Sunday, June 10, 2007

Royal Wedding Parade

I am in studio now. Wish out there mengambar-gambar. I went jalan jalan last nyte at gerai di depan Alat Kebesaran DiRaja. Wow... many things and many people to see, many to see, ada yang jadi fashion victim, ada yang boys turns to girls, ada yang ala samsing, ada yang ala cool, sort of wearing T's yand becolar with colar ke atas mengembang, ada families, adfa yang sama boyfrens, ada yang sama girlfriends, ada yang.... macam macam lah. Syok jua meliat all this. The different dulu and today is amat berbeza sekali. Interesting.

Today, the Royal Wedding Parade, I have to look at the monitor and to know whats happening out there. And guess what? the Clock on the wall is not working, great!!! Just the right timing. But not to worry, i still have the on the screen. Most of them yang involved are wearing black. Yeah some wear dark blue and the rest ada yang black color color jua. Very interesting. But again, i have to be in the studio to read out the Greetings for the Royal Couple on this very special day. The school children bebaris all the way to bandar.

Songs to be played must be love songs and lagu-lagu wedding saja. Syok eh. Today saja tu. No sad sad sad songs. Remember, today the LOVE day for everybody. Congratulation to The Royal Couple, May Allah Bless You With lots of Love and Happiness all the way....

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