Thursday, January 31, 2008

Terima Kasih Sayang

Kenapa Kau tida pernah bersyukur
Sedangkan kehadiran ku iklas menyayangi mu
Macam mana pun kau nampakkan tabiat mu
Aku mampu melihat dan terdiam
Setelah diri mu mengatakan
Tiada cinta dalam diri mu
lalu aku terkilan..

Memang benar kata mu
Untuk apa aku bertahan
Jika pasti menyiksa perasaan
Biarpun ku menyintaimu
Sepantas angin berlalu
Namun ianya amat dalam

Maafkan aku
Biar pun di mata mu
Ada kecacatan di zahirku
Tapi aku coba mengubah sebenarnya
Demi aku ingin mendekati mu
Ketahuilah bahawa bukan usia Di wajah mu
Bukan kemewahan yang ku cari atas diri mu
Tapi aku mahu perhatian dari mu yang iklas
Yang Iklas tanpa angkuhan..
Mungkin tidak ku rasa
Membuat aku terpaksa bersifat demikian
Aku pasrah .. mungkin benar kata mu..
Tinggal dari menyinta sebelum ianya semakin mendalam

Jaga diri....biarpun sifat mu agak agresif
Namun aku tetap sayang diri mu
Diri mu di hatiku dunia dan akhirat
tapi aku mula terasa
bukan iklas yang kau nilai... tetapi....


Lagu untuk me Prezzie from a Friend

Saat kau hadir.... sungguh bahagia
Hinggakan aku ..
Lalu terlupa segala derita
Yang bermain di jiwa...
Kau perlihatkan..

Wajah yang indah ...
Hindari segala resah di hati..
Yang bersarang di jiwa bagaikan api
Nyala semalam tanpa hentinya
Bagaikan ombak
Memecah ke pantai

Sleepless night

Baru ia, i dont have enough sleep. Entah tidur or entah inda kali. Setiap kali terkejut dari tidur. Baru kan lena, mata automatik terbuka. Entah inda jua ada mimpi tapi i boleh terasa sesuatu. Tetap mata terbuka, then kan tidur susah. Belum lena dah bangun. Gosh.. sleepy kuuuuuu...

No matter what pun taim bangun pagi mesti bangun punya. Biar pun inda keraja. Must bangun pagi jua. Rugi kalau inda bangun. Kenapa i said rugi? Well you will know what i mean kalau you dah biasa bangun pagi. You miss a lot kalau inda bangun. And bangun awal pagi, begitu indah. Seriously. Apa yang indah, well you got to find it out yourself.

Jangan lupa sarapan eh. Kalau kan berdiet pun, biar sarapan jangan di tinggal. Makan tengahari pun jangan inda di ambil endah. Penting kalau kan berdiet. Tidak semestinya berdiet inda makan. Berdiet kenalah makan, tapi dalam portion yang sikit. Okay toh...

Anyway, now the last day for the month of Januari kan. So fast berlalu. Have you guys done what you need sudah? I hope so. Well for me, i made a wish. Yes, but sometimes you have to be very careful with what you wish for. You know that, rtye?

Oh well, just not feeling so energatic today. May be not enough sleep. Later i go back and i go sleep dulu. I wonder why i kept terbangun semalam atu? Of course sometimes no answers for this kind of questions.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Last Night..




I had dinner at Fun Bread in Gadong last night before i went off to work. Left at 7.30pm to RTB. And hey i must remember what i have on this day. Simple and beautiful ... i always used the word 'beautiful'.. banyak meaning nya toh... (vain jua bunyinya.. but i cannot help it lah..)

No Name For My Birthday Cake??


But true lah... we enjoyed it so much during the cake cutting ani bah... It's the highlight of my Birthday yesterday.... Caya loh.. It was great!!

One of my Cake After Kena Makan

This one too..

Pretty baby on my birthday..

I love this one too..

A child is like a candle. You lit it up and it will be on until the time comes. Simple.. Oh this is my nephew.. coming soon be another baby.. don't know girl or boy.. i couldn't wait. Bila? Well that got to tanya mommy nya.. he.he..

Yeah ... some shots of me with my cakes.. Ada ceta nya toh.

Zura.. Yes that's me.. Alahai.. ura ura lak tak prasaan. So ada cerota toh pasal my cake atu. Different people bought it at the same place but different time kemarin. Well on the 28.01.2008. Mau cerita nya??
Okay lah. Just a bit saja eh. Just jadi kenangan. I was laughing the cake same tapi different size saja. The one yang small and round atu from my mother and family. And the other one a gift from my close friend. And ia tah sama flavor nya and both beli different time but at the same place. Ha.ha..a i told them i thought my cakes ani yang specially made punya, kena patan tia he.he.. rupanya yang ready made... Cali eh. But yang cali nya same CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE ani bah. But yeah.. that's the story.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Birthday Today

Wah.. thank you for all the text messages for me. Ramai yang hantar but i couldn't recognized the numbers. You know lah, my phone memory corrupted so need to be cleared all kan. So true no more numbers yang baru baru di save kan.

Anyway, i had quiet Birthday this year. I wish for that. Usually i be out with friends but this time, i love it. I did something early this morning, i made a wish and i hope and pray what i wish for come true. Amiin...

Well yesterday makan malam with my family. Ordered fish curry head and butter milk chicken. Oh i forget mixed vegetable. Sedap lah. I work today on Hi Pelangi 8pm-12am. So the dinner semalam. Well its very nice. I enjoyed it. Especially with my family.

Entah ah. Family important to me. 1st on my list. Then my work and so on so on. I terkenang my late father. Bless his soul. I remembered the last time dulu, he was at the hospital and was hungry kan. So i told him i know one of the best curry in town. So i bought for him lah malam atu and he ate eh. And he said, yes indeed very nice. He smile. Oh gosh!!! I miss him...

Anway i took some pictures today for the cutting cake.. adeh ada lagi tu cutting cake. Yes i did took some and ada jua yang took my pic lah. Oh well... i have a great today. A real fine day. A real fine birthday...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Gosh!! My birthday is coming soon, and i feel younger than ever. LIfe starts at 40 kan. So many many yearts to go. So masa ani upgrading everything..he.he.. Anyway, i am still thinking of what to get for myself too. Last year i got .... .... well that for me to know ja. For me and still on me. So this year apa ah? ... well that too for me to know saja. On that day jua, i know four people punya birthday too. Sapa? For me saja to know. You will know jua toh....

I purposely took this picture because this is today. And i would like to see this picture again when i am 60.. he...he.. Whatever pictures you took kan, keep a good one, and save it for future. Because whatever we take, inda sama toh. I got some CUTE pictures too, and some UGLY one too. I keep em..

Oh well, i went out today early in the morning and went to few places. Went to Pantai Seri Kenangan in Tutong, took some nice pictures too. Semua jua kan nice eh... Now at Coffee Bean Bandar having coffee and green tea. And Bluberry cheesecake and donut chocolate fillings.. eh very yummy!!! I am going to tapau later too. For my malam snacks. Unhealthy kan.. biar tah dulu, today is Sunday.

I got a dream to share with you. I don't know what year i was in, but it surely was a memorable dream. Later tah ah. Like history ani bah. Em... i oso got some pictures i took tadi, pun later lah ah. Beautiful Sunday today. Very hot. Oh.. wedding invitation next week too... Not working tomorrow but Tuesday yeah. I am working malam at HI PELANGI 8pm-12am. Okay doky.. eat well and stay well.



AQUARIUS - Does It In The Water
Trustworthy. Attractive. Great kisser. One of a kind, loves being in long-term relationships. Can be clumbsy at times but tries hard. Will take on any project. Proud of themselves in whatever they do. Messy, and unorganized. Procrastinators. Great lovers, when their not sleeping. Extreme thinkers. Loves their pets usually more then their familiy. Can be VERY irritating to others when they try to explain or tell a story. Unpredictable. Will exceed your expectations. Not a Fighter, But will Knock your lights out.
Ps. me.. the bit can be very irritating to others.. i just couldn't help it. Em.. not a fighter but will knock your lights.. yes pun and UNPREDICTABLE.. true.. true..


i love this image!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


“I really don’t know how. Once you are over the border then its gone. I just don’t know anymore what to say. To trust or not. What if? What if I trust? What if not? What would happen? Would it have any different if? To forgive okay. But to gain the trust back, I tell you it be a while. I don’t know if I ever gain it or not, but I guess I can try. It’s hard to accept, again to forgive okay but to forget, how?”

No no… I heard this from a few girlfriends of mine. I too ask this myself. “How can I start trusting when you know he cheat all the time? All the time? Would it be impossible to know someone who just thinks that by lying or not telling the truth with what so ever reasons will help? Will help what? will help the relationship you build for quite sometime. Such an expert that you didn’t realize that it is already it. I use very simple English kan and I am sure you know what I mean.

I open a topic the other Tuesday on ‘ADAKAH CINTA PANDAI PUDAR KALAU LUAN LAMA BERCINTA?" Oh well, a lot yang commented trust would make the relationship stronger than ever. Some say it would pudar. Well, there you go. If the trust is gone, how??? How to build back the trust? I know that few would say, easy saja, but if its still going on, how? How can you be confident that she/he would not do the same thing again? Or if its just an attitude, well there you go. One of ATTITUDE PROBLEM toh.... If you ok, to accept the difference in your partner, i mean not all perfect, how to improve to not make it worst? Would it be worst kan toh?

Hiyah.. too much.. just too much. I hope i m not writing kosong, but if you are trap in this situation, you love someone so dearly, how? To live with or to leave? All up to you jua kan... I can probably talk all day about this, but ahem... inda lah. Sangal karang you membaca. Now, what if you are the one who cheat? And you happen to read my blog, and how do you really feel and what kan you actually want to accomplish from all this?

I too tried to understand. It got to be something that is not fully kepuasan hati, not? Or just simply an attitude. Been there and I don’t like it. Worries you too much and its not healthy. If you are caught in that kind of situation, then wake up and make a choice. Daripada sakit sakit, dah lah sakit hati, sakit badan ja olehnya. Apa lagi not to mention sakit otak. You got choice rite? Well there you go.

Oh well, I m having noodles in LaMee beff soup. Very nice. Not feeling well. Bilang orang bedamaman, so I think ada kali bacteria nya lakat rah me. he.he.. jangan luan di layan, but hot soup catu very nice. Very nice.

Ps. With love to you. Whatever i say, i hope you are not upset. I love you, i wish things would have been better and i doa for Allah blessing that one day, (dont know when plang toh, if not here, then maybe in my other life) that i will have my soulmate that just be perfect to me. Inda payah tah for others... adeh ada lagi toh. Bah, jangan tah di tanya sapa lagi yang di love atu, baca saja and enjoy this.. I am smiling now and listening to BUDHA BAR track 8 BLISS - LONG LIFE TO YOU MY FRIEND. Kan menitik my air mata.. tapi control eh. Di kadai kali ni ah.. But it touched my heart and a part of me too.... Baik tah eh, later lagi sambong. My second glass minuman sudah sampai, tadi green tea, now kasuri hot with honey. Memang honey pun.. Low bat already now. Inda sanggup my notebook lagi.. ha.ha..a. apa tah lagi manusia.. alahai...



PUn Sia Sia

kemarin punya cerita)

Pun sia sia. I wanted to eat seafood tadi then inda jadi. Pun sia sia… just meliat poster ketam masak chili ani bah.. adoi…oh well menahan rasa. A bit frustrated. You pun tau kan rasanya cana. Sometimes when you really want to eat and didn’t have the chance, melilih bah. Cian eh rasa ku, but when I teringat orang yang makan terputik putik lagi me sedih. So whatever yang ada lah. At least makan jua. Atu satu ah.

Oh by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAREST BELOVED FRIEND YASMOON aka MONIQUE … RJ Pilihan FM. Sorry semalam inda ter txt, my line kena barrrrrrrr…r.r.r… Just inda sempat to pay today. Went to Miri for my dental apt. I am sure you enjoyed the small gathering last nite. Wish you all the best and a very bright, brighter than the sun in your future. And hope you will find the best soulmate ever. Amin.. Amin... Amin.. Jangan jeles… he.he..

Today I saw a few signs like reminding me to live my live today. Dream for tomorrow, and whats past a lesson learned. On the way to Bandar from Miri, the road I used to drive to heal my pain, bukan pain apa. Pain broken hearted lah.. I recorded myself singing a song for someone I really miss. What song?? Well I am just going to keep that for myself ya.. Karang ramai orang ikut merecord lagu yang sama bila sasak…… masa ani malas kan layan eh.. kalau suka kata suka kalau inda, inda payah tah. Susah saja kepala memikirkan.

Then when I pass by that road, just so intense it touch my deeper heart and I smile. Yes dalam keadaan intense catu pun I can still smile and I remember how broken hearted I was that time, the worst I ever felt in a relationship that make me realize a lot of things and from that it just …. …. ……. (atu cerita lama eh)

Anyway, I love this song “mata mu butakan hatiku, senyum mu mengoda jiwa ku, aku menyerah.. suara m uterus memangil ku, wajah mu ada di mimpi ku.. aku menyerah…. Malaikat di samping ku mengingatkan tingalkan diri mu, syaitan pun di samping ku menyuruh ku untuk bersama mu…. Ku cinta kau.. ku cinta kau… tapi kau telah ada yang memiliki…. Ku tak bisa, ku tak bisa tinggal kan mu atau bersama mu.. cinta ku berat pada mu…..”. What song?? Well I m goin to keep it until I aired it nanti. Very nice song. Just remind me how I felt sometime ago. Then again..

But you know, I need to think now. I cant layan my feeling emosional ani. Naik kepala nyamo. If layan, it be distractions that are going to lead me downhill, and all I need now to think and seriously think to avoid those distractions coming my way in order to make it in my life. Yes… true but sad for me. I have to let go with my emotional state to just mellowing it kan… I become cold ani bah.. yes banar. Now seriously, I got my son, and I am looking forward for something fruitful dis year onwards.

My son hari ani just got home, tapi damam ani bah. Well, I told him that he didn’t visit me for almost a week toh that make him like that…ha.ha..a he hug me and said I love you mommy. I miss you. I told him next time, come home at least to say hi to me..he.e… I biarkan you know, because I want him to be independent. I know… I miss him. But he is going to be a big boy, and biar layan sendiri perasaan nya. I be here to monitor him saja. He is a very good young boy.

Today we had dinner at KHAZ CONERS in Sengkurong. I must say the BUTTER MILK CHICKEN become our favourite dish. Yes Luqman loves it so much. Caya, two kali nasi bah. Biar tia. But anyway, we talk a bit. Very interesting today for him and me. Cian ja, still not well. Now he is already sleeping. He sleep at 8.30pm during school time if he stay with me.

When you tell him to sleep, tarus tu tidor. Letak ja kepala nya rah bantal, immediately tidor. Very easy to look after him when he was a baby. Yeah… letak saja , terus tidor. But make sure enough makan and minum nya. I miss those times. I would love to have at least one or two more before my times come. He love to have a brother and sister too. I told him ada sudah sisternya from ayah nya and the wife of my ‘x’ hubbykan, but he said he want to have sister or brother from tummy mommy. And he upuk upuk my tummy. Oh …sweet… if only he knew why he haven’t got sibling.. oh well…. Kanak kanak kan.

Well, I got to sleep now. – 11.40pm

"Luahan Hati Kawan"

aku faham tiada siapa yang membuka telinga untuk mendengar babak kehidupan ku
aku cuma perlukan seorang kawan seperti mu dalam hidup ku
aku tidak pernah berkawan dengan seorang yang begitu lembut
aku tidak pernah berkawan dengan seorang yang begitu mengerti
aku tidak pernah berkawan dengan seorang yang begitu berterus terang aku tidak pernah berkawan dengan seorang yang begitu penyayang
aku tidak pernah berkawan dengan seorang yang begitu mendengar
waktu begini, jika kau sudah bercakap begitu
aku paham, aku tidak akan memaksa mu kawanku
aku paham kau menganggap ku sebagai kawan mu
aku tidak terfikir kau ku anggap kawan terasa lebih dari kawan
sudah lama ku inginkan perasaan sebegitu
Aku merindui saat saat hidup ku dulu
kau datang merubah ku
kau merubah ku walau kau menggangap ku kawan
jujur dalam diam aku menyintai mu kawan ku
tapi aku tidak tahu bagaimana meluah kan perasaan ku
kau menganggap ku hanya kawan...
Biar lah aku duduk jauh mencari kedamaian hati
sebenarnya aku tidak mau lari dari kenyataan ini
kau faham? Kau mendengar?
kau hadir mengubah segala hidup ku
Tanpa seorang pun sudi mendengar jeritan batinku
kecuali kau kawan ku
Wajah ku gembira namun hati ku menangis sayang ku
kawan ku
Kau hadir rasa mati ku hidup semula
tapi kawan ku semua nya mimpi!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

MUTIARA KATA 24.01.2008


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Teh Tarik

8pm. - M at WYWY now in Sengkurong having my Teh Tarik. Nyaman eh. Esok i work suboh lagi. Tadi dah Rentak 2-6 and Segmen Sambong-Sambong and Of course ATOM Januari 08, and Info Hiburan. Need to go home soon. Qada all my solat yang tertinggal tadi, freshen up and sleep early.

Tomorrow, awal suboh kaja, and hey if you want to join in for Tolak Satu Ambil Satu at 4 pm, lagu nya SERU by Misha Omar and NALURI LELAKI by Samsons. Be sure you sediakan lyrics nya and so when you call in, you get to sing em with confident. Aisheh.... banar eh..

So i be opening the line for Morning Greetings and B'day Greetings too. N guys, when i am on-air, you can actually chat with me and convey your greetings too. Buleh tu... Okay. My chat line.. adeh.. ada lagi toh chat line nya ( Hey you won't believe this, i have a convict chatting with me. Well that whats he said. Anyway, he told me that he is malu with what he'd done. How to overcome it?

Well, you know, i ask him does he have faith? That is the answer. I told him, whatever he had gone through must have a reason. Yang terjadi sudah terjadi. No way he can turn back the time. But i m sure he become matang, otherwise he wouldn't have regret it... kan.. Baru atu tanda tanda untok solve problem. So, you become clever and better in handling the situations. All we do, semuanya with our faith.
10.50pm. - ............Any way i am back home already, and ready to sleep. Kan titun me dulu. Cerita pasal teh tarik, itulah lah dia. Bila duduk sipping teh tarik, well, relaxing ja toh cerita nya. Tomorrow will be another day. Nite nite.. selamat titun..

Menyanyi Bersama Faiz Artist Of The Month Januari 2008

I had fun today with FAIZ in the conti. Great lah you know, i said to him "sekali kau lagi.. ". Why i said that to him? Well, that for you to find out.. Ha.ha... Right when he enter the conti. Ada lah ah.. Only him know and me ja toh. Ryte Faiz kan..
So i asked him a question jua. But cool, he answers it right. I wanted the answer to be behind the pokok, then you know di belakang pokok. He said kalau ia bediri depan pokok, then depan nya tah sudah. He didnt know that he answered correctly ani bah. We laugh a lot tadi eh. That's why picture look chubby. Ops!!!
Anyway, you are great tadi Faiz. Everybody enjoyed it. All the best for you Faiz!!

Big Family

I know a friend yang banyak adek-beradek nya. Imagine, anak yang bungsu my friend ani, dia punya father and mothernya kawin dapat anak 6 orang. And my friend anak yang youngest sekali. Okay tu... then dia sambong cerita kat i, that dia punya mother ada lah second wife father nya. So i pun curious lah, i tanya lagi lah sikit, mana tau ada adek beradek lain kan.

So mula cerita nya, father my friend nie ada anak 14 orangs dengan isteri pertama nya. Dan mother my friend nie, ada anak 14 orangs juga. So wow... father nya married my friend punya mother as second wife kan tu. Now, the mother punya 'x' husband dah kawin dan ada anak enam orangs. Then i campor together, all lah, famili kan, equal to 34 orangs. Well tolak the 'x' punya anak anak yang 6 orang. Tapi kalau nak campor jadi 40 tak???

Okay my friend punya father still married to the first wife and the second wife and they all stayed together. Amazing.... Amazing i can say, because that's life and the amazing part is that they all survive to build a strong relationship and still very strong foundation of kekeluargaan. How's that??? I want the secret receipe for that.

Oh psst... i got one cousin that have 23 children. Can you imagine? Yes one mother and one father saja. So i guess you can imagine.. ryte??

The reason we talk about this because one topic about children looking after one mother. Mother boleh beranak ramai anak anak, jaga pun emak tak pernah complain. Kadang sesetengah emak di tinggalkan bapak. Tinggal lah ibu tunggal menjaga anak anak yang ramai, memberi makan, memberi kehidupan yang serba sedarhana..

But untuk anak anak nak menjaga emak satu orang, ramai yang merungut malah mengambil pembantu rumah untuk menjaga emak yang tua yang mengharapkan kasih sayang daripada anak anak nya daripada pembantu rumah. I pun pernah melihat, sampai ke akhir hayat hembusan nafas terakhir emak, di tangan pembantu rumah nya terlentok. Sampai akhir hembusan nafasnya, tidak ada bayangan anak-anak nya.

Bayangkan... i menulis this short one pun kan menitik air mata i, begitu sometimes manusia tidak fikir betapa emak berkorban untuk kita. Walaupun bukan bawah jagaan emak dalam pembesaran kita, tapi ingat, sewaktu emak mengandong kan kita dalam perut emak selama 9 bulan 9 hari.

Only remaja perempuan yang bakal menjadi ibu akan merasainya apa yang emak kita lalui. So kepada remaja remaja, sayangi, hormati lah kedua orang tua kita. Tanpa dorang sapa kitani di dunia ani kan. Jangan tah telampau ikut stail barat atu jua, ada had nya. Kita dengan cara kita asal tidak membelakangi emak dan bapak kita.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tonight - Segmen Jatuh Cinta

Well, still thinking of the topic. I was thinking,.... em.. How to putik kembali cinta yang telah luntur? Well, sort of want to start all over again. Like only now baru you terasa, that you wanted to change for the better, like you want it to be the first time you inlove with the same person. Like dulu not that close, now you want to make it up and want to work it out for the better. So sort of you know cinta atu luntur and about to fade away, but you realize suddenly you want to build it up again. How are you going to start again. The foundation is there, still ok.... but you want to make it stronger?? I gues forgive and forget mesti ada as the inti tu to make it happen. Kan?

Oh well, lets do that tonight. Since SEGMEN LOVE, i want to make it sweet and memoir...

From My UMI aka Ma'LOng - I LIKE

Azam Tahun Baru 1429H . . . .

Sentiasa set NIAT
UpGrade IMAN
DownLoad SABAR
Delete DOSA
UpDate DOA
Supaya dapat REDEEM PAHALA banyak-banyak!!

May ALLAH BLESS US ALWAYS... Amin.. Amin.. Amin..

Monday, January 21, 2008


Sometimes i hate myself for hurting someone, especially someone close to me. Not meant to but i cant help it. My words are so harsh and i know. Sometimes i rather just keep quiet than to talk. I guess i don't talk much to avoid this. But when i kept myself quiet, someone be upset with me too. How can i handle this? I am not good in talking if i know the answers are just going to hurt someone, that i know it something not good bound to happen, and i know what will happen....

Growing up was very challenging to me. Gone through a lot. I guess i become careful, and i have shield myself to avoid the pain. I am really sorry if i hurt you, and i don't meant to. But i hope you understand what i have gone through. Its gone... but the serpihan still there. That need to be vacuum kali ah.. but need the super strong one...

Again, I don't mean to hurt you. Sorry... Good Nyte... Have a Great Day tomorrow...

Sunday, January 20, 2008


There are really sad people out there. Sadness that never gone away from them and become the blood and flesh now. There are lots of different sadness you know. But this one yang really dirty one that have that kind of hatred on themselves and never appreciate and all they do just the same old thing and make people around them as sad as they can be. Well, some you know, fall in that trap, but not all. Ha.ha..

New wawasan, i mean we are looking for something challenging in life. Something fresh, something good, and something more upbeat, and something positive and FORWARD AH.... bukan kan mengucap inda beranti.. Use your tongue and your mouth dengan baiknya and Insyallah you will receive something good in return too. So start thinking something positive if you are a sad person and change you life lah. Not a lot of you left you know.... Pray and doa for the people yang punya penyakit rohani agar see the light of cure for your heart. Amin..

Oh well, i would like to end my day today peacefully and its been great. I am going to sleep soon. Just think, a fresh new day tomorrow, how bout' that kan? So what are your plans for this coming week? A whole new day, and a whole new week, you got to have plans or otherwise your life meant nothing and how would you appreciate being alive?

Just a thought... nyte nyte.... May Allah Bless Us All with his love and rahmat, and may we see the new day tomorrow. Thank you to our body and soul for helping us out to do our daily things in our life. And may we use our head to think properly, our heart to love and appreciate life, our everything just by doing the right thing. We only live once. Selawat salam to our prophet Nabi Muhammad S.A.W serta kerabat kerabat dan sahabat sahabat baginda....... Amin

GOOD NIGHT!! Kiss Kiss

More of That Night..

This guy on the last pictures kan, i don't know what was on his mind. I don't quite get the sign atu???? But everybody sure having fun and enjoyed the makan too.

YEs some more.. That Night

Yeah... me and Zack

Some more later during the day.. i will post more on that night.

THAT NIGHT... more pictures

Heart Tingles

My heart tingles. Smile beb... Smile...I like it. I wish everyday lah.. So m tuning to Izan now at Pilihan FM. Very cheerful indeed. She feel good she said. The jap works!!! Ha.ha... I guess she had food poisoning. Great Well BEB. I am at CZ in gadong now. This is nice, mood descending, ask what can you do? Tune in and hear someone cheerful!!!!!! Get it!! i love this song now she's playing... get down.. for my people.. come on..come on... get on down.. Yes!!! i want to dance with you.... THIS IS FOR MY PEOPLE... OH MY PARTY PEOPLE....

Dah lah tu. Rugi loh kalau you not tuning on this minute. I love music. Its a major part in my life. The beat, the sound, the lyric, and everything about it. DID I HEAR WHATEVER TURN YOU ON????? Whose that man GAL?? please tell me him.. Ha..ha...ha.... Yes tell him.. learn his priorities... ha.ha... you makes me laugh.

So anyway, good way to start my Sunday. Unbelievable. Just sitting alone doesn't mean you are lonely. YOu can cheer yourself up with the will you have for yourself to be CHEERFUL!! Giler eh. M smiling now, writing my blog ani wah... and m dancing here too... but you know lah, the sitting style dancing. Just moving my body, and i feel like jumping. But takut ku orang sini kebeliangan... ha.ha.a.a.

Oh my heart tingles. Loving em... don't you just like it too??? Have a Super Sunday YOU!! And cheer up lah ya... andang nya tu ada problem, but only a problem saja. Nothing serious. And if serious, then its just to pump up your thinking and keep your heart moving.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Aku Ibarat Lautan Yang Dalam.
Jika Kau Ingin Mengetahui Ku.
Kau Kena Selami Lautan Dulu.

What i did last friday ... Jack Sparrow

Friday, i was doing springcleaning again. The house, the room, the living room, the kitchen, the dining room. Do you know in the dining room, jangan tah put flower pictures arah main kerusi the ketua rumah punya kerusi. Kalau boleh, place gambar fruits. Do you know why, sebab fruits banyak air. And air is rezeki. Wow... nice jua banar. If you place a batu picture, better remove it. If flower, symbolize the girls int he family. So its a

Well, dikit dikit saja ya. When you want to ubahsuai your bedroom, check out the toilet jua. Remember that too. Ok... So i clear few stuff jua. Apa jua kan di buat lagi when you have your off day? Cleaning and cleraring. Oh, i miss my activity walking in tasek. My pinggang on the right salah tune...he..e.h..e.. au... urut be tomorrow. Ada angin kali. So i m off from heaving walking for the moment. Cannot push too much jua, walaupun kan exercise.

Last nyte was ok. Well more than ok. Since i said i feel strange, my mind is so clear i lost words to write. Actually can happen catu atu... didnt know. But when you face problems in your life kan, your brains starts to work and think. And then baru tah ada beat to move on. Au like you will have so many to talk and write about. Then nice to write it out, coz its an experience where you can look back and hope never do the same again...ha.ha..a

I dont think one problem is enough... usually with lots pun orang inda puas kan. Oh well... When talking to some friends, i tell you, you surely learn new things, perhaps new words. Superb eh!! So never ever not have friends in your life. Pebaik tia kawan lama, kawan sadang lama, kawan baru, kawan yang coming to you soon enough in your life jua. Okay tu... Never be alone in this life jua. Have someone to talk to. And dont look down on yourself walau cana pun. Bah eh.. Gosh!!! this cicak atas rah ceiling like talking bah. Like makan ada jua. Bahapa tia. Oh by the way jua, i like it when cicak chut..chut... when i tell something, ada tia menyauti.. Did you ever hear that ka? or me saja yang ganjil ani? or what?

Share share ya jua if ada ya. If not pun, i know you be talking to yourself at this saat with me. That's cool. At least becakap jua kan. Okay tu jua. No Problem.

Ps. you must be wondering about that Jack Sparrow kan?

The Western Block

i like this part jua. You can feel the atmosphere here too. Very interesting as you go along during the touring atu. Gosh i am so enjoying myself.....tsk..tsk..

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Today is strange for me. Very strange. I dont know what to say but all i can say strange.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sight of Plane Crash!!!

This time, all were quiet ni. When we visit this part of the Universal Studio, semua diam. Couldn't hear anyone breathing ani bah. Wah.. so real unbelievable.. Like we all imagine the real thing ani bah. Eh.. bari ijap ani bah. Don't want to imagine. But i guess we all quiet atu remembering whoever caught in plane crash. God Bless their soul.