Saturday, June 30, 2007


Work today early and i only slept for 4 hours. Not a good idea if you have an early morning shift. But I FEEL GOOD...NA..NA..NA.. I FEEL GOOD.... wHy???
I watched TRANSFORMERS LAST NITE. The 9.50pm show at Bolkiah theather. Tapi sayang nya so dirttty tempat atu last nyte. Memebari gali bah... I guess inda sempat to clean it. But if that happen again when i go there, i think i dont want to go there. We are paying $5 per person to watch movie, so we are expecting a clean place. The reason why i said this is because children ada jua sana, so those place like that need to be clean after one show before another show. And i dont think people would complain if it only takes 5 to 10 minutes. Would you guys mind?
Apart from that, if you dont have any plans this week, opt for Transformers...... I JUST LOVE IT. I want to watch it again....... Want to know why? Go and watch it and you'll know what i mean. Ratings... - SHREK3 - PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN - TRANSFORMERS? I go for Transformers. Go get tickets and watch it with your friends. If you have children, take them. They would love it. Its not cartoon, but the way those Transformers transform... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
p.s. dont forget to share with me ya, which part you like?

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