Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kawan Lama

Wonder ku mana anak ani... memang like that if i dont see faces yang dulu-dulu atu. But thank God.. i met her di stadium hari atu... suka ku nyanyi-nyanyi lagi ya dangdoot.... i like that. Even though we probably only know each other by names, not personally tapi i consider her as my fren too. So many stories we heard about others but do we really know the real stories behind all that... Well, as i said we are all ONLY human, we bound to make mistakes in our life, and whatever mistakes we did, it taught us a lesson to learn to improve our lives. That is the way to have a better life....kan....kan.... Does anyone in this world never make mistakes? Tell me about it.... I wish her all the best for her future and hope one day she be one of our artis "dangdoot" Brunei. Go Girl! Dont let criticism kill your plan in life, take it as an enemy you have to fight to win and upgrade youself in achieving your Goal. Oh by the way, i am in Kuala Belait at WYWY makan. Rainy and gloomy lah hari ani...

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