Sunday, September 7, 2008


i miss you all.. i miss not blogging as i used to be eh... but i always remember you.. every saat of the day all day... Oh i am on-air now.. and click PELANGI FM and tune tah tu with me. Just greetings for this sunday afternoon and i think carta kitani.. if you like your song to be in carta kitani, your songs atu got to be on air as selalu as possible permintaan orang ramai.. pendengar lah tu yah.. Yes.. cool kan. So baik tah lagu lagu atu yang berquliti ya.. sebab nyamo kalau nadai qualiti atu nadai orang or pendengar kan request ganya diri sendiri yang suka and kan mendengar.. ish..ish..

Anyway.. good mixture of songs today. I am in the MOOD.. good one too. I want like this eh everyday. Apa secretnya toh?? well for me saja to know and probably for you to find out which you will not find out unless you know me well.. he.he... gurau bah!!

so mudahan puasa tani hari ani di berkati and jangan lah pura-pura lupa.. Kalau banar lupa it aight tu.. but kalau pura-pura inda aight toh.. SELAMAT BERPUASA !!

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