Friday, June 22, 2007

MIRI - my dentist trip & magazine MUST BUY

Just got back from Miri. Early morning out again today on the road to miri was smooth. But back, i saw two accidents. One di Miri otw balik, and one otw kan sampai ke jerudong (kereta suzuki kali, blackish grey). Maybe mengantok or bersms orang atu ah?

Miri? See my dentist there every month. He was not scheduled to be in miri this month, but when i called them to reschedule my other appointment, he happened to be in Miri during this week. Apa lagi, since i m not working today, i grab lah the opportunity. So many Bruneians in Miri and SHOPPING...YEHA.. and some ada appointment gigi jua. Oh well, Its a good day. Very sunny today.

I been doing laundry, cleaning the house, watching dvds, and sitting here thinking. That's what i do during my free time. Sometimes i cooked my speciality, ada family datang. My son loves my cooking...he.e.e.. He's leaving for Singapore soon for school trip. Syok ah. He be away for 10 days. And he already told me he's going to miss me, poor baby. I am glad i got to see him growing up, and i hope i will until he goes to university, until he marry got children and be successful in his life. Everyday i woke up, thanking God that i am still breathing, with good health, though lonely, but above all this, that i can still make a difference in my life with my baby to have a better life each and everyday. Life is an opportunity, rugi if we waste it just like that.

If you love to travel, take a week off and go travel. If you like to read books, go and get a good books and spare your time to read it, if you want to finish reading it by just one day, go and try it. If you like movies, go out and see all the movies you want. Everything what your hearts desire, go and do it. But make sure what you want to do is worth doing it for YOURSELF lah...ya....

I bought magazines tadi. Good eh.. :-
MAXIM June 07 (USA) - (banyak interesting article and info), HELLO (ASEAN.MALAYSIA.NO5.JULY 2007.) - THIS ONE MUST BUY. (ada Royal Wedding in Brunei, and ada Prince Azim Of Brunei on THE INSIDE STORY)(and if you like Celine Dion, yes her pic with hubby and daughter pun ada, Angelina Jolie & Brat Pitt also have)... cool eh... and TOP GEAR Malaysia.
Huray!!!! I got so many stuff to read. For my brain punya food kali ah. Anyway, jangan miss buy magazines ya. So many cool stuff that sometimes you dont even know pun jadi know lepas atu... bah...

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