Wednesday, March 24, 2010


i FELT UNEASY lately. I don't know what to do and what to look for now. I am not feeling happy this morning. I cried whole night but who cares. Why with mainan perasaan.

I share my feelings in my FB this morning. I was upset. Really upset. Someone is happy with that but i got had too, you know. It hurts eh. Giler berabiz. I got this text from someone..

"As 4 type ani opnminded smtims any1 yg bri slm or tgur,ofcoz lyn cam biasa..Thn time goes by..frm friend..bcm closer..coz y it felt lk dis due 2 "time"Meaning n exmple - I ws alone all d time n wifey bkraja..thn blek rumah..mkn pas 2 mandi thn tido.- thts y I feel mcm kurang layanan..kmsraan atu mcm nda lyk b4, thn again I knw wifey tired so let's jst call it a tht is the time u need to be with sum1 or minta layanan..n since wifey tido or away due to work..I go looking for sum1 yg dpt layan like chatters..iatah dri sna punchanya smua ani jdi cmatu.. bt nw I learn my lesson dah a husband. .I must remember tht I vowd during nikah n also there is no one else pun jga me slain bini sndiri..sakit pun bini jua jga..if si scandle apa ia dpt buat?-"mkn ubat ah" only advicing..if tani ksmpitan $ pun bini jua pinjamkn $ wlaupun bini sndiri scandle apa ia dpt buat?-"sory syg..$ mama pkai" silly reason n pas 2 ckp dlm hati see the diffrence..iath ka..nw me dh insaf tht bini segala2nya ka..susah senang sma2 scandle punya prinsip..sng sma senang..susah. .."ko sndiri la".."

Thank you for sharing with me and i hope some would see the same as you.

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