Sunday, September 7, 2008


yes me this morning on HIBURAN 914.. you know i didn't know ada jua orang yang malu mengangkat barangan groceries.. au.. seriously. How's that ah.. just buat me thinking saja. Amazing. Just bawa minyak 5 litre dua bottle saja dari supermarket.. pun jadi kemarahan. Fuyo.. well now i know people are SERIOUSLY inda sama eh. Jangan mare ya. Sebab walaupun penyapu kan di bawa, kalau sudah me yang beli inda jua me kan malu toh.. just different.
Oh well.. so today not that bad. Harith from Seria call me 2223914.. em he want to rasa my NASI KATOK.. i know he is busy. Yes Insyallah Harith i will try to send one for you sometime this month.
And you yang tanyakan where my warung is, em you know between Dayang Damit's Furniture and the TEL BRU building in lambak just before the simpang empat menuju Berakas Kem, Muara, Jerudong/Tutong/Kb and Lambak. I am in Lambak. So i hopw that would help.
Hari Raya ani, i book 20 bottles of TAT NENAS. Yes.. em.. 10 for gifts and 10 for me to mamam. I love TAT NENAS and this is the only taim i dapat this TAT NENAS. to wait for another year atu nyamo.. lambat. Got people in my list for my fav TAT NENAS..he.he.. not so many lah. But ada lah..
Raya. Baju i got already READY MADE KURONG and all very nice. I am going for plain color this year. I got three different colors. Style em.. i go for kurong saja. Just plain simple. Makes life easy for me too lah. Kan beli and potong tak ada masa lagi. So .. i GOT MY KURONG FOR RAYA!!!
em.. shoes.. may be i need one more. Got one but then.. huh.. i need one lah. Lain nya, nda payah lagi.. So you got what you want dah?? i need to shop for Luqman. Not a lot this year nya baby. He wanted to have new baju Melayu and songkok and shoes ja. Sinjang nda payah. He got 4 yang raya lalu. Still okay. But kalau baju of course got to get a new one. He grew tall very fast ani bah. i am what.. 5 ft 5' and he is there too. Boh.. saiz kasut lagi basar. em.. you would smile but what to do.. he is my baby. He.he.. he is my giant baby and smart too.. but i tell you he is a healthy boy and sweet too. Oh talking about kan bersunat.. he told me everything and i don't have tell him. I ask him di mana ia tahu all this.. ha.ha... FROM KAWAN KAWAN nya yang sudah bersunat. Wow.. boys..

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