Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Kenapa dulu Kawan sekarag jadi Lawan? Heran kan. Well, you akan lalui nya jua tu. Garenti punya. Kalau you get to live to see all. Oh i've watched this movie, you should too. Forgiveness is a powerful weapon for you. Its for you and your enemies.

I watched it with my son, we laugh, and he caught me with my tears running down my face. I caugh and caugh, i was not well jua, and he asked me.. 'Mami menangis?' .. and i said em.. inda. Mami not well.. but i think he knows i did kali. The reason why my tears keluar, because mengenangkan he is a child. A child growing up. Fresh.. still in learning process about life. How innocent children are .. and there is me and you, kalau meliat wayang keluar air mata sebab apa tu nah.. maybe you see that's the reality of life.

Go watch it if you want to. Its called INVICTUS. I didn't know until i watched it. Its always like that.. so why not!

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