Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This is Luqman. Born on 19.June.1998. Father Zainal Fikri from Kedah and Mother Zura from Brunei. Luqman is now a Brunei citizen by certificate. Born in JPMC on Friday afternoon after solat Jumaat. He weight was 3.550 kg. Mommy was listening to KC&JoJo "All My Life" while giving birth to my baby Luqman. Grandmother was in the labour room with three other doctors and three nurses. I remember Belinda, she was most helpful and she was really sweet and patience in helping mommy to be confortable during the preparation of labour. And of course all the staff and doctors were the very best too. Who wouldnt want that. It was a a very successful birth while Luqman's father almost faint outside the room.... (that was cute if i remember.. faint? for what? Me? Giving birth? How does that feel?)... The best time of my life experiencing "Giving Birth". Now Luqman is 9 years old. So fast, very fast. I love you and always will my sweet Baby Luqman.


Stratford said...

Ahh that's your kiddo, he was in the background of one of my pic masa malam pelangionstage heh

zura said...

straford. Yes my baby. Oh, ada dalam background? well there you go. Now you know.