Saturday, August 8, 2009


"i was look at the mirror, at my right hand is tooth brush, my left hand is a toothpaste, buka sudah. In my mind i want to wash my face and then i press it.. i squeeze the toothpaste sebesar kacang.. i look at the mirror.. with the confidentnya i apply to my face.. i look at the mirror. By the time .. i was thinking why is feel sticky.. why is look greenish.. AAahahhhh... i m shout i apply toothpaste on my FACE!!!!!! What a Waste!!!! and i can't imagine if i apply all over my face.. haha " she laugh berabiz!!!!

Me? haha.. while typing smile wide. Can you imagine. You can only read here but with her expreassion that's hillarious!!! I am laughing out loud silently....... Just imagine my morning here with a SMILE.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Time doesn't wait if you think you found the right one..
Treasure the person, Don't let that person get away..
Dont let fear hold you back..
Give it a try or else you might regret it later..

"No one other than ourselves know what can truly makes us happy."

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good Nite..


What i am gonna tell you....
and you can really hear me
all the years .... that will come ...
you will always be in them ...
even if it takes long...
i will wait for you....

SAYBALAK ALBI by Brigitte Yaghi

"I'm leaving my Heart" that's what it meant.. beautiful. I will not forget this song. Beautiful meaning too.. I asked my my good close friend somewhere in the world to translate it for me.. and i must keep this one. It meant a lot to me..

Yallah (saying with the will of God) - i leave my heart and my mind with you....
I will live for you and die with you... Yallah.....

thank you.. xoxo


Bukan nya dapat di ajarkan. Di tularkan.. Haha. Bukan nya senang tu. I woke up this morning open my Dream Book. Okay lah busy now. Tapi in the next 5 years i am sure i will have all the time. Looking at the 5 years atu sebenarnya for me is not far. Its like entah kelip mata saja and now berlalu. The same like last time.. that was way in 2003. Imagine. Now 2009... how many years berlalu.. And i am still i am and no change yet..

You.. you look at yourself. 2003 until now.. ada difference nya? yeah may be weight gain.. yeah maybe makin cantik.. yeah makin handsome.. but sampai bila ya.. So any major changes? Well yang lucky atu ... yeah lucky. But are you happy? All mesti ada yang inda ngam walau apa pun.. So ... what do you think? Do you want it to be the way it is now to forever? .....

Me? NOp jawapanya. Hard but willing to go through it because untuk kepuasan hidup. Hidup for what? Just doing what you are doing saja? Well... there are more to it. Bukan tamak.. but you deserve to do more... And have a Great LIFE akhirnya.

I don't want to be the same like now.. I want extraordinary life. Great life. What is a Great life yang zura cakapkan ani kan? Wah... if you could imagine.. all bah. Can you imagine all .... Not really yah. Yes i would understand.

Oh i am listening to Bisnes ini Fun! Talk a bit about the pension you get. Itu pun if you got pension. But if nda.. well think about it. Do you want to live less? Or better than you have now? Why aren't you doing anything about it?

I know in whatever level you are.. deep down you're still looking for options in life on how to have a great life. From you not expecting from other in your family members. From you untuk kepuasan. Baru puas hidup. All ya in Dunia and Akhirat jua. Sumber hidup negative from everywhere.. but if you have a goal untuk menghindari all you can. So if you're looking for option .. open your heart and really open deep ke dalam naluri.. and ready for everything.

I don't know too how i get to be like this. But my mind will not accept to imagine living less than i have now in the future. Jadi kusut.. bingung.. stress... but ada solusi nya jua. So that's why i am okay jua. If only masalah saja kan di layan ..WAh!! boleh giler or meletup and gone terus. For you yang responsible memberi makan untuk di rumah.. sounds no good ya. Imagine tia.. But if you layan masalah with solusi.. Insyallah you can SMILE anytime of the day everday until ke sudah because you know how to handle it wisely and people would think that you never have problems... haha that's what my frens said to me.. like HAPPY GO LUCKY????

Ah.. is there really HAPPY GO LUCKY? not in my dictionary. Just not allowing negative thoughts in my Dictionary of my LIFE... that's all. Everything we do is ALL FUN if we make it FUN.. Make it fast and consistant.. and face THE PROBLEMS as PROBLEMS that can be solve.. When you're down you feel the HORROR.. but hey.. wake up.. it okay to feel HORROR..haha... and laugh it out WHAT??? is that HORROR??? hahha....

Happy Working!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

You're Not Alone!

i am listening to MJ - you're not alone... Memberikan ku semangat. Dalam kesakitan bukan aku sorang saja yang mengharunginya.. 95% yang kita lakukan akan gagal.. So why wait untuk gagal hadir dalam hidup? Lawan saja terus untuk hidup yang di harapkan degan usaha yang gigih dan tidak kenal erti kalah or putus asa.. Ingat bila kita kalah ada yang ketawa.. sebab atu yang suka di lihat rather than kemenangan... So lawan dengan hati yang cekal kuat dan teruskan saja... Setiap kali berkata dalam hati..

I miss everything.. i have to delay everything. Sometimes kan meliat wayang, kan enjoy sama kawan pun paksa di tangguhkan.. Kadang sesuatu perkara lebih baik di diam kan daripada di heboh kan. Inda yang kenal and tau apa isi nya bagi orang di sekeliling. Sendiri saja menangong and sendiri yang menyelesaikan... Cari solusi nya...

I am looking forward for my holiday in Jakarta this weekend. I am looking for something and i hope and wish to Allah i will find something. Amin..Amin..Amin...

Ps. How about you? How's your plan this weekend? looking good?