Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Quick Peak - Pelangi OnStage 12.06.07 @8.00PM

This is the back stage for the show tonite...ha.a.a. I was reminded again by Iril to bring extra shoes. Look at that. Just hope it wount rain tonite. But you know what, its dark outside already.

That woman in kurong is going to give us a suprise show tonite. ha..a... Cute kan. Wondering what song she is singing? Better come to see for yourself.

Yes still discussing. I am the one who took the pic, and at the end i m not in the shot. Never mind. At least they are. and tonite Zayn and I will be the MC to entertain y'all. Lucky Draw end of show. Start at 8pm and probably end at 11pm....

I like this..."You like my skill, you pay my bill..."

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