Thursday, September 11, 2008


working now HI PELANGI 8.00 PM to 12.00 AM

liat nie.. size besar..

size 12

pST.. IF you're looking for this bigger size.. well you boleh dapat in Miri too. Not easy to find this bigger size. My fren called himself handicapped but i said bukan handicapped.. just special that you got a bigger size. My son only 10 and his size shoes is 9 already. so.. i saw sampai size 13. At Boulevard in Miri tempat ground floor nie. Okay.. just to inform you saja. maybe you know someone special so you can tell lah ah..

then i jalan-jalan ke Parkson in Miri at Bintang Plaza. So huhu.. i really love this beautiful pink kurong.. now i wish i have girl too.. I can't stop talking about this one piece. You know how much?? RM45.00 after tolak 50%. Cua calculate berapa toh?? and the rate tadi in Miri 2.39.5 meaning if you change B$100 you will receive RM$239.50. au.. My gosh!! so lawa this one. And only one left. I just imagine my baby girl with long curly hair, fair skin pakai this one.. sweet ler... oh well..

The quality of this one, the material, if you buy and buat di kadai.. i don't think you pay RM$45 you know.. i think more kali.....

When i went to Miri tadi, lots of changes eh. baru jua ke Miri hari atu..

Kami went to Miri tadi at 7.30am. Sampai before 10am. Bahapa in Miri today?? Well we got project. What project? some projek lah. So beli lah brang sikit. Alhamdulillah all settle. So balik from Miri at 3pm and sampai just before sungkai.

Work now on Hi Pelangi in Pelangi Fm at 8pm to 12am. Tune in lah and click PELANGI FM .... now counselling later DUA SAJA teka teki..

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