kalau berbasikal saja you keraja? Imagine.. Bah bersyukur tah dari inda tedapat.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


MUTIARA KATA : 'Lidah orang yang berakal terletak dibelakang hatinya, hati orang yang bodoh terletak dibelakang lidahnya'.

Lidah hanya sekadar daging kecil yang ada dalam mulut manusia yang sempurna. Kalau tanpa lidah, seorang manusia akan kekurangan dan manusia tanpa lidah akan bertukar nama menjadi manusia bisu atau manusia yang tidak dapat berbicara.

Berhati-hatilah dengan LIDAH

Dengan Lidah orang dapat menikmati makanan yang lazat, kerananya Lidah adalah merupakan nikmat dari Allah SWT yang sangat besar ertinya dalam kehidupan manusia. Lidah lah yang menciptakan segala bahasa. Lidahlah yang memberi suara semua fikiran dan cita. Lidahlah yang memberi keindahan terhadap nyanyi dan irama. Lidahlah yang dapat membuat hati yang rindu menjadi mesra. Dan Lidah pulalah yang dapat memberikan nasihat sehingga yang bergelora menjadi tenang.

Sebaliknya LIDAH pulalah yang dapat memutar balikkan kata-kata, dari lidah keluarnya kata-kata berbisa, sehingga dari LIDAH pula penyebab keluarnya syari yang mengatakan ; "Masih ada harapan sembuh kalau pedang menusuk tubuh, kemana ubat hendak di cari, kalau LIDAH menusuk hati."

Makanya, wahai Mulimin Muslimah, BERHATI-HATI DENGAN LIDAH. Sebab Lidah dapat menimbulkan bencana dan fitnah, lidah juga boleh membuatkan orang yang bersaudara menjadi porak peranda, dan LIDAH pulalah yang dapat membuat orang bersatu menjadi pecah.

Jauhi dalam berbicara:-


Kerana yang demikian itu akan menjadikan Allah murka dan paling di benci oleh manusia. Dan ianya hanya merugikan orang lain, masyarakat, juga merugikan diri sendiri!

PS. Something i would like to share what i have read this morning. I hope and wish for us all dalam lindungan Allah SWT dan dijauhi dari kejahatan dan di bekalkan dengan keimanan dalam menghadapi kehidupan kita seharian.. Amin..

Monday, March 15, 2010


One minute pengsan is something. Heard tiga kali memangil nama. That was at 6.02am. Wonder just membangunkan. Rupanya something else. Pengsan fall flat dalam toilet, hit face on floor, tungang-tungang inda sadar. That's is something. Thought beg basar gugur ke lantai kayu and BOOM!! kuat bunyi nya atu. Tapi inda jua kan sangka rupanya pengsan and gugur di jamban.

Selalu dengar orang gugur di jamban, pengsan, sometimes okay and sometimes inda okay. Bahaya kan. Tapi tau kah apa penyebab nya? Inda tau jua. But this one, today because of sakit parut early in the morning, and can't control it and collapse. How's that.. ONE MINUTE is long. Very long if not attended. Shoot eh!

Bruises on right face. Little cut close to eye. And yes swollen.. and now baru terasa pain nya on the neck. Parut gosok minyak already.. banyak so terasa panasnya. For a while, dalam jamban, bari ijap, baru sadar dari pengsan, just diam and starring. Still trying to figure out what happen.. That's is something.

So, bukan kerana lantai licin saja gugur di jamban, or tekait kaki rah rug yang ada di jamban, or banyak lagi, bangun pagi, tarus bangun maybe pening and pengsan jua one it. So be very careful. Very very careful.

I turun tangga, imagine if collapse, atu.. lagi parah jua kan. Don't know what will happen then.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Did mine this morning. Ramai orang ikut serta eh. Nice one. Baru tah i did walkthon inda bawa bottle of water. I was thirsty eh. Nasib sampai to the end point. Senamrobik, hebat. Bukan inda hebat. Enjoy lah very much. I met old fren jua pagi. And some new frens. Amazing. Pick up my fren at 5.45am. Woke up at 4.30am, and reach Rimba at 6am.

everything starts at 6.45am, and then senamrobik almost 8am. Off jalan and reach at almost 8.30. Hehe.. lama bejalan ah. Then off send my fren home, and shower jap, then off work at 9am. Beli salad for my lunch. And then work from 10am to 2pm. And after attend function right till now.. imagine. Goyang-goyang already me.

Need to shower. Jalan jap beli pencil. Then back home to so some work. Work again tomorrow. Need to beli pencil.. need to go now.. bah sambong later.

Satu Lagi..

Apakan? Satu lagi sama jua. Balik keraja, in Lambak higwhway aftre the petrol station, when the time i want to drive relaxing buka sun roof, enjoy the matahari, pun masih jua ada yang mengorat!

Haha.. 4w jua, and the 4 w yang i like jua. But hari atu white today greyish.. hansome jua. What happen to these people? Surely not single kali. But i never got the chance to ask. For what jua. In one week ani kah, wah.. lumayan. Kalau ku fishing okay jua. Ani inda. Nada fishing at at all. When you fish, nada ia. But when you're not fishing ada ia.. beuyung-uyung lagi. Haha.

Like men, like to see beautiful things and woman too. Like woman, yeah me jua, i like to see good things and good looking man. Tapi just that. Sometimes ada orang nda liat beautiful or handsome. That would be a bonus. But hey.. kalau sudah there, why not jua just enjoy the moment atu to menyamankan hati meliat benda baik.. haha. Apa lah ku cakap ani.

Lately i am in a good mood (little precentage sasak). I guess looking forward being busy. So mencari bahan inda beranti. And i tell you, keeping busy makes my life better. Better in a positive way. Ada good stress and bad stress i learn yesterday during the seminar. So mine is a good stress. Yours?

Saturday, March 13, 2010


What do i know about Fishing? I don't. But do i want to learn to FISH? Yeah.. Why not. Learn at driving range to hit golf ball. Its okay. Still need practice. FISHING? Yes.. need to learn about barangan benda to fish. And how to use the stick atu jua.. how to baling ..(haha!!) the fishing rod smoothly, so the fish inda terperanjat with what lands in water. Haha.. Yes, seriously. Ada jua teknik nya toh. So lets ask the expert. And who want to take me FISH?

Rugi eh. My late father, Al-Fatihah for my Babah Hj.Zainal Abidin Ladi, who loves to fish. My God!, he just love the sea. Love to Fish. Got two boats. One big and one yang small. And fish is just his life. I miss all that. Anyway, don't want to get emotional about fishing now.. just that teringat when i saw people fishing.

Never been on boat to fish, only watched saja dari jauh and dekat. Everybody seems to enjoy fishing.. its peaceful. But sometimes frustrating jua.. but what to be frustrated about? Because the fish did't get to your trap? haha... Fish pun tau jua. Just fish yang unfortunate saja yang sangkut..... Just kidding. Jangan mare eh. Pasal fishing mesti ada humor nya jua. Karang terlampau stress, inda enjoy fishing or talk about fishing.

Lots of times ada acara fishing. Sometimes got the info and sometimes inda jua. Would be nice when got kan.. What do you think?

I love to eat fish. So okay to fish. It can be used when you're stranded in an island, and no food. Yes minum boleh lah air kelapa, or other hutan natural sources from fruits etc. But if you feel kan makan fish? How? Nah.. here is when you will say.. Hiya! i wish i know how to fish.. Kan? Well.. its part of the survival thing in life. Bukan saja kan ke pasar membeli ikan, yah.. kemudahan memang ada, but just think when you have the skills, its a bounus kan for you. Not for others eh, but for you jua. Doesn't matter you lelaki or perempuan kan. It would be a good skill to have, its an investment for you. :)

Not that i don't know anything about FISHING, i know, but need to know from the PRO what and when to fish. Oh.. i heard that kalau cuaca panas, the fish is going to look for tempat teduh. So i saw some people fish during the hot cuaca. What's the story on that.. when they duduk at the batu-batu yang almost tengah laut, and fish. Fish barangkali under them, and not out there. How ah? Is that true?

And not only that, heard also fish do sleep. Fish don't have eyelids, so can't tutup the mata, only open mata still sleeping. Look for tempat yang gelap to sleep. That's why when we nampak fish in the aquarium, at the corner yang darker, actually fish sleeping and terkejut like swim ala tekejut mean tebangun from sleep? Pro, what do you think of that?

I know fish do drink when thirsty, but sleep? Someone got to talk to them to find out or you probably know already. Oh, one day i heard about big fish become a serial killer. That's sad. Even got history. I supposed all living things got history, but pity, if you don't understand fish, and you just create a history about it, personally. Probably you need to talk to the fish to get to know the personality, what it likes and dislikes.. haha. So it wouldn't be a serial killer if the fish knows what its doing is actually wrong. If only FISH could use its brain like us...

I found it cute but i guess that's why got specialist FISH jua kali. I am just someone who knows how to makan fish and wanting to learn about fishing jua. Wouldn't you be call as serial killer amongst the fish and its families? O..i mean fish missing MIA!

Seminar On Healthy Living

At Pusat Promosi Kesihatan, first time untuk Penyiar and Penerbit. I must say very-very interesting and its about time. I find it interesting because i like to know more on that. Haha.. Hiburan probably my collegue. Inda payah jadi doctor, tapi jadi penyampai maklumat pun cukup. Kalau jadi doctor or nurses, bari ijap tu. Siap dengan darah, dengan injection and banyak lagi. Inda sanggup kan di lalui. Cukup information okay. Good for pendengar radio to know jua about health.

Banyak kan di kongsikan when we got the right bahan for kesihatan. Apart from that jua, selain kena beri maklumat about kesihatan, we also boleh browsing the internet to find more. Lepas tu, kalau inda sure, make sure you ask the health people about what you want to know know. It help. Masa saja inda cukup. Kalau seminar the whole day would be ngam tia. All the info and booklet and posters and leaflet okay sudah. Ganya berabut menguyung masa.. Haha. Overall very interesting and I LIKE IT.

You can bring your children to Pusat Promosi Kesihatan and visit the Galleria on Health. I tell you, you tell me if you inda change after that... haha! True. Kalau inda percaya, go visit. Take your children. I heard Galleria open on Sunday too. So good time to go and bring your families and children. Open at 9am to 5pm. Lepas kenduri, beramai-ramai tah ke sana. See what you need to know about Good health and Bad one. And games also got. Check out if you can pilih makanan yang baik and yang inda for you.. That one is intersting. Ada bunyi-bunyian toh. And very colorful. Lots more eh.

You don't have to go if you know already, but bring families and friends if they don't know. Inda you rugi. Malah you're doing something good and you got pahala for that too, i am sure. Oh.. and i like the fetus part. The pregnancy from the 1st month to the 9th month. Cute the twins jua. Apa yang i said ani, well you got to go to find out.

Ada yang tempat menenangkan jua. And well.. well.. maybe you want to create that part in your home.. WHY NOT?? and with sooth music, i tell you.. tenang from STRESS tu. And yes, must have di rumah. What is it? Go there to see for yourself. The bamboo creation ya. :)

About diseases. About good health. And about cleanliness and banyak lagi ler. Lots you need to know. Jangan worry inda boring tu. Kalau you inda minat, then you better start minat if you want a healthy living.

All the best to you!!

Ps. for those of you kan start exercising, start slow and gradually you'll reach there to the time you wanted or been wanting to achieve as time goes. Jangan paksa overdoing it, karang lain cerita pula, tapi jangan biar kemalasan melanda minda not to do exercise at all.. So You and your semangat to do exercise 45 min a day. Pebaik mula dengan jalan kaki.

Something i would like to share jua, i got it from the seminar tadi, very useful jua.. try this:-

jalan perlahan burns 100 calories
jalan sederhana burns 180 calories
jalan LAJU burns 300 calories.

And eat a balanced diet to be healthy.
EXERCISE for 45 min a day!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pacah Dahi!

Terjun dari tingkat dua. Pacah dahinya toh. Salah step kali. Membari ijap. I didn't melihat ia terjun, tau-tau landing di bawah and suara-suara meneriak. Kekajutan ada yang menangis meliat live bah. Tapi ia lah.. inda tau salah siapa tu. Mudahan she's okay. Sempat i go close up and look at her. Hand and kaki pucat kekajutan kali. One hand hold foreheadnya to stop the bleeding, but darah mengalir all over her face. She was saying somthing but i could't hear clear what she said. Kecian eh.. just not her luck. Nasib nya today. But a lot meliat, hope jadi lessoned learned.

On the way home, i said to myself 'pity her, just not her good day today', it could've have been anybody, or me.. but not. It was her. She must be in pain now. At the hospital. Not expecting this would be a horrific moment, an accident jumping from tingkat dua and landed wrongly. I hope and pray she is okay and attended immediately.

The children were tekajut. But yea lah.. again a lessoned learned for us. Becareful what we do. If you plan to do activiti lasak, then make sure you know the drill. Its for your own safety. I went on the 7th floor for the escape chaute, at first mengerikan cause tinggi, but after i terjun saja in it, its not that bad. Haha.. nilu eh.

Ps. if you think you can't do it, serious thoughts about it, and still can't do it, DON'T DO IT.

Tuna Berchilli..

Today i have Olive & Cheese, Tuna Berchilli Sandwich and a glass of water. And went to Qlap Yappy for my Kasturi Ice. Zoom to Bandar and work on HIB 914. Not alone eh.. Ayra with me. Who she?? Well you got to tune in to Pelangi to find that out yourself.. Haha.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

24 JAM?

Inda kan 24 jam lakat the phone rah tangan. Ada jua masa nya inda lakat kan. Busy preparing food for functions. We are having lambs tonight and vegetables. Nice one. Nada masa kan betalipon and tersms. Doh! jadi kemarahan eh. Haha.. Jangan marah ler... nanti cepat mongok!

Sampat lagi tu. What's past is past. What's important is what happen next? That baru tah kan dipikirkan. I got to get ready now. Just got back from uncle's house. Got to mandi and go back there..

Why some people like to make others day miserable. Not thinking and asking self, is it really necessary to spoiled it then.. now? I mean i don't understand eh. Oh well.. Happy happy saja today. I am good. Got to go now.

Haha.. mama katok pintu dah. Kalau lambat siap nada orang senyum karang. Stress toh. Haha.. Bah.. happy happy tah saja today. Insyallah..

Flying Fox

Sound interesting.. This morning, yup at Bazaar Amal Bersempena Sambutan Jubli Emas, Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat. Very interesting. Went to Qlap pagi to get the pressure cooker. Then off to Old Airport and at the bazaar. Wow.. you must go and try out all those activities. Em.. i tried the Flying Fox. Theh got Excape Chute from the 7th floor, Smoke House (yup.. ), Fire Vehicle Ride.. Turn Table Ladder Ride, Netball Shoot (when you think you're the super shoot, bah apa lagi), and bouncer only start tomorrow till Sunday.

Cerita tah ku, all abang-abang Bomba baik-baik belaka. Eh.. Akak-akak pun jua. Masa Flying Fox atu, kajar-kajar jua ada membayangkan dari tingkat tiga atu. But hey.. if you got the height phobia, baik tah cuba. Ani safe lagi. I like it. I yet to try the Escape Chute later later lagi from the 7th floor. And all you can try for only B$1 per ride. Siok eh. Must try all except bouncer nya. Kalau alum pernah main, its okay jua.

Off today from work. Tonite got function. I heard ada lamb. Wow!! nice. Arab food i heard jua tonite.. wow.. nice. Reminds me when i was in Dubai and Bahrain. Interesting food. I miss that too. Lain serving nya di sana atu and a lot too. YUmmy..

Very hot here in Brunei. Can swim later jua. Plan to go out Yayasan petang and then go swim. And pick up Luqman at 5pm and then function at 7pm. I think staying out till midnight. Tmro work. You also fill up your time lah ya. Don't waste sitting doing nothing. Walaupun a bit, still something. Try out new things. If you can't think of new things, sit dulu and think lah.

Sayang... beautiful day today. Must go outdoor jua. And drink plenty of water jua. Jangan inda. Iwanted to buy something later.. but later lah. But hey.. go to the Bazaar today, tomorrow, or next daynya or Sunday.

Came home jap to pick up Luqman from school. And sending him for Ugama school soon. Got to get ready now. Later..

Ps. Ada lagi yang kelip-kelip mata at bulatan Jami'e this morning. Why ah.. hahah. Is it the "flirt spot" or what.. becareful eh, roundabout toh..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tenang Malam

Malam ani tenang saja. Menangis kajap. Perasaan jua tu. Jangan main perasaan. Ia lah.. jangan cakap you inda pandai menangis. Kalau you bersendirian saja, menangis tu. Entah.. ada pasal nya. Menangis banyak perkara. YOu punya inda me tahu tu. But i punya i tau lah tu.

Hidup semantara saja kan. So .. buat you menangis kala mengenang. Buat you gembira kala mengenang jua. Bukan kah catu.. Semua bukan senang kan di kawal. Tapi boleh kawal. You pandai kawal? Apa-apa saja..

Tadi awal i park my car at the parking lot tempat kerja. Hot day jua today. A bit mendung petang tadi, but still hot. Windy since yesterday. But i must say beautiful whatever weather it is pun here in Brunei.

I was talking tadi with one person about weather. And information about weather. Maklum lah.. kadang kalau membaca weather yang sama like writing yang sama pun boring jua. Like cuaca mostly cloudy.. etc. Why not ada cuaca di Bandar Seri Begawan like this, and di Daerah Belait etc.. etc.. different kan. Because sometime ada di Bandar panas and Belait hujan lebat. Oh well... that would be interesting jua. That was one subject tu.

Another, memeduli hal orang ada jua.. Eee takut kan. Takut masa nie cakap like that about others, and nanti masa tani pulang orang cakap like that about us. I don't like that ya. Anyway that is social activity jua. Kalau nada, no spice jua. Haha.. Tapi jangan over.

I sit here writing this, i wonder. I always wonder. I don't know what's the problem. It kept me out of mind not thinking about what i like to think. Kan bercerita-cerita, notis how many would listen to you? Haha. Bawa saja ketawa. Baik blog. Lagi bagus. You don't know who read and who not. Kan begitu.

Bawa rasa saja. Sunyi malam ani. Minda and perasaan berkecamuk. Taim keraja ya work. But during the hour like this, biasalah for me sendiri.

Now its 23hours. Tired.

What's intersting today, i was sitting next to this table during lunch, and these bags, handbags were twins. Yes.. one in white and one in brown. Amazing. Both of them are friends and i think that was really cute.


Meneriak ku eh! I haven't had a good nite sleep lately. Like Panda Eyes already. Tadi at 1.56 jam atas meja, and 1.55 jam on my phone, me bungkas dari tempat tidor. Mimpi punya pukulan. Apa lah..

In my dream, dream of pontibaby. Giler eh. Mula i tot nada, but i boleh rasa. Then i opened the door, sekali like really heavy. And ada lah me terasa hand.. benda lah and i scream Allahuakbar.. and struggling so bad. So loud i feel so real and i woke up screaming!!!! HUh..

Nasib mimpi. Room was dark then i tried to sleep. I felt the benda sleep with me.. then i bangun switched on lampu in my room. And i never sleep. Tired ku eh. And i only sleep tadi pagi jap. OMG!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mengurat punya Pasal.. Apa Hal?

Kan bercerita tah jua. Story like this. Ke tasik petang tadi. About an hour di tasik. Nyaman jua rasanya. Merah padam muka. Inda semerah yang you have in mind. Like merah jambu. Pink kah tu? Hahah...

So done quickly out dari tasik. Indah eh .. been so nice. But cannot do it everyday. Tomorrow i am working till 6pm, so no going tasik. But if you haven't been there, or haven't been there a while, why not .. go lah. Why not.

Anyway the story pasal mengurat. Apa hal? Biasa lah tu. Jarang and inda ada bini-bini mengurat me. I put it in my FB, pun rupanya ramai jua punya pengalaman yang sama. Interesting ya.. Tapi siapa dorang atu.. Haha.

Jalan cerita.. (adeh.. dabar-dabar jua kan membaca.. ) Okay - I drove out dari tasik. And yeah at the trafik light. Pun ada yang senyum senyum. Okay me senyum lah. Senyum takut karang nya sombong jua. Lain jua senyum biasa and senyum mengatal kan.. haha. Anyway, jalan and that car berlalu. Then up to trafik light in between St Andrews and SOAS.. drove pass the trafik light to Qlap. Sekali kereta putih ani tinggi lah than my car. Nda boleh mention apa kereta nya. Tapi besar lah 4w. My car apa jua. Buka roof, turunkan cermin, and drive kan merasa fresh air. But you know lah, fresh air apa kalau banyak kereta. Anyway, dari beair-con taim bepaloh, baik buka tingkap. Kering jua baju.

So.. cerita nya this white car mengimbari my car. I thought the car wants to go first. I slow down. Then slow down tia jua. Dari my view mirror, mencari cari keratas ia. Haha. Sibok jua taim drive. I was enjoying my ride because if feel good tadi atu. Rilex listening to love songs. Haha.. sentimental.

He drove behind me. And upon reaching another trafik light, the car was next to mine kan tu. Sekali hisssss...hissss... orang nya toh. Menoleh me, and mengayakan tangannya minta handphone. Senyum me tarus and zoom off. Sekali he gimbari lagi.. sagan ku eh. Ada kah.. (Good looking this guy. But dalam hati ku, orang good looking like this inda kan nada yang punya or what? Maybe married kah.. otherwise inda ia minta talipon like that.. dalam hati ku saja..)

And then pura-pura inda liat. Tapi kan ketawa me bah. Kan senyum takut ia pikir me berkenaan tia pulang. Then he drove pass, make a quick rounabout rah bulatan Jami'e and then melintas passing me lagi.. senyum and off to Qlap balik. Chicky eh. But hey.. good looking. Haha.!

For me i got to concentrate to drive. There's no way to stop to give phone numbers. Giler jua banar. But you know, never knew what's the attention ya. Maybe wants to be friend kali jua. But whatever it is pun, do it properly lah kali ya. Kalau terjumpa there, maybe someday terjumpa jua somewhere. Then if niat is right, to be friend, maybe one day. I don't know.. do you?

I got many stories like this, just very interesting when you think about that ya. Last time i met this one person also and we exchange phone numbers. But not on the road lah.. Somewhere in Qlap. And now become friends and still intouch.

That's the story. What's yours?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

BeCareful What you Wish for..

Old saying yeah.. i thought well ya lah.. Tapi yes becareful what you wish for its true. I did wish for something. That was a very long time ago. And yes my wishes comes true. But does it make you happy when it comes true? Well that's true. Not all makes you happy. true. You wish out of curiosity, you wish like you don't like the situation now.. but i tell you.. sometimes what you wish for without thinking and you think what you wish for will turn out to be better. Oh well.. you will not rasa unless you already rasa. How many yang rasa?

You smile at times when you think about it. When you wishing you cry because you want for the better. But sometimes when you wish, the moment yes you want it, and sometimes when your wish comes true you didn't even realized it until one day.. wow!! you will say to yourself, my wish comes true. Pun jua you got problem when your wish comes true. Oh well.. and again how many of you?

Now i sat here. I am alone. Alone feeling though ramai orang di rumah masa ani.. like i am not here. How's that? got to rasa first what i rasa.. like floating. Good bising here at least it kept me awake but still not here..

When i think what i wish for.. yes i love it that it came true. I wonder that moment when you wish, did you ever think your wish ever come true? But how to wish that i never wish for that ever? Kan..kan.. I told you. BecaREful what you wish for.. Wonder what i wish for? haha..

Monday, March 1, 2010

Got something for you..

Lesson to be learned? (oh this is about being fatigue... hehe. Tarus-tarus with lesson.. hahaha.. Good morning!! This is about how to avoid Fatigue - and keep looking YOUNG!! ahhhha.. sounds interesting already kan. Natural formula saja.. Just remember this:-

Our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration and resentment. So it is seldom the amount of work you do that makes you tired. You may be tired by the amount of work you do not do.

And ever notis? We rarely get tired when we are doing something interesting and exciting. So... start looking for something interesting and exciting in your life. Now! not tomorrow.

Have A Great Day!! Put a smile always.. you look Great!!

OH Control!

I can't control me!!!!! last nyte was one of the nite of the month. I really can't contorl me. How's that? Is that what you feel too? Phew.. Thank God its only the first nyte of that particular moment and only comes once a month.. Thank God! When i felt something not right, well that's it. I woun't want to hear anything except me fighting with me alone.. OOOOOOO not liking that so but yes that's me. To you too?