Wednesday, March 31, 2010

End Day..

Before i close my eyes tonight, i would like to share the moment i have today with my friend. One of my friend, been friend since what.. 90's. early surely. And just today after work and zoom to mall. Met her there and we spend time a bit.. haha a bit!

One booth i went and i spend about two hours bah, and got what i wanted. Its not easy when you want something and that something is hard to get. So then we were laughing, and giggling. I said to my friend ani like we never shop before. Au banar. But it was cool to do that once in a while.

After that, we went took dinner. We had Mushroom Pizza (new! in the menu) and i had plain hot water and cheese stick, with desert Coit Tower. My Friend shared pizza with me and actually she wanted to drink Teh Tarik. Tapi sayangnya nada. Oh well..

So makan, and cerita-cerita. I called her Anih. I got so many Anih in my friends list. So bercerita lah. We know each other WOW! since we wer single, married, and complicated and divorced and now engaged. Haha.. So we are the unfortunate one that we do have someone in our lives but never seem to exists. Haha.. ketawa jua kami.

But yes seriously, we have someone but that our someone never around. How's that? Like invisible. haha.. So i pun share some of my stories with her. I told her about my friends jua. I got a real good friend and known her since i started work with Pelangi. I told her about my friend ani pun namanya sama jua. So my friend ani Anih, i am Anih jua and my friend satu Anih jua. Confused you ? Nah.. you will get over it nanti and get used to it nanti tu.

So I told her about Anih. She was touched by my stories. A good one of course. About semangat in life. And i told her about my other friend jua. A lot of stories lah i share. And she herself pun seems to know from the FB.. and banyak lagi.

I told her, its nice to have friends yang like us.. Haha. Like we are friends but have own privacy. Not bossy and alway look after each other. Though nda nampak, but we do look out for each other. That's what friends are for. The way we were before, wow.. malas kan cakap. Tapi though our lives like that, we find it very interesting. We got to learn awal lagi than maybe some of you about life.

Haha.. yang paling cali, one thing we have in common, masih jua di kepala ah. But that's between me and her. Yeah!! Oh well.. kalau dulu bejalan-jalan single, sekarang ada anak, anak-anak yang kan di peduli jua.. So dulu bejalan-jalan single, sekarang bejalan-jalan ramai sih.

Kecian eh my friend kan minum Teh Tarik tadi tapi nada. Tais liur nya lain tu. Kalau me inda me tahan jua tu. Neh, baik tah minum Teh Tarik, jangan sampai kempunan. Pun sia sia.. jauh kan dari balah.

From 6.45pm to 10.05 at the mall, puas banar. But that was one of the moment i must tressure. Once in a while jua, haha jadi peaibunan setahun sekali. Maklum lah, bilang orang bekeraja cari makan, so bila ada off tah ganya belaku. So atu pun bila inda bejanji. Kalau bejanji susah tu. Inda pandai jadi. Banar inda?

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