Thursday, June 28, 2007


Many story to tell when we were on our way to KK and in KK and back from KK. The pictures saja tell the story.THE TRIP. Yes been busy and away. Yes a break. Us and that include Iril.Ashraff.Lydia.Me..Zura. Yeah. In the car otw to Kota Kinabalu. It is nice to take a break once in a while. Fun trip wah. And all the way we were so excited. Wish there were more joining us on that trip. The last time we wanted to go was Miri. But never happen. I was ready with the transportation and well, one jadi, one inda jadi, jadi and inda jadi and at the end inda jadi tia semua. But this trip was fine and we have fun. Tiring but SERIOUS FUN. You guys should do that with your working friends. Not working scandals. Clean and clear Friends. That’s what I mean. I seen too much working scandals, but then again SEE NO EVIL.HEAR NO EVIL.HEAR NO EVIL. That’s me. That’s individual’s naluri. So I have no say for that. I do enjoy life the way it is now. Hey enjoy the pictures that I sempat to take ya.

Zura drive. Iril passenger

Lydia & Ashraff just passengers

Check this out!!

This is what you have to pay..

After Labu Imigresen

After all the chops

The View
Now? I am at Mamih beribi. One of the favourite place to go and eat. Well, for me lah. And I am alone. Yes ALONE. Why? Well I want to be alone and have a quiet dinner and write my blog, although Mamih is not a quiet place, but the waitress and waiter are kind and sweetest to give me a good spot for me. How wonderful is that. I like the ROTI KOSONG (one of the best), NASI GORENG CORNBEEF (extra beef), and of course my KASTURI ICE. Apart from water, I love KASTURI ICE. And the environment Wah… boleh write blog and cuci mata. Clean olehnya.. I will continue again tmro for more pictures and other things.

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Richard said...

Hi Zura :) It's good to have fun with work colleague (close one..not back stabber) hehe.. Just one short comment on Mamih Restaurants.."Not Clean..Don't Go!" :) Have a nice day