Monday, June 11, 2007

HBD with Iril & Zura today

Students from SMPJN Tkt.1
hello again. Yes, we have visitor from Sekolah Menengah Pg.Jaya Negara, Tingkatan satu. You see that boy on my left, i asked him what he want to be when he grow up. He told me he wanted to be a pilot. I m so very happy to hear that and i hope one day he will be a pilot. He answered me instantly, amazing. Usually, when you talk to callers on-air, and ask what they want to be, well, it took them a while to tell. But that if they know what they want to be, kalau inda, nada lah. Sedih jua tu. Living for nothing. Living saja, even 1000 years. Asal living saja cukup tah. But not for some of us kan. Must have a Dream. Demi the students masok dalam studio tadi, everyone of them took pictures with theirs cell phone. Amazing. Here some more pictures of them. So Cuteeeeee..... love you all.

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