Saturday, August 8, 2009


"i was look at the mirror, at my right hand is tooth brush, my left hand is a toothpaste, buka sudah. In my mind i want to wash my face and then i press it.. i squeeze the toothpaste sebesar kacang.. i look at the mirror.. with the confidentnya i apply to my face.. i look at the mirror. By the time .. i was thinking why is feel sticky.. why is look greenish.. AAahahhhh... i m shout i apply toothpaste on my FACE!!!!!! What a Waste!!!! and i can't imagine if i apply all over my face.. haha " she laugh berabiz!!!!

Me? haha.. while typing smile wide. Can you imagine. You can only read here but with her expreassion that's hillarious!!! I am laughing out loud silently....... Just imagine my morning here with a SMILE.

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