Saturday, June 30, 2007


Work today early and i only slept for 4 hours. Not a good idea if you have an early morning shift. But I FEEL GOOD...NA..NA..NA.. I FEEL GOOD.... wHy???
I watched TRANSFORMERS LAST NITE. The 9.50pm show at Bolkiah theather. Tapi sayang nya so dirttty tempat atu last nyte. Memebari gali bah... I guess inda sempat to clean it. But if that happen again when i go there, i think i dont want to go there. We are paying $5 per person to watch movie, so we are expecting a clean place. The reason why i said this is because children ada jua sana, so those place like that need to be clean after one show before another show. And i dont think people would complain if it only takes 5 to 10 minutes. Would you guys mind?
Apart from that, if you dont have any plans this week, opt for Transformers...... I JUST LOVE IT. I want to watch it again....... Want to know why? Go and watch it and you'll know what i mean. Ratings... - SHREK3 - PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN - TRANSFORMERS? I go for Transformers. Go get tickets and watch it with your friends. If you have children, take them. They would love it. Its not cartoon, but the way those Transformers transform... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
p.s. dont forget to share with me ya, which part you like?

Friday, June 29, 2007

Hello Mothers.. You're "GREAT MUM" and i WANT to be one too...

"To all "Great Mums" , being a great mum isn't the same as a perfect mum. Children don't need perfection, and even if they did, no mum could be perfect. Being a mum involves such a huge range of roles - cook, nurse, teacher, counsellor, mediator, taxi driver, careers advisor - that is getting it wrong sometimes, and not always having the answers, is inevitable. There's no formal training and no dry run. Every mum can be great in numerous ways - having a great sense of humour and endless patience - being warm and kind, positive and fun."
Becoming a Great Mum takes times and experience and although you can't practice run, you can be prepared. Start with these guiding principles:-
  • love your child withouth strings
  • talk to your child openly and honestly
  • value the time you spend together
  • keep your child fit and well
  • nurture your child's skills and abilities
  • set a good example

p/s. Went to KK and stop at the TIMES Bookstore and found this book. I went there just to get a book actually for my brother and one for me. Then of course every single books in store are all very interesting berabiz, and i wish one day i have my own library of books to read.

All this while i been reading books on Motivation (i enjoyed reading this kind of book to keep myself confident and boost up my self-esteem and not to easily break down if anything happen and make me stronger as a person). I am a single parent for quite a while now, and i wanted to be a great mum too. I have a son age 9, and this is the time for me to know him as a young adult. So i need to know more and get close to him as i am also a working mother. I found the BOOK. I LOVE IT!!!

The other day, the Oprah's show were on parenting. And interestingly, the guess speaker were talking about a topic on being a single parent, how to deal with your children etc..... And yes, i did say this to myself that i am a father and a mother to my son.

And this lady were saying " you can't be a father if you are mother, you will not be a father even if you want to be. You are a mother, and what you need to do is to be a Great Mother to your child". I heard from friends too, they always say that they are a father and mother to their child being single and all, and its hard. And yes, when you think about it, why would you want to be both when you know you're only a mother or a father. A mother is always a mother and a father is always a father. We are not the same.... True..true... (me realizing... baru nampak...) Well that hit me and woke me up. Sometimes you just tried your best to be both just for you children, but think again, we are what we are, one human being, one soul, so we do what best and show the best for our children. So if you - a single mother, Be A Great Mum you can be, and if you - a single father, Be A Great Dad you can be.

Amazing that i got this book on how to be a great Mum that Tuesday. And Wednesday night, i watched Oprah's show on chanel 10, and i just felt it and ask why?, there got to be a reason why?, why this show at this time for me? why not other time? meaning that things like this, is a sign for me. A sign that i need to do something about what i want for my child and myself. I want to be closer and spend more time with my one and only child who really need my attention at this stage of growing up. Who says its easy.....

I woke up another day, and tell myself that i want to know on how to be a Great Mum. I am so lucky to still be able to know what i want. Each day is meaningful to me. We must see life as an opportunity, don't look at our past, try to look for years to come. What do you want in your life?

The book, "How to be a great MUM", author by Tracy Godridge.

Tracy Godridge is a journalist and author specialising in birth and parenting. She has worked for many years as an editor and consultant editor on top-selling national parenting magazines and websites. She is also the author of a number of childcare books. She has three children, currently aged nine, twelve and fourteen.

Gosh! I miss my baby Luqman. I called last night, so many stories he said. I miss him. He said he miss me too, and he told me he knows that i miss him.....

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Many story to tell when we were on our way to KK and in KK and back from KK. The pictures saja tell the story.THE TRIP. Yes been busy and away. Yes a break. Us and that include Iril.Ashraff.Lydia.Me..Zura. Yeah. In the car otw to Kota Kinabalu. It is nice to take a break once in a while. Fun trip wah. And all the way we were so excited. Wish there were more joining us on that trip. The last time we wanted to go was Miri. But never happen. I was ready with the transportation and well, one jadi, one inda jadi, jadi and inda jadi and at the end inda jadi tia semua. But this trip was fine and we have fun. Tiring but SERIOUS FUN. You guys should do that with your working friends. Not working scandals. Clean and clear Friends. That’s what I mean. I seen too much working scandals, but then again SEE NO EVIL.HEAR NO EVIL.HEAR NO EVIL. That’s me. That’s individual’s naluri. So I have no say for that. I do enjoy life the way it is now. Hey enjoy the pictures that I sempat to take ya.

Zura drive. Iril passenger

Lydia & Ashraff just passengers

Check this out!!

This is what you have to pay..

After Labu Imigresen

After all the chops

The View
Now? I am at Mamih beribi. One of the favourite place to go and eat. Well, for me lah. And I am alone. Yes ALONE. Why? Well I want to be alone and have a quiet dinner and write my blog, although Mamih is not a quiet place, but the waitress and waiter are kind and sweetest to give me a good spot for me. How wonderful is that. I like the ROTI KOSONG (one of the best), NASI GORENG CORNBEEF (extra beef), and of course my KASTURI ICE. Apart from water, I love KASTURI ICE. And the environment Wah… boleh write blog and cuci mata. Clean olehnya.. I will continue again tmro for more pictures and other things.

Monday, June 25, 2007






That be our theme for today, SEE NO EVIL.HEAR NO EVIL.SAY NO EVIL. A very Good start to remind ourselves. I wanted to share with Iril tadi about one person Dj who said something bad about me. All this while i would never thought of that as fellow Djs are working together. But rupanya ada jua and this person really is bad. But then again, i change my mind of not wanting to tell Iril about it. There's no good on talking about someone who is so negative in life, who sees things negatively especially early in the moning. That just spoils it. So i put myself together and think of the best of D best and that goes to the rest of fellows Djs. Now.. now you know "if they bring story to you about people, for sure they will bring story about you to people". Oh well......
Oh yesterday my schedule full lah. Work at 12am to 3am. Slept for what? Couple hours only. (I read in the article that if you sleep say about 5 to 6 hours you will live longer than the one who slept for more than 8 hours. How true is that. I read another atricle too, a different magazine, said that if you are an elderly person, sleep less. No wonder... My grandma sleep less, because i always sees her still busy doing something before sleep and she's always doing something even after i woke up from sleep. ha.a.a. Am i going to do that? Not sure... lets see ah...)


Oh sambong lagi yang tadi. Then after sending him (my baby) to the airport, went for breakfast at Coffee Bean in bandar, then off to Studio A. Cool artists yesterday, rugi yang inda datang meliat. Lydia and myself were the FM yesterday. We have quizes and at the end of the shows everybody dance. Everybody were in their great mood, atu yang siok and fun berabiz. Feez have a good voice and the rest were all great. Best lah...I enjoyed myself too. Fun...Fun.....


Zaty and Alif went "automation"... he..he... that's what i said to them yesterday everytime they show up at Studio A, Iril & Ashraff incharge of gallery, Zack MC, Ryan and Addy hanging around helping us out too. All were great. Congrats guys for making it a great shows yesterday. Got some pictures to share. Very interesting.



Hey Hatta... wen you sing Juwitaku, i took a picture of you and i felt like you are singing to me... ha.a.a... Perasaan eh... pst.. Iril jua cakap like that when i told him...?#


I LOVE THIS SONG BY NATASHA BEDDINGFIELD "SOULMATE"... how are we to know if there's a soulmate for everyone.... oh I LOVE THE SONG BY HATTA "JUWITAKU"...for me kali tu ah......

here are some pictures of yesterday too. People who won prizes for quizes. :)) Winners were:-
1.Siti Nurul Suzalina - Kilanas
2.Moiz - Tutong
3.Rynnol - Tutong
4.Ahmad Adibb - Lambak Kanan
5.Nururl Ilyaa Anna Jasmina - Bebatik


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Studio A - Adi Rani - Azeem - NJ - Jackpott - Hatta - Feez

Singapore Trip "School Twinning Programme" - Bon Voyage.. safe trip and see y'all soon

Wow. My alarm didnt ring. I got off work at 3am this morning and set the alarm early at 5am and unfortunately didnt hear it ring. Woke up my luqman and told him as usual to shower, brush his teeth and to blow his nose. He looked very excited and couldn't wait to fly off to Singapore. Lucikily i've already prepared his baju, jeans, socks and all last nyte before i go to work. He took banana for breakfast and a glass of water today. Went to the airport on time. But we have to wait for the other two students to take the full pictures. And thank you Luqman's stepmommy came with luq's two sisters. You must be Surprised!!! Yes, i am in good terms with my 'X' hubby (Luqman's father) and his stepmother. She is a nice and good woman too. She looks after Luqman like her own. Luq's little sister is Fatima. Look at her... so cute... like luqman too. That's us begambar di bawah. We all sedih happy for Luqman. Tears betitik-tikitkan and luckily i have tissues handy too. Oh well.... girls....
Now he is on his way to Singapore. I am sitting at Coffee Bean Bandar just to upload the pictures of this morning. I have to plan and make use of my time here to do something useful apart from working. May be going to the gym, go to tasek, go watch movie (that if i havent miss any movie yet), go fish market perhaps, or out and about taking pictures. Good Sunday today and beautiful day today. Ramai orang di Coffee Bean bandar ani. Very interesting hah. Well i got to go to Studio A soon. Something is on at 1pm. Will share more pictures soon. Just have a look at these ones..... By the way, did anyone go for the Walkaton Amal today at the Stadium? (just wondering...kalau ada share the story ya.. i like those kind of activities. Missed it. Have to send my baby to the airport too :))

Us taking family picture. Sayang the Father is in Kuala Lumpur. From right: Luqman's Stepmother (Suriati), Luqman, Me, and Luqman's sisters. Umairah & Fatima.

does this make you smile?

'click on his face.

Saturday, June 23, 2007



Tetamu Kehormat:-YM Cikgu Aidin bin Hj Abu Bakar. Pemangku Penolong Pengarah (Rendah). Kementerian Pendidikan.



1.Mohammad Shahrolnizam bin Mohd.Yakob
2.Susilawati bte Japri


1.Mohd.Suhairi bin Sulaiman
2.Khairul Asmaan bin Mohd.Yusof
3.Dyg.Siti Nur Azyyati bte Awg.Khairul Abidin
4.Mohd.Daud bin Mohamad
5.Noorashyik bte Salim
6.Nur Syamimi bte Awg.Md.Jinan
7.Arif Azhan bin Awg.Besar
8.Ak.Yussof bin Pg.Ali
9.Luqman bin Zainal Fikri
10.Dk.Nuur'Musawwirah bte Pg.Shahrin

This is where i was this morning before working with Iril at 1pm to 5pm. Very interesting and congrats to all the students and teachers and thank you to the Head Mistress of SR Dato Marsal because she herself is going to Singapore with her own expenses to be there to support this twinning programme. How good is that?

All of them are leaving tomorrow and wish you all the best and make a difference by learning what you can when you are there. I am so proud of you my baby Luqman and i am sure you will enjoy your trip with your friends and teachers.