Friday, June 29, 2007

Hello Mothers.. You're "GREAT MUM" and i WANT to be one too...

"To all "Great Mums" , being a great mum isn't the same as a perfect mum. Children don't need perfection, and even if they did, no mum could be perfect. Being a mum involves such a huge range of roles - cook, nurse, teacher, counsellor, mediator, taxi driver, careers advisor - that is getting it wrong sometimes, and not always having the answers, is inevitable. There's no formal training and no dry run. Every mum can be great in numerous ways - having a great sense of humour and endless patience - being warm and kind, positive and fun."
Becoming a Great Mum takes times and experience and although you can't practice run, you can be prepared. Start with these guiding principles:-
  • love your child withouth strings
  • talk to your child openly and honestly
  • value the time you spend together
  • keep your child fit and well
  • nurture your child's skills and abilities
  • set a good example

p/s. Went to KK and stop at the TIMES Bookstore and found this book. I went there just to get a book actually for my brother and one for me. Then of course every single books in store are all very interesting berabiz, and i wish one day i have my own library of books to read.

All this while i been reading books on Motivation (i enjoyed reading this kind of book to keep myself confident and boost up my self-esteem and not to easily break down if anything happen and make me stronger as a person). I am a single parent for quite a while now, and i wanted to be a great mum too. I have a son age 9, and this is the time for me to know him as a young adult. So i need to know more and get close to him as i am also a working mother. I found the BOOK. I LOVE IT!!!

The other day, the Oprah's show were on parenting. And interestingly, the guess speaker were talking about a topic on being a single parent, how to deal with your children etc..... And yes, i did say this to myself that i am a father and a mother to my son.

And this lady were saying " you can't be a father if you are mother, you will not be a father even if you want to be. You are a mother, and what you need to do is to be a Great Mother to your child". I heard from friends too, they always say that they are a father and mother to their child being single and all, and its hard. And yes, when you think about it, why would you want to be both when you know you're only a mother or a father. A mother is always a mother and a father is always a father. We are not the same.... True..true... (me realizing... baru nampak...) Well that hit me and woke me up. Sometimes you just tried your best to be both just for you children, but think again, we are what we are, one human being, one soul, so we do what best and show the best for our children. So if you - a single mother, Be A Great Mum you can be, and if you - a single father, Be A Great Dad you can be.

Amazing that i got this book on how to be a great Mum that Tuesday. And Wednesday night, i watched Oprah's show on chanel 10, and i just felt it and ask why?, there got to be a reason why?, why this show at this time for me? why not other time? meaning that things like this, is a sign for me. A sign that i need to do something about what i want for my child and myself. I want to be closer and spend more time with my one and only child who really need my attention at this stage of growing up. Who says its easy.....

I woke up another day, and tell myself that i want to know on how to be a Great Mum. I am so lucky to still be able to know what i want. Each day is meaningful to me. We must see life as an opportunity, don't look at our past, try to look for years to come. What do you want in your life?

The book, "How to be a great MUM", author by Tracy Godridge.

Tracy Godridge is a journalist and author specialising in birth and parenting. She has worked for many years as an editor and consultant editor on top-selling national parenting magazines and websites. She is also the author of a number of childcare books. She has three children, currently aged nine, twelve and fourteen.

Gosh! I miss my baby Luqman. I called last night, so many stories he said. I miss him. He said he miss me too, and he told me he knows that i miss him.....

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