Saturday, March 27, 2010


I slept at 12.30am last night after a long serious talk. Long serious talk very tiring. I woke up at 12 noon today. That's how tiring it is. You know who you are and i know who i am, that's all i wanted to share so i woun't forget what i have said. Its simple.

I think it rained heavily this morning, i heard i think i thought that was in my dream. In my dream, it rained too. I have a good dream. I like it. Make it easy to wake up in a calm mood. OOOO.. want to know what dream? Haha.. nah, i keep it for me saja. haha. I like it. Silly but i like it..

Oh.. I wore the same baju as yesterday. Exactly the same. My jeans and my lady footlocker white&black and my black revedition. Just feel plain and boring. I am supposed to be in Jakarta this weekend, but i am here in Brunei. Hiya!!! Mesti exciting nya di Jakarta nya. Malas to think about it.

Long sleep for me. Read BB this afternoon during my lunch time at Yappy's and at the front page, an article and a picture of a car accident, a teacher age 27 died in an accident and supposed to get married in July this year 2010. While eating, in my heart says 'thank you Allah for giving me another chance to live, to let me eat and enjoy my food and to be with my family'..

And i started to think, well we all got children. We want the best for our children. We look after them, jaga them, give the best education for them. Graduates and grown up. We live and get to see them growing, in happy and bitter moments of our lives, and there .... Tuhan lebih sayangkan mereka. And took them away from us. That moment... can you feel it and can you imagine it? Its just pinjaman semata-semata for us and its only temporary. Us? Yes .. us just sementara.

I ate real slow and i wonder. Food tastes tawar to me though nyaman jua, tapi ia lah. Kecian her families and jua bakal her hubby. The day looks mendong, and i can imagine how mendong the keaadan is. Well..

And another article about other things. Yes.. we are what we read. We are what we eat. So how about you? Talking about that jua, in the long talk, we talk about human being. Well we human are the same, but we are different as a human living. You are you. And me are me. And the people around you, each one of them are different. You don't believe, you watch and see.. You can see forever or you can start now and realize that you, yourself are different. Entah ah!

I think this is what i get for sleeping too long. Haha.. from 12.30am to 12 noon today. Em.. What do you think?

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