Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pantai Serasa

Mencat kuku dalam kereta mendengarkan OST GLEE songs. Macam-macam lagu nya eh. Ada yang i like .. Endless Love. When i listened to that song on the way to Pantai Serasa, di repeat bebalik-balik. Baik jua cd, kalau kan menyanyi hilang suara eh.

So Endless Love reminds me when i came back from my break dari USA. I came back, that was in the 90s and i sang for the first time Kareoke at my cousins house in Bunut this songs. Haha.. reminds me how innocent i was in life.. and it makes me smile coz i remember how fresh it was, and how happy go lucky i were, that i am not scared of or afraid of anything. Like nada feelings at all yang involved broken hearted. Sang like whatever!

Hah.. i listened to it on the way, and i feel fresh. I started to sing along with it too.. practicing my vocal.. though i don't seem to be good at that. I wanted to flush out what i've been thinking, and it works.

I remeber those days, nice bah. Really nice. Did you ever feel the same when you hear songs yang menyenangkan you? Like gives you fresh memories? I bet.. Well enjoyed it.

I met Ann at Pantai Serasa. She was alone. I looked at her from my car, because i was in my car bz mengcat kuku, and with lights on, and she was drinking soda, and i said to myself.. should i get to know her.. hahah!

Yes i did. Reverse my car, and drove closer to her car, and i say HI! The magic word. I asked her what's she's doing at pantai alone? She said menghilangkan STRESS! Wow.. that's nice. Good for her. I am glad i said hi to her before i left Pantai Serasa.

Did you get to say HI to anyone? Do so, at least you add a new name in your list that could be your friends too. I am going to sleep. Take care.

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