Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am a bit sad.. perhaps upset. I met an old fren. She is in her late 20s kali.. em.. got children and what? She have breast cancer. I met her smiling, and she smile me back. Me beri salam and i hug her.. and she whisper to me ... i have breast cancer.. went to kimo and inda ku tahan zura. What???

Ya Allah... inda me tebunyi for a minute..and ask her a lot of question.. Hilang masalah yang ku ada and mengenang masalah yand my fren got... lagi tia. I asked for her phone number.. what should i do??

She is too young.. i ask her what stage she is in.. she doesn't seem to know what stage.. blurr but she said third level.. eh i said inda kan. She looks okay but that's what the doctor told her... Ya Allah... what can i do to help her?

Please let me know.. anyone..someone... she just said to me .. inda ku mau bekimo. Inda ku tahan bekimo.. then i ask her what is she taking.. then just said to me apa apa ubat lah as long as not kimo.. she ask me apa ubat ubatan i know for that??? I gone blurr... but you know what, i just watched the movie LIPSTICK and i told her to watch that movie. She said apa ada?? i told her also about breast cancer.. i wanted her to know to be positive at this moment.. and not to think so much about it.... Well what can i say... easy for me to say like that.. but she yang menangong.. Ya Allah.... kesian ku.. rah nya...

Ku tatap mata nya tadi, i can see deep inside her... i could not express... Kalah ku dengan takdir apa jua kan di buat, berusaha saja as long as someone with you all the way to support your mind... i am sad.. just sad to know my fren have BREAST CANCER..


A vaccine that offers protection from the virus responsible for most cases of cervical cancer is the latest addition to the official childhood immunization schedule. Here, Bobbie Gostout, M.D., an HPV infection expert and gynecologic surgeon at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., provides insight into this revolutionary cervical cancer vaccine.

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What's the significance of the cervical cancer vaccine?

The cervical cancer vaccine (Gardasil) is the first vaccine ever designed to prevent a cancer. In the United States — where cervical cancer strikes about 10,000 women a year and causes up to 4,000 deaths — the impact of the cervical cancer vaccine will be tremendous. Worldwide, the impact may be even greater. According to the World Health Organization, there were 500,000 new cases of cervical cancer in 2005.

The tragedy of cervical cancer is that it often strikes when a woman is still young. She may be trying to raise her family or maybe she hasn't had children yet. Cervical cancer treatment may make future fertility impossible. And even with treatment, cervical cancer is a leading cause of cancer death in women.

What does the cervical cancer vaccine do?

Various strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV), which spreads through sexual contact, are responsible for most cases of cervical cancer. The cervical cancer vaccine specifically blocks two cancer-causing types of HPV — types 16 and 18 — to get at the root cause of the cancer. In essence, the cervical cancer vaccine stops cervical cancer before even the first step can begin.
The cervical cancer vaccine also blocks HPV types 6 and 11, which are not associated with cervical cancer but are associated with genital warts and mild Pap test abnormalities. A study presented by Gardasil's manufacturer in September 2007 says that the vaccine provides partial protection from a number of additional strains of HPV as well.

When should the cervical cancer vaccine be given?

The cervical cancer vaccine is recommended for girls ages 11 to 12, although it may be used in girls as young as age 9. This allows a girl's immune system to be activated before she's likely to encounter HPV. Vaccinating at this age also allows for the highest antibody levels. The higher the antibody levels, the greater the protection.

The vaccine is given as a series of three injections over a six-month period. The second dose is given two months after the first dose, followed four months later by the third dose.
Experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend a catch-up immunization for girls and women ages 13 to 26 who haven't been vaccinated or who haven't completed the full vaccine series. By vaccinating this catch-up group, as well as the younger girls, we'll see the positive effects of the cervical cancer vaccine that much sooner.

Why are three doses of the cervical cancer vaccine needed?

We really don't know that three doses are necessary because we don't know what antibody levels provide adequate protection from HPV. In early clinical trials, researchers observed that the antibody levels in women continued to go up with each of the three doses of the vaccine. Since antibody levels inevitably fall once you stop getting a vaccine, it makes sense to start with high antibody levels to get the greatest HPV protection for the longest possible time — years or even decades.

Over time, we may find that three doses of the vaccine aren't necessary, or we may discover that a booster shot is needed years later. Those are details we just don't know right now.

Does the vaccine offer benefits if you're already sexually active?

Yes. In clinical trials, the vaccine was effective in a group of sexually active women age 26 or younger, some of whom had already been infected with one or more types of HPV. There's a caveat, however. The cervical cancer vaccine blocks HPV types 6, 11, 16 and 18, but only if you haven't been exposed to those particular types of HPV. The more sexual partners you've had, the greater your chance of having been exposed to multiple types of HPV — including HPV types 6, 11, 16 and 18.

Some experts encourage women ages 18 to 26 to review their sexual history with their doctors to determine if there's a reasonable chance of benefiting from the vaccine. Others support the CDC's recommendation of universal vaccination for women ages 18 to 26.

Does the vaccine carry any health risks or side effects?

The cervical cancer vaccine has proved to be remarkably safe. The most common complaint is soreness at the injection site, the upper arm. Low-grade fever or flu-like symptoms also are common. But the effects are usually mild. No one in the clinical trials discontinued the vaccination series because of side effects.

Is the cervical cancer vaccine required for school enrollment?

The cervical cancer vaccine is part of the routine childhood vaccines schedule. Whether or not a vaccine becomes a requirement for school is decided on a state-by-state basis. Remember, the greater the number of girls and women vaccinated, the greater the benefit we'll see from the cervical cancer vaccine.

Will women still need to have Pap tests?

Absolutely. And this is a really important point. The cervical cancer vaccine isn't intended to replace Pap tests. Routine screening for cervical cancer through regular pelvic exams and Pap tests remains an essential part of a woman's preventive health care.

What can you do to protect yourself from cervical cancer if you're not in the recommended vaccine age group?

HPV spreads through sexual contact. To protect yourself from HPV, use a condom every time you have sex. It's also important to limit your number of sexual partners. Not smoking helps, too. Smoking doubles the risk of cervical cancer.

To detect cervical cancer in the earliest stages, see your doctor for regular pelvic exams and Pap tests. Seek prompt medical attention if you notice any signs or symptoms of cervical cancer — vaginal bleeding after sex, between periods or after menopause; foul-smelling watery or bloody vaginal discharge; pelvic pain; or pain during sex.


Get Moving: Daily Tips for Staying Fit

It was not too long ago that obesity was not the raging universal health problem that it is today - partly because we all used to have more physical activity in our lives.
To help curb this problem, what if we stopped thinking so much about "starting an exercise program," and concentrated more on increasing our physical activity, moving more throughout the day? Undoubtedly, we would see results like
weight loss and a decrease in illnesses. So let’s consider simple ways to become less sedentary.

1. Here’s an easy one: use the stairs. I know you have heard this before but sometimes a simple reminder is all you need to take an action. Whenever you have the choice, walk up and down stairs – it’s a simple way to get where you are already going, and in the process log some great calorie burning, muscle strengthening miles in your week.

2. Walk your dog, and your kids, at least once, preferably twice, a day. We condition our kids and our animals to behave as we do, so if we don’t exercise them regularly, they become sedentary, and out of shape, just like us.

3. Walk to the market, or the post box, or a nearby restaurant for your meals. Imagine the gas you’ll save, not to mention how much healthier you’ll become by leaving the car at home whenever possible.

4. Walk to school or walk your kids to school, or park a few blocks away from any destination (a movie, a restaurant, your work). Parking just 3 blocks away (6 blocks round trip) from your intended destination, just a few times a week, will very simply increase your activity level. And since you are already going there, it’s kind of the perfect plan.

5. Take the initiative to plan activity time, versus sitting around time, with your friends and family. Take a hike, or a walk on the beach, or walk through and discover a new neighborhood – then you can sit down for coffee or a meal.

6. Keep comfortable shoes at the office and enlist your work friends to join you for a break-time walk-about. This is such a good way to reduce work anxiety and mingle/bond with associates.These may seem obvious, but if you're not doing them, well, maybe doing what’s obvious isn’t such a bad idea.

–Debbie Rocker


Yes hi.. how are you? Wah i see some dissapointed but i see some happyier ...er.... er... kali ah.. That's cool... we are all human and no problem tu.. its okay. Recognized to do and allowed but not labih dari tu... ha.ha...

Anyway you must be wondering what i have been doing ya.. yeah..yeah.. busy nada taim but wanting to look for taim. Believe it or not, been running here and there like apa ah.. well i got a goal for this month, and that's why i am running around. Percaya just because of my goal atu.. my friend pun giling kepala.. ha.ha.... still you don't see it ya... Its okay tu..

Wah if you imagine bah.. inda you larat. Mengalih you meliat. Au banar.. even yang very close to me mengalih meliat ani bah. Kena tanyakan.. inda kau mengalih kah.. ha.ha... kau eh.. inda zura mengalih kah?? i said inda. Because apa nah.. i makan the DOUBLE X NUTRILITE kali ah... inda caya coba tia..

So my goal still standing tall.. hehe.. i may be wanting to reach for it like giler giler.. but you think again if you want the outcome yang giler giler you got to be giler giler 1000xx kan.. inda ja.. otherwise still the same jua.. Ia tah.. I am so happy and inda ku tau cana kan express. Walaupun today, ada that bit yang menyedihkan.. but nda jua teruk eh.. still okay lah.. compare to others punya kesedihan, still boleh cope with it. Bukan apa.. just that i feel i am going there and getting there.. ia tah.. sedih you yang inda meliat atu.. yet ampai ampai ani bah.. atu sedih lah.. Mesti you blurr apa me cakapkan ani.. au me pun blurr but crystliysed my vision atu dah... lagi inda paham kan.. Its okay tu..

Gosh.. so many i wanted to share. Percaya you if you wanted to do something atu, buleh bah. Inda tau how ah but it happen ani bah. Atu yang amazing. How powerful our thought atu, to believe it and make it happen. Seriously.. kalau inda caya cuba tia. I was so fired up.. giler eh and make keputusan that late to meet up with friends to share something. Yes i did it.. Still wondering kan apa kan si zura cakapkan ani.. he.he..he... its okay tu..

Entah ah.. how powerful the minda is if you allow it to be pun.. Oh my fren said, bila si zura cakap entah.. meaning si zura stop thinking tu.. malas si zura kan memikrikan tu.. ha.ha..ha.. ketawa ku di buat nya. Ha.ha..ha.. ketawa me nie saat ani.. ketawa me masih.. even you baca this pun i rasa si zura masih ketawa..ha.ah.. ENTAH..

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Yes actually. It all depends on where you see it and how you see it. I have a very interesting day today. Sad but well i kill it off by not thinking about it. Its OKAY tu when someone mempermain kan you. Cara mematang kan you lagi. Hehe... sad again but what to do. All human kan. So do whatever you wish. I know at the end of the day, you is you. You will be with yourself only. And at the end of the day, all about you and you alone. You are not going to ask advice from anyone about your life. Well.... at the end of the day, you be alone and you will choose whom you want to be in your life and spend your life till the end.... ha.ha.. i just have to laugh it out. Looser!!! Bastar*! what the hel*... sad and mad but yes again at the end of the day you alone and alone you will be till the end. So make up your mind. Now or never..

Oh what a small world. Met a fren this evening... wah cerita-cerita about how things going on on each other. How's life and all... so to my surprise keluar tah cerita yang mengejutkan. Pasal pinjam duit. Transfer duit and all... wah.. sedih if you lend someone and someone recieve it and inda mengakun that ia receive duit atu.. burn lah kata kawan ku nie. Oh well.. some people like to use others for kesenangan diri. That is really sedih.... panjang cerita. You see all of this i don't know, as you know world small eh. Walaupun nampak big but no lah... small you know. Very small... What a small world. I will not expose that cerita just something i would like to share, before anything apa apa cermin dulu diri kita ya.. Kadang kita lupa pada diri kita and siapa kita. Kalau ya pun, jangan lah hampakan harapan orang yang memberi kerpercayaan kepada kita kan... Apabila kita buat gitu, of course long term rosak and orang akan tidak percaya kita and no respect kan... Anyway, what a story today... Ps. ada cara lagi tu bila nak pijam duit toh.. malu juga i because my fren kan.. but what to do.... Kawan i nie terlalu baik so always yang baik jadi victim of the preditor kan...

I did something extraordinary today. Just amazing and that's for my goal. My goal until the end of this month. I will not be the same again. I have a goal. Apa lah me ani, never be the same, of course you pun lah. Every day we all are different and next day another new day kan.. so we are going to be different jua toh.. ha.ha... Welldon eh for those of you did something extraordinary ah.. Welldone!!! You will get a very amazing results from what you did today and just wait for the days to come.... Amazing... My face merah today, my fren said apa lepas balik dari Miri kah.. hahah.. i said nda eh.. pasal building foundation ani buat me giler berabiz to look forward for something good in my life. Insyallah... for good health i am hoping for building this foundation... Amin..Amin..Amin...

How are you ??
How's your life going ??
Have you got a DREAM??
Its OKAY to DREAM....

Friday, September 26, 2008


Masa me tidor, mimpi me beli tapes and cds. And beli cd player and tape player.. HUhu bila bangun, lah.. boring eh. Rupnya mimpi. Ready dah banyak barang, sekali mimpi. OH well... telampau angau kali bah. CD player dalam kereta rosak. And now beli yang tape player yang murah. Em.. not so clear. Nanti tah bila ada budget baru usai cd palyer.. But giler nyamo nada cd ani. Bukan kan main lagu but kan dangar orang becakap...

Tadi jalan-jalan, liat magazine. Wah.. lawa-lawa rumah nya. Gosh.. wish that one day. Jadi nie kali ani. Tapi of course dengan niat and jalan yang lurus.. Insyallah... Bukan mimpi lagi nie.. reality jawapan nya. Sabar saja.. memang banyak distractions, baik jua mimpi yang baik-baik, kalau inda huhu jua jawapan nya. Hey again... another episod in your life jua kan.. it is to me.. Tomorrow be mystry. Apakah cerita selanjutnya.. to wait and see...


Ps. i was driving... of course lah i was driving, and saw these guys. Ada lag sebuah convoy pakai kereta.. yeah..yea their frens.. Like cerita MAT REMPET lah.. Okay lah guys.. what you do are cool but dangerous and not approved. Get it.. I am sure your parents love you, so remember lah, i know lah..stun stun jua, but think again.. be careful. Biar lah di tempat yang bersesuaian and jangan lah di jalan raya. Lain nyamo, bila kena baru terasa yang ani balum.. well nauzubilah.
Anyway, i did have the chance kemarin kemarin kemarin dulu, that to be a pro nya.. nya nya... that mesti jua merasa accident atu, but hey.. baik okay pas atu, kalau inda, apa tah cerita sambungan nya toh... Well..well... anyway, no comment, i am writing saja saja to remind you MAT MOTOR to be wise and careful. Rugged pulang, but be extra careful. Hehe...


From Left.
<>Fauzan, Lydia, <>Zura

Zayn & <>Zura

Hope we keep our smile FOREVER..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008





ps. I found this pictures and just have to post it here. Luqman love to ride bike. He told me he wanted to ride bike. I told him when he is 18 he can ride bike. Provided that he have to buy his own bike. I am not going to stop him from riding. I give him kebenaran to ride. I told him i will not buy for him the bike. He have to save up from now. He is saving up now because we both calculate how much he would need to spend on a good bike and good to save up now... superb. I like this bike.. i don't know if he likes it too... I just put it here in my blog just to give him an idea of a WOW bike!! hehe... mummy rock!


Baby Maleeq dreaming mummy nya on that cover...

hm...good dream..
keep on.. leave it.. leave it..
i want to dream more..

haya.. open my eyes meh!!

Smile for Mummy Anih..

Promise i make since August 2008


mY bAbY .. <> Anih..
Mummy Nurul & Babah Ed Othman

Meetings to look at 5 years to come..

just want to keep this piece.. kenangan
Mjr.R & RD. Anih. AR1. and me.. ended up to 3.20am..
19.09.08 late pm.. end up 20.09.08


i needed the hot sup toh... nice very nice.


Manage stress
Here are some tips to counter and reduce stress for a more well-balanced life.

1. Eat Well
Our bodies use up enormous amounts of vitamins and minerals when we experience stress. This can leave us tired, run down, irritable and less able to deal with our responsibilities. Vitamins C and B complex, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc are the hardest hit nutrients. These can be restored through a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, nuts, yeast, brown rice, fish, liver, kelp and eggs. Food to avoid when stressed include tea, coffee, cakes, biscuits, soft drinks, chocolate and white bread.

2. Exercise
Physical exercise releases endorphins into your body that will make you feel better about yourself and more in control of your situation.

3. Relax
Relaxation techniques are useful to reduce stress. Make time to relax your muscles each day and you will be amazed at how quickly the physical tension is reduced. Relax by listening to music, meditating, playing with your pet, having a nap or reading a good book.

4. Practise "Realistic thinking"
When we experience extreme feelings of stress, it is often because we are having extreme thoughts. Try to think realistically about what is making you feel this way. How likely is it to happen? Ask what is the worst possible outcome of this situation? Consider how this would affect the scheme of things. Look at the big picture.

5. Organise your time
We can reduce the amount of stress by using our time and energy efficiently. A realistic list of things to do for the day is a good start. Setting priorities and learning to slow down are essential ingredients in reducing your level of stress.

6. Talk to someone
We often cope better by sharing our feelings with other people. This may be as simple as talking to your partner or best friend, or seeking a qualified health professional or organisation to help you manage your stress levels.