Monday, January 31, 2011

Bad Day .. So Cute!

I thought this was cute. Touched ku olehnya. How this little one penghibur bila masa not expected. And hugging the best cure when being sad. OH... i can image you know. Good for the day. Something little but worth so big and meaningful... Has it ever happen to yoU?

I was having a really bad day today.

I was sitting in my room, crying. Suddenly I heard the pitter-patter of little feet. I looked up and my 6 year old sister was there.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and said "Don't cry, sissy. I love you so much!"

Regan, you GMH, little one!


The total weight of all the ants on Earth is about the same as the weight of all the humans on earth.

Ants also outnumber us a million to one!! They also can lift weight twice their size! If they (psst... Don't ever minta minta lah.. ahha!!) If they ever wanted to turn on us, they could just pick us up and throw us in the ocean.

Bah, better be nice to ants!! Jangan main-main.


Having sex can reduce a fever because of the sweat produced.

Sex is also a pain reliever, ten times more effective than Valium: immediately before orgasm, levels of the hormone oxytocin rise by five times, determining a huge release of endorphins.

These chemicals calm pain, from a minor headache to arthritis or migraines, and with no secondary effects. Migraines also disappear because the pressure in the brain's blood vessels is lowered while we have sex.

So now we see that actually, a woman's headache is rather a good reason for having sex, not against it.

This is really interesting. I seldom got headache and migrains.. But i think i don't mind having it maybe some headache and migrains attact during the week.. heheh :)

Psst .. i got it from the Top Facts - OMG FACTS.


Hahah!!! 'Why Siput Babi jalan slow then stop?' .. 'Then, jalan lagi and stop lagi...? Why?'


Think lah..


pun inda tau jua? Siput Babi tau??? Haha.. ada yang betanya, 'yang panjang atu kah?' Ah??? Siput lah.. Siput BAbii.... SNAILLL. Nah you pun inda tau apa lagi Siput Babi..


Bah tia..

Because Siput Babi / Pig Snail very very sad and thinking hard while jalan then stop. In its heart (dalam hati ah bukan jantong..) 'apakan aku ani? (What am i?) ... Siput kah? Babi kah? (Snail or Pig?) ... Hahahhah!!!

So since you also not sure what is Siput Babi, Siput Babi also confused..

Thank you Mummy and thank you Uncle for sharing. I laugh berabis sampai sakit perut. Hahha..!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Mom share this joke. My uncle kali share them this joke. Its about Siput Babi. You know Siput Babi? In English SNAIL. So creita nya.. Ohey! let me ask you, why do Siput Babi jalan really really slow? Sometime very slow berabis, so why do you think Siput Babi jalan really slow? ... Bah i let you think. I will come back for the answer. Let me know.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

To all my Friends & Fans & Families..

29th January 2011 - A memorable Birthday for me.


I can't believe all the greetings i have received in my FB. Thank you so much for having me as a part of your life and thought too. Thank you all again for your greetings. Tonight, I berdoa semoga kitani sentiasa dalam rahmat Allah dan dalam lindungan Allah, happiness and good health for you and me and our families and our friends and people around us and people we know and we are about to know. Amin..

Greetings from Aunties, Mom and Cousin.

From my aunti - Mamah.
Selamat panjang umor, mudahan dengan bertambahnya umur diberikan Allah akan lebih mendekatkan diri kepada Allah. Ditambahkan Allah keimanan, tetapkan Allah iman, dan mudahan jodoh berkekelan selamanya bersama suami tercinta, hidup bahagia, diberkati Allah. Amin.. Insya-Allah.

From my beloved Mom..
Alhamdulillah this day 29th January, i declare as the best mom in the Whole Universe because Allah grant me most beautiful soul with a rare and special gift which is 'you' my daughter. May Allah continue showering you purity, happiness, joy, love, good health, wealth, strong iman, brighter future with endless blessings and protections.. Amin.. Amin..Amin.

'Happy Birthday' .. enjoy your flawless ..(number).. karats!! as life begins :). I love you.

From my auntie - UMI
Salam. Selamat menyambut Hari Kelahiran diiringi dengan Doa ..' Ya Allah, hamba memohon - berilah hambaMu yang menerima SMS ini taufik dan rahmatMu, dilimpahi rezeki yang halal, selamat dari perkara-perkara yang tidak Kau redhai, dan lindungi lah dia dari seksa api neraka.. Semoga hari dan seterusnya membawa kebaikan dan kebahagian .. Amin..Amin.. Amin..

From my cousin Faz
Happy birthday cuz.. Semoga Allah SWT bless you always with love, happiness, health and wealth. Amin.. xoxox


Happy Birthday to me.. Alhamdulillah.
I am still alive and healthy. Alhamdulillah.

Thank you Ya Allah. ...

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Birthday tomorrow!!!!

One hour 20 minutes in counting for my BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Celebrating with Oprah jua tu kali.. Happy Birthday to all celebrating tomorrow..... !! Happiness and good health to all of us. Amin.


Usul saja senang. Bukan senang. Jadi pengacara ani you got to have guts. Kalau nada.. bah tia. First depan orang ramai, lepas tu kalau you sound boring meliat pun orang inda mau, bahkan bejalan keluar tia.

Suara mesti kedengaran. Jangan siok sendiri. Kalau siok sendiri, bah tia.. siok sendiri jua orang. Dan jua mesti ready with whatever bahan. Ikut jua tempat and acara. Jika formal, bah.. jangan tah kan becali. Inda orang interested. Jika informal, wow!! that i can say. Do whatever lah ikut apa acaranya.

Pengacara bukan ia membawa bahan apa yang di beri. Tapi apa jua mesti tau. Contoh.. sekira dalam mengacarakan sesuatu, suddenly kan boring tia usul orang di depat atu, baik tah cari jalan cepat cepat untuk menarik lagi. Kalau inda sekian end story. Mati lah suasana, mati lah berperasaan yang bekobar kobar tadi bila meliat orang keboringan. Compare you seorang dengan orang yang keboringang say.. dalam 100 orang lah.. Paning ceritanya.

So bukan senang jadi juruacara. Ada talents why not. But kalau buat buat, paksa kerja keras tu. So good luck untuk mengacarakan apa jua acara nya. Yang penting HAPPY!!


Jika ragu, tanya. Leng, you ada girlfriend kah? Nya inda ada, jangan tah di pikirkan. STRESS saja.

Jika ragu, tanya. Sayang, you ada boyfriend kah? Nya inda ada, jangang tah di pikirkan. STRESS SAJA.

Yang penting INDA ADA.

Happy happy tah. Sentiasa put that postive thinking that you're the only one... Hehe. (lain lah kalau yang BEMADU). Or (lain lah kalau you kawin dengan bekas laki or bini orang yang sudah beranak penak.)

Happy happy tah.. sentiasa pasang that positive thinking that you and them saja.. Yang lain, jangan cerita lah.

Jangan di rugikan masa untuk bepikir tah ganya dengan perkara yang NEGATIVE. POSITIVE TERUS .. Jangan pandang belakang. Sekali sekala bila perlu dan nah.. jangan lupa bertanya kerna ragu.

Yang penting Happy!!


Been a busy week. Had lunch with mom, aunties and cousin. Now at home just cleaning the house, water plant and 'menyasah' towels. Been a busy week didn't have time to wash towels and also been raining. Weather not been friendly past weeks or so. Now ada got sun, menyasah lah. Towels most important.

Had lunch tadi i learn a lot. And a joke too. Funny.. Oh somehting i would like to share in my other write up after i am done with this one. Banyak cerita but the one that caught my attention, about amah. Amah mencuri segala seluar dalam, tudongs, bags etc.. kasut, dan bermacam macam lagi. Memakai barang kitani, like noone business. Apakan?

Over lunch, talked about amah here and amah there. I actually
plan to get amah. But amah nowdays bukan akan aman but
sebaliknya. Sama ada with PL or tabiat and sifat. Bila tah ada
amah yang membantu ani? Is it really that bad already kah that
amah have to curi and etc? Is it really that bad already that this
is makin meleluasa?

This is bad. Not only over lunch tadi, but coba tah when you and friends bejumpa, ask about amah? Who would be the one telling you or amah ku baik.. etc. When was the last time you hear that your amah ani baik sampai habis kontrak?

I want to mengambarkan you, taim menaip blog ani i am doing my laundry too. I did all the towels already. Now my own personal laundry. Tonight i will be working. So still.. still got time to wash. Tomorrow will be my special day, and i am only going to pamper myself. There will be no laundry, no cleaning, no washing dishes etc, just pampering myself. Yes that would be my gift for me.

Oh about the amah thing.. i wonder why we yang bawa pekerja luar that including amah, if them buat hal, we yang keluarkan all duit? Not only membayar gaji nya sebulan and ticket nya etc and if masok penjara we have to pay jua? Does that make sense kah? And how many of us here knows about this regulation?

Okay.. contoh if your amah mencuri, that's bad kan. Okay when bad, what do you do? I don't think you will let that amah to get away? This is not her country.. or amah kah pekebun kah driver kah or etc? ! Now continution nya.. say found guilty the amah atu kah, we will be ask to either deport or jail? If we choose to deport, how would you know that 'bad' people will be deported forever because we don't want others to be treated the same and to bayar so much for the bad one. Where as there are good one out there. And how would we know that this bad poeple wount pakai passport baru and enter lagi?

Ada yang perasaan ku kena deport but still ada jalan jalan here in our country you know? How's that? So what is our right? What is their right? Or we just keep quiet and do whatever we feel like doing?

Like make our own rules of solving this problem. When we make a report, its just a problem and if caught guilty, we be worst to face all the consequenses? Wow!!

Now wonder we hear advice from others that kalau amah beulah, antar tarus balik. Mean straight to the airport and send back?

So who should we seek help? That would be encouraging orang jahat bermastautin tu eh. What do you think? Has anyone think about this even?

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sudah ke lawyer. Membayar besi buroh orang. Baru ia. Sudah tah banyak commitment, kan di bayarkan lagi besi burok orang ani. Kalau di bawa ke Mahkamah tunya, sendiri yang menyain loan etc sendiri yang kena uyong bukan orang lain. Tapi niat baik kan menolong.

Macam atu tah ceritanya. Mau inda mau bayar tia jua. Dalam keadaan macam ani jua ada yang inda suka kan diri atu, mengomplain lah inda sepatutnya menerima gaji like this lah like that lah.
Whatever. Pikir nya ia ganya yang boleh. Dan jua lagi inda ia pikir kan commitment orang jua. Walhal melakukan sesuatu yang menyakitkan adalah yang berdosa. Tapi inda kira arah nya tu, pasal ia dengan pangkat.

Membayar hutang inda menjadi masalah. Ganya inda cukup duit kan membayar. Bayar itu bayar ini. Kan tia lagi membayar basi burok orang?? Wow.. kitani turun naik court, membari malu saja. Tapi ia lah mana orang tau tu, nama kitani jua kan. Tapi yang punya angkara ... siok siok ganya. Entah lah. Malas ku kan becakap. Baik lagi diri ani inda lari dari kan membayarkan. Biar tia Allah saja membalaskan, kerana inda ku mampu untuk berbuat apa hanya dapat menyetalkan dengan apa yang ku mampu. Bila ku mampu jua.

Ada jua orang atu masih berhutang arah ku $16,000.00. Tapi macam nada arah nya. Entah ah.. Ada ku tejumpa keluarga nya, tapi inda jua ku kan memalukan kedia dan memburokkan kedia. Kecian saja keluarga nya malu karang. Tapi yang ku inginkan untuk nya membayar aku walau dua tiga ratus pun okay. Ani.. biar ia lari lari. Mendrive Volvo ia hari atu, buat inda ia teliat kediaku. Hahah!! Cali kan. Apa salah nya kalau ku buat jahat untuk mendapatkan duit atu?

Kalau jahat ani capat terlaksana. Sebab Syaitan akan sentiasa menyokong and menolong. Tapi buat apa. Yang dapat ku liat, mudahan di panjangkan umor jua, hikmah yang ku dapat dari ani, ia lah mungkin suatu hari nanti bila orang yang berhutang atu berduit akan menjadi kaya .. InsyaAllah .. mungkin masa atu aku beguna duit dan mungkin ia akan membayar nya sendiri.

Bordosa kitani jua jika inda menagih. Tapi berdosa jua orang yang berhutang kan melarikan diri untuk membayar tapi mampu sebenar. Entah lain orang lain lah.

Basi burok - barangan nama kitani orang pakai, tapi akhirnya tidak bertanggong jawab untuk membayar.

Sudah membayar atu, nyaman jua rasanya. Walau pun bukan hutang sendiri. Yang penting hari ani melakukan satu titik yang membolehkan melanjutkan STRESS yang boleh membawa mati atu selesai. Di tolak dari antara 100 sebab yang menyebabkan STRESS. so.. kemudian claim.


Bukan inda sampai akhir ku menunggu di malam atu internet nya ah.. Green tapi inda mau. Sampai pukul 1.48am.. give up ku and tidor ku. Hoping that it would auto saved. Now baru tah mau. Kepisan banar.. hahah!!

Pasal word kaling, indon etc atu, memang di sini inda silap lagi tu kaling ani orang India. Bukan ia perkataan yang kurang ajar tu. Semua orang di sini ani memangil orang India, Kaling. Kaling ani entah dari mana datang nya. sampai orang tua tua kitani pun memangil kaling. Sopan bunyi nya. Jangan salah ambil. Inda tani mendangar orang sini memangil orang India orang India.. nada tu.

Kalau orang indonesia, orang sini mesti you dangar orang Indon nya. Nada ku dangar orang panggin orang Indonesia tu.. So its okay. Bukan jua kan kurang ajar.
Pasal kaling atu, di Malaysia setahu ku, dorang kena panggil Mamak. Mamak mean orang India kali. Because when i was there, orang melayu panggil Mamak, ada roti perata kah??

So di sana, kali inda pernah mendengar kaling. Nenek moyang diorang di sana pun inda memangil kaling, sebab atu diorang mengunnakan Mamak. Or kalau orang Punjabi or others.

Setiap tempat mesti ada cara mereka memangil lah. Kalau racists or prejudice ani lain. Kasar. Tapi kalau anak damit memangil kaling kaling, inda ia tau nama you kali, so inda kan salah kan?

Entah ah.. i panggil Mamak, lain pulang peliatan kaling atu arah ku. Okay.. Kaling okay tia. Hey.. we got family friends yang kaling kah, cina kah, ghurka kah and banyak lagi. And everybody have their way.

Oh baruku ingat pasal Melayu. Kan ku tulis pasal kaling memandu gila gila, cina inda basoh lah, indon kan mengacau laki orang, apa lagi ah .. banyak eh, tapi ani semua pemikiran yang rosak kan. So ia lah. Coba you buat janji, pukul 9 pagi, tapi you datang pukul 11 pagi. Alah.. janji Melayu tu.. Nah kan. Sorry ah, ani yang biasa ku dangar among them. But ia tah minda yang sudah biasa mendengar jua dari yang lain.

Ingat ku masih, when i was young in primary 1 until 3 di Sekolah RIF di Bandar just opposite SOAS and near SMJA jua. Aku ani kena panggil anak Iban. Inda ku paham apa anak Iban ani. Tapi kawan kawan yang Jahat atu memang tia memangil aku anak Iban. Kenapa nah.. rambut ku kekuningan dan orange at the end tip. Masa atu inda tau kenapa ku kena panggil anak Iban, but kanak kanak lah tu punya cerita. Mesti nya mendengar dari rumah kan tu.. bukan di sekolah. That age can you imagine.

Bila masok sekolah Pusar Ulak, primary 4 and sat for exam untuk Prep Scool.. lelaki nya memangil me TUTUT. Kurang pasti apa TUTUT ani jua.. tapi ia tah tu. Inda tau kambang kali jua, inda kena layan, panggil lah diri ani TUTUT.... hahah.

This is what become anak Iban and TUTUT. Inda tau kenapa. So anyway, whatever i write here, whatever yang menyakitkan, i am sorry ah. I don't mean. Memang sensitive, tapi this is reality.

Racists and prejudice ani bahaya sekali. Setiap manusia di lahirkan sama. Mempunyai indung laki dan bini. Pun juga mempunyai keluarga. Peradian, saudara mara. Ganya lahir nya berbeza dengan Bangsa, Ugama nya. Pekerjaan pun ada yang dari bawah sekali hingga lah yang ELITE. Walau apa pun, mati sama. So beringat ingat lah selalu. Jangan lah ada sekecil zara dalam hati membenci. Jika kitani boleh mengapuskan segala penyakit hati, InsyaAllah kitani akan mendapat kelebihan dari Allah..

Jangan pandang rendah, pilih bulu atau sombong dengan apa yang kitani ada. Buat baik lah berpada pada dan tabiat buruk di singkir. Semoga kitani dalam lindungan Allah sentiasa. Amin..


Bilangan bangsa jua tinggal di Negara kitani ani. Perasaan ku, ku mengonfomkan kan tah bilangan bangsa yang tinggal di Negara kitani ani, stiap bangsa atu ada my friend. Lagi damit di keliling dengan bilangan bangsa jua kawan kawan mummy and my late father. Bermacam macam PL yang di liat. maklum lah.. damit damit alum paham tu.

Sabut saja, ada kawan ku kenal tu. Inda sorang dua. Kalau sudah sorang dua, keluarga nya .. plus inlaws and community nya .. nah banyak tia. Nice to know them and have that opportunity to have that chance to be their friend and them to allow me to know them and their families.

Pasal stail ani, supaya inda minyinggong lah. Tau jua ku ada yang beradap and ada jua yang biadap. Kasar tu perkataan biadap atu. Inda tau apa kategori nya pulang, tapi bagi pandangan saya biadap namanya. I am sure indung kitani, pebaik tia kau anak Melayu, Kaling, Cina, Murut, Iban, Kedayan dan banyak lagi mengajar anak nya beradab. Penipu tah tu kalau inda mengakun. Inda indung mengajar, barangkali bapa saudara mama saudara maupun nenek datok kitani.

Mungkin remeh pandangan orang mengenai apa kan ku cakapkan ani, tapi bagi ku inda remeh eh. Harus di pikirkan macam mana lagi cara nya untuk memperbaiki? Harus kah di saman? Harus kah di keluarkan? Haruskah di beri ticket? Haruskah... ?

Apa yang kan ku cakapkan ani.. alum jua sampai kecerita nya. Tapi ia tah nie nah.. memang kita di ajar dengan adab untuk saling menghormati. Berbagai cara jua nie menghormati. Kadang dengan kata, kadang dengan perbuatan. Biar tia muka usul macam hantu, tapi mungkin melalui cara pun boleh menyampaikan kehormatan seseorang terhadap orang lain.

Menghormati inda seharusnya untuk orang tua tua, or Kaum Kerabat, tapi jua nie.. orang-orang di sekeliling kitani ah. Alhamdulillah jika menghormati orang tua tua kitani, Kaum Kerabat, tapi jangan luan pangling dengan orang di sekeliling kitani. Sadar jua bah. Membari malu. Kalau diri orang Melayu biadap, muka melayu, anak kelahiran Melayu, tapi biadap arah orang, bida jua tu, kalau orang bangsa lain, eh.. andangnya kah tu stail nya? Memang orang Melayu ani macam ani perangai nya. Wal hal, disebab kan seorang yang biadap, nah.. satu bangsa Melayu eh.

Baru jua terlintas di kepala ku nie taim menaip naip ani. Mula mua i thought andang stail nya kali? Tapi bila taipan ani ranchak, wah.. rupanya tunpah setitk nah habis semua kandong. Sama jua kalau kaling biasa mendrive laju laju dengan lori, nah.. apa kitani dangar nah? Eh andangnya orang kaling ani gila! Pernah ku dangar tu. Kalau kaling drive macam orang gila di buat nya macam di India. Eh.. semua kan? Inda jua semua kali eh.. Di sebabkan satu semua kana.

Okay.. kalau indon. Apa kamu dangar? Okay contoh pembantu lah atau waitress lah ah.. Andang nya bisdia ani kegatalan. Kan ke mari bukan kan bekerja tapi kan merampas laki orang. Semua kan macam atu? Inda kali eh. Ada jua Indon yang maju tanpa merampas suami orang di Negara kitani.

Okay ... kalau siapa saja lah, teludah sana teludah sini, or tehingus sana tehingus sini.. bah apa lagi pandangan bisdiorang? Oh banyak kalau kan bercerita.. Tutong.. Eh orang Tutong? Boh.. ada kan di dangar. Tapi semua kan macam atu? Inda kali eh. Or Orang KB .. eh ya kan? Anu tu anu nie cerita kan di dangar. Sama jua dengan orang Temburong. Ada ada saja. Or orang Bandar.. ani atu anu ini itu. Nah panjang kan. Semua kan macam atu?

Yang kan di ceritakan ani, pasal anak cina dua orang ani meliat wayang. Sudah atu.. Duduk macam di panggong nya sendiri. Au inda ada orang di depan atu, tapi lepas satu movie, i am sure ada orang kan dudok di sana. Bukan tah kitani tapi ada jua orang lain. Okay.. kitani nampak kedua kaki nya naik atas kerusi di depan nya, lampoh jua lagi, kaki nya montel. Inda jua berapa bersih usul kaki nya atu. Kan ku gambar tapi inda sempat. Ada flash sikit di turunkan nya kaki nya. Satu.. tau jua ia salah tu. Malu jua ia kali kalau masok newspaper tu. Anak Cina?? Andangnya kah stail Cina macam atu? Semua kan? I got friend Cina. Beradap jua eh. Trendy and sopan jua. Tapi ia tah, bila orang meliat.. Anak Cina? Baik and bisai kan tu.

Diluar negeri meliat wayang pun macam atu kah? Membari hairan kenapa ada sesetangah memikirkan santai ani macam tempat sendiri dan tidak menghiraukan orang lain? Inda bemoral lagi kah?

Kalau anak Kaling kah, anak Melayu kah, anak Iban kah, anak Murut kah, anak anak lain, inda bida kan usulnya? Macam inda beradap and biadap jua tu. Barang ani bukan kan di liat remeh. Dari sini tah mesti di tagurkan supaya inda ada yang mengikut ikut.

Lepas kali naik, gosok gosok nya kaki nya pakai kaki nya. Beguguran jua kulit mati nya tu atas kerusi. Arah kepala tempat menyandar atu. Okay you tau and meliat ia like that, mau you turun depan nya kan duduk arah lepas kaki nya di sana atu? Inda kah.. So, inda jua bisai kitani kan bersubahat dengan kebiadapan nya atu? Inda cali tu. Membari gali ada. Inda jua kan cinema menyediakan security untuk menagor penononton penonton lagi? Bida tu eh.

Ia tah.. satu couple sebelah ku. Meliat jua karenah nya. Entah ah.. anak Cina jua. Eh andang nya ni perangai bisdia like that. Like that kan? Inda kali eh. Sebab satu dua ani, bangsa lah di sebut. Bukan nama nya, bukan nama bapanya, bukan nama mamanya, tapi bangsa nya.

Biar lah berada sopan bila meliat wayang kah, di mana mana lah di public. Jaga jua nama baik bangsa selain menjaga nama baik keluarga. Termasok lah nama baik Negara tu ah. Walaupun meliat wayang ganya, bah.. dari yang di pandang remeh ani tah yang boleh memudarat kan kelak. Kalau sudah inda camah mata memandang, dan its okay ganya, well... liat what they will do next.

Jangan tah memalukan diri sendiri. Duduk tah di panggong atu dengan sopan. Bukan panggong kitani. Kalau panggong sendiri, mana saja tah. Betelanjang kah, membangkang kah meliat wayang kau punya pasal. Peduli apa ku. Tapi bila untuk public atu, saling menghormati tah. Membari gali. Sebab setitik nah.. semua kana.

Akhir sekali ... mohon maaf dengan cerita ku hari ani mengenai bangsa. Agar sama sama tah menjaga nama baik kaum, bangsa. Bermacam bermacam cara untuk saling menghormati. Gunakan lah cara tersendiri agar kita pun di hormati.

psst .. sorry kawan kawan. Semoga enjoy membaca. Kalau ada kawan yang like that, tagur tagur kan tia. Kalau inda paham jua .. gambar and post it in FB kah or record and masok YOUTube kah.. Malu kah inda tu? Inda jua kali ah. Tapi cuba bapa mamanya, nenek nya duduk sebelah nya atu, gerenti kena tagurkan kali eh. LIke this people yang terbuli, di buli and membuat kelakuan sedemikian jua.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


oh! oh.. oh.. before i forget, remember to sleep mengiring ke kanan ah. Because... Paru paru kanan is bigger than our left paru paru. Mean kanan besar and kiri small. So, when you sleep mengiring ke kanan, yang besar sebelah kanan atu inda memihit yang small one atu. And our heart pun inda memihit.

So .. when we sleep on the right side is better, the blood flow dengan baik through our jantong jua, and we can breathe jua better. So ... i share tmro lagi.

I am seriously going to sleep now. Bah amal kan jika mau hidup sihat. Dan jika di sebaliknya.. sendiri sendiri lah pandai behidup. Heheh!!

Psst ... Its also sunnah Nabi S.A.W .. dan eveything yang sunnah atu always meant well.. In health and in everything.
Good night.

Oh..oh.. malar jua oh oh ani eh. Baru jua me ingat lagi. Kalau husband and wife, romantik tia lagi. Wife sleep sebelah kanan and husband sebelah kiri. So wife mengiring ke kanan, husband pun ke kanan lah jua. Untung yang wife kena palok. But if wife sebelah kiri, and husband sebelah kanan, then berubah tia cerita nya drastik.. heheh. Husband ke kanan.. wife pun ke kanan dapat lah pelok the husband. Tapi untung tia husband kena pelok all the time. Pandai tia escape inda pelok wife..

eh!!! atu boring tu eh. hahah!! Bah, if you sleep sebelah kiri, tukar ke kanan lah.. Kalau kena tanya, mesti tukar tukar ja. Baru siok.. hahah!!!

Bah eh.. kan tidor.. Nyte. shhhh.. malar jua eh.


How to sleep early? How to sleep 7 hours ani? When you have children or kawin saja or beranak kah sudah or belum kawin tapi tinggal rumah family banyak keraja etc ... siapa tidor 7 hours or 8 hours?

I need to sleep sharp at 10pm, so i can get that 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Okay .. try again tomorrow night. Waking up at 5am, do yang wajib and prepare breakfast and 6am go for walk. That's what i want.

After work, pick up son at 5.30pm.. itu ini itu ini almost 6pm sampai rumah. Terus ke kitchen.. wash hand and prepare for dinner. Masak lah.. sambong sampai almost 8pm. Dinner finish.. sesi homework and study for one and half hour, almost 10pm.

Ouch!! i need to sleep now. Banyak keraja ani, bukan nya sanang. Ia tah, when i attend kenduri kawin and pengantin nya umor 18 or 19 kah.. wah?! Bukan siok siok saja waktu kawin. Memang siok tapi..

So ... sambong sendiri lah when sudah berumahtangga atu. Hope happiness forever. In between atu ... .... .... so strong lah jua and when you have children much more life for you. But when something happen, please do not .. DO NOT leave your children. Mereka sangat rindu you tu, tapi oleh kerana you are not around, you woun't know. Pada hakikat nya your children miss you.

You will know what i meant. My son is my life. That's all i can say. And because of my son i become a stronger person. And because of him i get to learn about life and appreciate life more and want to live life the fullest.
Imagine ... di sebaliknya. I woun't be the person i am now. Whenever whatever it is, when i wanted to do something with my life, i felt to have a great career to go away, i always think of my son. Yes .. and i said to myself.. this time will not last forever. This feeling woun't be the same forever. This time we will not see again.. this time we will not see again. Children grow very fast. And we grow old too.. at the end we be gone and our children will build a family.. so on so on and on..

Ops.. melarat cerita ah. Mula pasal sleep for 7 hours, now jump to children tia. Well.. its related jua. How can you get that 7 or 8 hours... haha!!
Good nite. Tmro sambong. Psst.. meliat sudah cerita Khurafat? Au banar meninggal kan memory yang luarbiasa. Funny ah.. how our mind think of that.

Oh.. i love the word my friend said GULA GULA. Do you know what it meant? GULA GULA IS THAT THING BAH YANG DI ANGGONG NYA KE SANA KEMARI DALAM CERITA KHURAFAT. Phew.. bepaloh paloh meliat.
Bah.. Good nite.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Kehabisan Cerita..

Masa mula mula dulu, yes banyak cerita. Selepas setahun.. boh ada tia satu cerita. Lepas dua tahun kedengaran orang bercerita. Ke tiga tahun.. rasa macam inda mau dengar cerita cerita. Empat tahun ... sekali ada sekali nada. Asyik di tipu, tertipu.. jadi macam biasa sudah. Ke lima tahun.. ada sakajap.. hilang tia. Ada lepas atu kurang pasti menjadikan sebuah cerita yang penoh kesakitan, keperitan, kebencian timbul, tapi masih tidak pasti. Ke enam tahun.. ya masih mendengar cerita cerita. Lalu membuat hala sendiri. Membawa diri lah. Tapi eh.. kenapa tia. Pun juga pandai tia buat cerita. Ke tujoh tahun cerita punya cerita .. lama lama jadi satu episod kehidupan terpaksalah membuat satu conclusion. Bah jadi?

Sudah jadi, kali telampau lama atu, jadi kehabisan cerita. Belajar sesama untuk mengenali tapi barangkali interest sudah tiada lagi, kawan kawan jadi penganti. Sunyi tia balik.. Macam tia lagi inda ada cerita .... Nada spice terlalu comfortable kali. Tapi ... manusia tetap manusia. Masih punya perasaan. Kenapa tia tiada kehangatan atu? Kenapa tia membisu nafsu atu? Kenapa tia inda ada kan di cerita kan atu? Kenapa tia?

Banyak persoalan namun tiada jawapan. Harus jua di lalui, walaup pahit. Mungkin pahit kali dulu.. kemudian manis nya. Tapi inda jua mau arus sudah lama baru tah kan ada manis? Kenapa tidak masih ada usul? Masih okay bah? Masih boleh bah? Inda jua ada jawapan nya. Terlalu ganggu emosinya. Pasti tiada komunikasi. Pasti tiada belaian. JABLAI.. Tau apa JABLAI? Kurang di belai.. Tau pun.. Siok sendiri tia. Jika ada yang sedia mendengar, nah di sini lah terjerat simpati yang mungkin akan mengakibatkan perbelahan dan pepecahan dalam hubungan. Sebab ia mau mendengar. Ia lebih perihatin. Ia lebih entah apa lah...

Bah .. dulu cerita kau dan aku pun sama jua. Mula mula ya.. tapi sudah lama lama .. bangas tia jua. Kalau selalu sudah, inda jua membari watir. Tau jua akhirnya ... mungkin alum dalam setahun dua ani, tapi kemudian suatu hari nanti.. ada jua tu. Inda puas untk kehendak diri, apa kan daya kita manusia bukan jua sempurna.

Akhirnya kehabisan cerita. Siapakan kan menyambut dan memebuat membuka cerita baru? Jadi tanda tanya. Di tanyakan apa ciri ciri mesti ada? Nah jawapan nya ..

  • Hati yang penoh cinta.
  • Sikap murah hati dan penoh perhatin.
  • Tidak terlalu cemburu.
  • Ramah.
  • Mempunyai nilai-nilai moral yang sama.
  • Saling percaya dan integristas.

Coba tia tambah lagi dengan KESEDIAAN DAN KERELAAN untuk mengakui contibution dalam masalah berdua. Kesediaan ani mempunyai pengaruh besar hingga di combine dengan cinta yang tulus, akan merasa hubungan lebih baik.

Jangan sampai yang dua jadi tiga. Jangan sampai cerita kau dan aku jadi cerita aku dan dia dan kau lah.. Hahah!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011



Data Kementerian kesihatan pada tahun 1996, didapati wanita secara umumnya menghadapi stress mental 1.5 kali lebih tinggi berbanding dengan lelaki. Amnya ramai yang menghadapi masalah mental dikaitkan dengan masalah kekeluargaan dan ketiidakpuasan di tempat kerja.


50% dari tenaga buruh adalah wanita dan 70% dari mereka sudah berumah tangga. DWI kerjaya bermaksud individu itu mempunyai dua peranan iaitu di rumah dan ti tempat kerja.


Dapatan kajian dari 1000 orang wanita kerjaya, 55% mengalami lebih dari satu bentuk masalah kesihatan. Penyakit yang dihidapi :

kencing manis
sakit lutut
sengal sengal badan
sakit pinggang
sering selesma
rasa kebas pada bahagian badan tertentu
darah tinggi

44% mengatakan berat badan telah meningkat disebabkan kecenderungan untuk makan bila stress.

32% penglihatan semakin kabur disebabkan penggunaan computer.

Secara keseluruhan 10% saja wanita yang mengaku sihat.

71% merasakan agak sihat.

16% bersetuju tida berapa sihat .

3% mengatakan langsung tidak sihat.

Ini adalah satu tanda amaran yang memerlukan tindakan segera.

Kajian yang di jalankan di Korea, wanita yang menanggung pelbagai jenis penyakit disebabkan oleh DWI KERJAYA jika berterusan selama 10 tahun akan mengalami sindrom kemurungan yang digelar sebagai Whabyung. Yang membimbangkan hampir 17% dari wanita dalam kajian mengatakan mereka telah mengalami kesemua penyakit ini lebih dari 7 tahun. Berkemungkinan ada wanita dari kajian ini mewakili sebahagian dari 400000 ribu yang mempunyai PENYAKIT MENTAL?


70% mengatakan ia berlaku kerana berkejaran untuk menghabiskan kerja pejabat dan kerja rumah.


34% wanita terpaksa mengorbankan waktu tidor untuk memastikan kerja rumah dapat dibereskan. Bangun seawal lima pagi dan tidor lewat satu malam.


80% mengaku terpaksa melakukan kesemua kerja rumah secara sendirian. Hanya 17% saja suami yang sedia membantu membuat kerja kerja rumah. Tidak menghairankan jika seramai 78% merasakan kelesuan mental apabila berada di tempat kerja.

to be continued .. i got to go now.. dinner!

now sambongan..


Ramai wanita (70%) dalam kajian mengalami konflik dalam diri kerena merasakan tidak berlaku adil dalam menjaga kebajikan anak anak mereka. Beban ini lebih terasa kerena hampir 90% wanita dalam kajian ini tidak ada pembantu rumah atau keluarga terdekat untuk membantu menjaga anak anak mereka.

Wanita kerajaya DWI ini seumpama 'wanita generasi tersepit', kerana terpaksa mengimbangkan antara tanggungjawab sebagai ibu, isteri dan anak.


40% wanita tidak ada masa untuk bersantai dengan kawan. Menonton drama terkini malah mendengar berita pun sudah tidak kesempatan, lebih 50% mengatakan tidak ada masa untuk memanjakan diri dengan urutan.


55% mempunyai masa yang terhad untuk bersama pasangan kerena terlalu banyak kerja rumah maupun urusan pejabat yang perlu di laksanakan.

15% menjawab tidak ingat bila kali akhir mereka bermesra dengan suami.


3% sangsi dengan perubahan dengan tingkah laku pada suami yang tidak semesra dulu.

Sebuah kajian di lakukan di kalangan 160 orang professional mendapati 11% mengalami konflik nafkah batin di kalangan pasangan kerja yang sudah berkahwin. Masalah dalam perkahwinan seumpama ini boleh MENGGANGU EMOSI dan boleh memberi kesan ke atas kerja.


50% wanita menyatakan hasrat untuk berhenti kerja jika diberi peluang kerena kesukaran untuk mengimbani tanggungjawab antara kerja dan keluarga.

Hakikatnya 80% merasa gembira jika mempunyai kerjaya serta dapat membantu dalam ekonomi keluarga. Lebih lebih lagi yang mempunyai anak. 7% dari pendapatan perlu di asingkan untuk perbelanjaan anak anak.

Pendek kata, wanita DWI KERJAYA berhadapan dengan pelbagai cabaran iaitu penjagaan anak anak, mejaga ibu bapa, beban kerja rumah, masalah dalam perkahwinan dan prestasi kerja.

Psst... Penting untuk di ingat, setiap keluarga berbeza. Ini adalah tanggungjawab setiap individu untuk mencari resepi tersendiri dalam mencari penyelesaian bagi kelurga.

Taken from an excerpt of an article from Mingguan Malaysia 23 Januari 2011, "WANITA LEBIH BANYAK ALAMI STRESS MENTAL?" - by Profesor Madya Dr.Sabitha Marican, Pensyarah di Fakulti Ekonomi dan Pentadbiran Universiti Malaya.

Niat Baik Kekecewan Seseorang

Mengenai kasus.. aiseh, kasus is case ya. A new word for today. Okay mengenai kasus yang ingin mengandungi anak couple ... sebenar nya mempunyai niat yang baik. Sebaliknya ada juga yang mengecewakan seseorang. Au seorang saja.

Buat local market saja eh. haha!! Local market? I don't know. May be. But i think local market not really berhasil tu eh. MMm... eh kenapa harus? Buat international saja. Big market. Frust ku eh. Ada jua orang sini ani kalau mau preggie? Hahha... tapi nya, ani bukan untuk sendiri. Yang ini untuk menolong orang. Kalau kan mau sendiri, menjaga nya siapa? Tapi kalau untuk membuat kan orang couple itu happy, why not. Like sacrifice jua.

Again my morning walk today was wet and cold. Very cold start early at 6am. But had a conversation. Oh before i forget, ramai orang tadi doing their exercise walk at Padang Kebajikan Berakas. Ada yang pakai payong and yang kuat kuat atu, inda lah. Tapi hujan jua. I myself pakai topi yang waterproof jua. hehe.. Gold hat ler. So barangkali like orang Jepun. Ya.. because some lady Jepun pakai hat like that jua.

Oh okay.. so cerita punya cerita. Rupanya ada cerita. Ada pernah terjadi nya, inda ku ingat sama ada drama or real. Untuk memastikan, i have to ask lagi. So this one couple ask this one lady to bare their unborn child. And then after 9 months, gave birth and want to keep the baby for herself. She said its hard to give away. The baby atu kira dirinya and she felt its hers. That was the story, and the rest i pikir sendiri lah. How to be creatif jika terjadi nya like that? haha!!

Bukan senang tapi ... jika disertakan dengan niat yang baik, yeah why not boleh jadi mungkin.

Yang satu tetap kecewa.. tapi yang lain nya lain cerita. Masing masing punya pendapat tersendiri..

Doa 'buruk' sesama Muslim?

Thumbs up. What actually happen? Tidak kan sampai sebegitu. Apabila i terbaca dalam keratan akhbar Mingguan, wah.. ya kah kata pada hati ia sampai begitu. Memang sepatutnya kita sesama Muslim hendak lah berdoa untuk kesejahteraan bersama bukan sebaliknya.

Keratan nya :-

Biasa nya doa itu adalah untuk mengharap kebaikan, namun lain pula dengan penyokong Pas. Mereka berdoa untuk mengharapkan keburukan sesama muslim.

Perkara itu jelas menerusi sepanduk dibawa yang tertera perkataan 'Ya Allah, kau hancurkanlah UMNO, BN, sepertimana Kau hancurkan tentera-tentera ahzab, Kau berikanlah kemenangan kepada Islam sebagai menangnya para nabi-MU, Amin'.

Soalannya, adakah UMNO itu bukan Islam? Astaghfirullahalazim..

Mingguan Malaysia Pg.15 - Ahad 23 Januari 2011.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


i was talking to my friend on the phone tadi petang. Ya lah about bisnes itu bisnes ini.. cerita punya cerita, sekali i said eh... aku pun ada satu bisnes nie jua. Aku kan put ME on eBay. haha.. Ketawa ia. Sakit kali parut nya ketawa. I can't see but i can hear lah.

I said i want to put ME on eBay. Sekali nya ah? Untuk apa? Kan jual diri kah? .. hahah!! I said inda eh. I said, tadi tengahari i was thinking about this pregnancy of other couple's baby bah. So i said.. why not if there are couple out there yang having problem kan beranak, tapi kaya tapi inda mampu kan beranak di sebabkan kesihatan. Telor ada from both of them, why not i beranakan. Insert in me macam treatment IVF atu. Then i beranakkan. Semantara muda ani.

Kan di apa jua kalau sudah tua, inda jua dapat beranak. Semantara sihat. Yang inda di pakai untuk buat anak, so tolong orang lah yang kan mau anak tapi inda dapat beranak. I would be happy jua i said to help.

Aaahhhhh!!!! katanya creatif jua me ani. Hahhah... berakal banar jua nya.. hahha.. But i said, baik jua niat menolong. Why not make a couple happy jua for a child. ...
Ada yang comment inda mau anak orang kan di lahirkan, but hey.. kalau muda and mampu beranak, and your husband inda mau beranak sebab alasan alasan inda jua munasabah.. sebab to me rezeki datangnya dari Allah and seorang anak ada rezeki dari nya jua. So daripada inda pakai, lama lama jadi cancer, baik gunakan kalau dapat beranak menolong jua.

Memang jua hard to give after beranak atu. Because ada segala uri kan. But barangkali kalau di sertakan dengan niat yang sesungohnya mungkin di ringangan kan urinya. Semuanya dengan kehendak Illahi jua. I don't know lah.. Belum pernah buat. Just i was thinking kalau ada yang think that way.

Bukan jua. Ada jua bini bini yang beranakkan anak dari laki laki yang bukan pun suaminya. Ada .. ganya inda kedengaran. Kalau ada pun, inda jua keluarga kan bising. Its okay bila dapat di terima and di jaga, tapi kalau di buang dalam sampah etc etc ..

Tapi ada jua lelaki yang inda sadar yang anak atu bukan anaknya. Ada jua drama drama lah, movie lah.. yang mempunyai cerita like this. So meaning bukan di sini saja. Di negeri lainnya pun ada. So atu memang berdosa lah. Mun kawin sama laki laki ani, tapi beranak kan anak laki laki lain. OPS!! No comment.

So.. kalau dapat like that, okay jua kalau mempunyai pikiran creatif like me.. Heheh... Minta permission lah from your suami, kalau dapat di gunakan perut atu untuk di isi dengan anak couple (mean telor lelaki and telor perempuannya) in your tummy.. And maybe he will terbuka hati untuk have a baby with you..

Bangang my friend tarus.. haha.. hey, i meant well.


'I am glad you're mine.' - Yes that's how i felt about love.
Whenever i said i am lonely, i felt cold, i felt we are not
connected, i felt you're far, i felt no connection at all mean i
need to be TOUCH.

Yes i have to admit, that is a confession indeed from me. I love
to be TOUCH. It is impossible for me if there's no TOUCH. It is
impossible for me to be in a good emotional feeling when
there's no TOUCH.

I thought i am gila to have that feeling. Rupanya when i read
this article jua CLOSENESS THROUGH TOUCHING. Rupanya ada
jua.. i terus baca lah. I really thought i ani gila. Seriously.

Because you know why? One half think touching is nothing. But
not only my one half lah, the article pun ada cerita that this
couple yang husbandnya work as an accountant pun inda
TOUCH wife nya until only when he want to sex her up.. Haha!!
then the wife have no feelings at at because she felt no love.

topic to share lah. Mana lah tau you pun got this problem
about inda kena TOUCH oleh your hubby or your wife.. )

In marriage or relationship, many couples will come to find in
time that because of the absense of 'little things' (non-sexual,
loving TOUCHES), the big things (sexual intercourse) become
MONOTONOUS and more of a DUTY than PLEASURE.

Sex is a pleasure to me not a duty lah. Boring if it become a
duty. It should be like the first time hit and bang thing,
unbelievable moment, with all those style and actions, need to
be infront of the mirror .. why not? Or perhaps bending over in
the toilet.. or sitting on top, or whatever .. haha, i let you
imagine your first moment of that ever SUPER FEELING HEAT ..

Bah i continue lagi.. sambongan dari Duty than Pleasure. On a

ONE'S FEELING. A simple squeeze of your partner's hand could
say 'i'm glad you're mine'. Whereas genly brushing the hair
away from his or her fae could interpreded as 'i just love gazing
at you'. deliberate, loveing touches can reach places in no better
way to say 'i truly love you'. 'i cherish you. You complete me' or
even 'i'm sorry' through touch.

Other than strengthening a marriage, non sexual, physical
communication when executed with sincerity builds trust,
extends comfort and increases INTIMACY.

and brings about warm fuzzy, BONDING DESIRE. Oxytocin also
known as the 'CUDDLE HORMONE'! haha.. sweet.

Here some tips.

Humans thrive on TOUCH. That include ME.. i am HUMAN TOO. i

Hold hands when you wal together.

Sit close to one another both publicly and privately.

Kiss and take time to enjoy the act of kisssing just for the fun
of it.

Allow your mate to rest his headon your lap while you gently
stroke his hair or massage his scalp. Don't get offended if he happens to doze off! heheh..

cuddle and give gentle strokes to one another while watching

Hug regularly and whenever possible, make it last longer.


Psst... i read this from HER WORLD. For MARRIED COUPLE ONLY. Tq.


While i cut and chopped the chicken, word PREGNANCY cross my mind. With all the news we heard about babies found here and there, died eaten by dogs, ants, in the swamp etc.. i am sad. so INHUMAN. Killing your baby. Killing the unborn. So INHUMAN.

There are people who wants to have children, but did't have that chance, yet you can, but just destroy it. How INHUMAN is that? People paid thousands and thousands of dollars just to be pregnant. Wow!!

You have that privilege but you don't appreciate it. People who don't have that privilege just hope and pray to God that their wish of having a baby would come true. And there is you .. confident not wanting and even to the extend killing the unborn or even have the heart to leave the newborn in the bin. Where is your heart?

Actually i wanted to share what was in my mind tadi. It was about Orang Betiankan Anak untuk couple yang inda dapat beranak. In my mind just now while preparing lunch. haha.. funny but i did't laugh.

Okay.. is there anybody who really wanted to have a baby but... I know there are ways to be pregnant now, but what if you have that problem, you and your husband cannot conceive, but still have the sperms? And also you as a woman nada place to put that sperm in your woumb? You have everything in this world, and just did't have that oppurtunity to give birth? Get me?

Okay, would you consider like having another woman (anybody) to carry that baby for you? Like she's healthy overall, and all you have to do is to take your husband's sperm and your sperm and insert it in another woman's boday. How's that?

Okay i am going to stop here. I will wait if there are people who really really don't have that opportunity would consider? Or the another woman's body to consider too? On both side.. How's that ah?

Let say this couple got married, but husband is not interested to have a baby. Not interested to have a baby because of economic problem. Let say.. at the age, and in counting after that pence, and after that not enough to support the baby's education later on etc.. etc.. the reason lah. Then the woman just feel like not complete. I wonder jua if the husband would allow the wife to carry another couples babies inside her? or what?

Okay.. the woman want to do something in her life otherwise just not complete as a woman. What's the purpose of being a woman, knowing you can give birth and not using it. okay. So this woman wonder.. if there are a couple out there who wants to have baby and used her to plant those sperm and help deliver their child?

I ask you - for ladies only. - Would you let yourself to deliver another couples' baby when you know you are healthy but you and your husband is not expecting a child in this marriage or you can't be bothered? (what a question..)

Me? entah ah. When i was chopping the chicken, why not. It will help others to fullfill their dream. I think. YOu? Would you? For me it would be a good feeling yea.

Oh.. complicated ah.. but okay. It is not impossible.. but still i don't know really if there are people out there who want to do that too. Haha.. ! i let you imagine.

Bercinta bersama Suami Orang..

"salam kak zura...
kak maaf mgangu...
aku ane kn minta pndpt kta O pengalaman kta tentang mslh yg aku hadapi msane....
aku ane bcnta ma laki urg...
phubungan kmi jauh dh...
smpai kn k tahap hidup Bmadu...
ikutkn ati aku nda rela plg hidup bmadu p d sbbkn bini nya nda mhu d ceraikn jdi tpksa lh aku ane menerima...
kak..sblum pnikahan ane tjdi...aku kn tnya...
lau ati berat tuk bmadu..adakah aku hrus mneruskan pnikahan ane Atau dbtalkn....
adakah hidup Bmadu ane akan kekal...kak tolong aku...."

Psst.. this is an example. I like the bit where the husband said - my wife inda mau di ceraikan. Simple saja. Talak di tangan lelaki. Kalau kan bebini baru, ceraikan saja bini yang ada. Siapa sanggup sharing. Entah kali kalau bini nya tau ia berskandal, minta cerai kali ah. Inda jua bini kan menahan laki, kalau sudah laki becinta dan MADLY INLOVE dengan scandal sampai kan kawin.

Nafsu susah nak control kalau iman tak kuat. Now i know what it meant. When i was young, i never understood why divorce happen, why people couple argue and never solve problem until scandal sana sini. That was when i was young.

When i was young, i also thought that i can make someone to love you instead to love others for a long time. I learn a lot as i grew. But FEELING INLOVE ani bukan dapat di control control. If nya ada FEELING arah orang lain, ooooooo cannot di control, rasa FEELING CINTA NYA kuat, lebih kuat than cinta nya yang ada.. that's it. And that's the time when i realized, there will be no hope to tahan tahan to make him to love me anymore. Let it be. Let it fly. If it that love comes back then its yours. If not it will never be yours. So be it for me.

I imagine ... i am married now. I also have problems in my marriage. I don't talk about it. It looks perfect kan. hahah!!! Yes.. Nobody in this world is perfect, otherwise it would be boring. But i am sure there are ways to communicate to solve it. There shouldn't be pressure in sloving this matter. But when you know, you felt it is just not working, its just it. Like you are hanging and you're confused. But this..

I don't know. When i received this text, i hope this girl sincerely wants to ask for my advice, of course i would give the best. But that's for me. Knowing i have been through what she has been through. But i wount know how she sees it because she'S INLOVE WITH SOMEBODYS' HUSBAND.

What if this girl is scandaling with your or my husband? Like girl nowdays is so berakal now right. Wanting to ask me, but yet screwing with my husband. Just wanted to know how a wife felt. Barangkali saja nie. But then again, banar banar, i don't think wife would want the husband to have an affair.

You know to the extend, wife can feel and know, but pretend not to know. Just don't want to create something that create tension in the relationship while other taking advantage with that 'love' that should be with the wife. Ketawa tia. But you know what, you feel good now, but you will feel the misery later.

It all depends with wives. I am speaking for myself. I am not that bad looking. I can cook. I can iron. I work and etc. But if my husband having an affair, and he wanted to marry again, i would be mad of course, but i will not stop him. I want a divorce because i don't think i can live mendendam. I rather be single again, and who knows someone out there want you for who you are. Again this is so traditional.. When i said, i want a divorce, because i wanted to give that girl a chance to live with the man she choose. And to fully love him truly and him fully focus and love her too. No split feeling. I don't want my husband to tell the girl that i don't want to have the divorce, and i am the problematic one. hahah... Yet ... okay.

That is a good feeling to have. But how long? When a man cannot make a decision on his marriage, his so into other woman yet he have his own, and didn't see anything good about her, well.. we shall see how he live his life. One .. two.. three.. four.. exit.. two .. three.. and so on sampai ke tua. Just don't make sense.

So anyway, when there's a woman out there having an affair with someone husband, and that guy is telling you 'my wife inda mau di divorce'... yet he is screwing you, not even meeting your family to stand on his feet and ask your for marriage, well... DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME for him. In marriage it would be worst. He probably marry your for pity. He pity you, he marry you. He wount have children with you, but just pity. Simply PITY.

He love his wife, his children and you? Just an extra .. haha!! Just INTERFRAME saja. Yet he is actually happy when he told you he is not happy at home. His wife just yakidiyak.. yakidiyak.. and he couldn't stand her. Yet he is still married to her.

Look again woman. You're beautiful. Why waste for a man that's just going to waste you, your beauty, your time and everything of you. Wait till you marry him.. it would be different. Hahah!!! Serious.

SoulMate is hard to find. But you will know when you are one when you're with him and he knows it too... And its not just you, its been around. And tell me, how many are happy, like really happy after that without sakit hati. haha!! Ooo

to be continued...

I am feeling down right now. I can't control my emotional feeling. I feel lonely right now. I wish i have someone to talk to. But hey.. I will be okay. Hahah!! Gila kan.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Good Afternoon...

How's you day today?

Before i forget, i would like to congrats to those who gave your time to exercise this morning. Now makin ramai orang exercise. Remember when you exercise in the morning, don't eat breakfast. Just drink water. And have those bottles handy incase you thirsty.

Okay.. After exercise of course you can eat. But jangan lah yang berlemak.. HUHU.. that don't help at all. So exercise in the morning is a good choice but to eat berlambak with berlemak after that, not. You know what i mean? Okay.. cool.

So i did my walk this morning. 6am - bangun of course text my friend to make sure she bangun jua. And good yes .. I woke up at 3ish am and wonder jua sounds like raining outside. I wonder.. mmm.. jadi kah inda ni karang kan exercise.. haha. And you know what? My friend pun think the same rupanya. We walk 10 round tadi. Good. Very good. Weather was perfect this morning. Cantik sekali.

Balik.. stop at the restaurant minum jap. Yes.. baru tah boleh breakfast. I bought newspapers. One terbitan Media Permata and the other one Malaysia punya. Very interesting. The other one terbitan MEDIA TERKINI Malaysia punya.

Wah..!! on front page NAFSU DIIKAT BEKAS TUNANG... SUAMI DISIHIR KEKASIH.. ETC. Bari ijap jua. Rupanya masih ada yang mengamalkan SIHIR. You know SIHIR IS MURTAD jadi nya kan. SIHIR IS BLACK MAGIC.

So berita hangat sekali. Control NAFSU.. that's cruel. But when you in that condition then you wount see it as cruel but instead Yes.. aku control nafsu nya and ketawa lah..(puas hati) like what Syaitan wanted you to do..

Ya Allah..

Yesterday i took blood test and i got my result last night. Good very good. But cholesterol tinggi sikit, just by plus one. So.. i need to control it and to be more careful on what i eat.

When i got my the result, tefikir and wondered - what about the people yang tinggi cholestrol etc .. do they care about it jua kah? I ever ask .. orang orang yang ada problem in health, are they worried?

When you're sick, you don't know who can look after you. Pebaik tia anak or orang tua, do they have time to look after you? Or maybe pembantu rumah saja yang ada with you? Do they think awal, that its not fun being admitted in the hospital? Sakit ada and waking up in the early morning kena inject or di inject untuk mengambil darah? Its not fun.. sakit ada. But why not take good care now then its too late?

Eventually someone will tell me that penyakit and whatever datang nya dari Allah, terima saja dengan reda. Well.. i have a different way of thinking than the people who told me that. How about you?

I know we are all for Allah.. And whatever is from Allah. Yes.. but penyakit?? That also from Allah but do we have to be pasrah and not do anything about it? And when people like me ask you, why you don't look after yourself, and are you the one to answer THIS PENYAKIT FROM ALLAH MAKA PASRAH LAH???

Okay.. if you say YES .. good for you. But if you say NO, good for you jua. People have a different way meliat kehidupan ani. I see it this way, and you see it that way, i see it that way and you see it this way..

I am at work now. Khutbah Jumaat is on now. I am glad i am in Brunei, all the station is live with Khutbah Jumaat on air now. That's is one kelebihan Brunei Radio Station have that other countries nada tu. Its nice to hear sermon like this so we all sedar when almost inda sedar in our life. Maklum lah..

Like listening to ceramah, mengingat Allah.. sudah kawin, mata harus di jaga for perempuan. Tapi mendrive, melintas tia kereta ani, kereta hebat, looks pun hebat, WOW!! nah.. sudah bedosa kan? You see, we all say we sedar, tapi sometime we got carried away. Iblis dan Syaitan sentiasa on our side to pull us to be with them and this is the IMAN MESTI KUAT mean to us.. sentiasa dalam IMAN dalam apa jua. Memang inda dapat lari dari all that, but yes this is my point, when Khutbah Jumaat is airing, it makes us sedar .. Alhamdulillah.

Psst.. kadang ada jua katanya yang berIMAN atu, tapi bila kena hon, or orang drive inda tantu depan mata, sudah tia tujuk tangan TUMBOK TUMBOK arah orang. Ada tia lagi menyumpah.. ada tia lagi yang buat muka GARANG and ada jua yang kan beranti konon kan meluruskan kali and ..... banyak lah. So ia lah.. inda salah lah kalau sama sama saling menyedari.

Anyway, i be off soon. You take care ya. Though sometimes i said to myself, who siapa yang i said to take care ani.. haha. I wish i know. But hey if you are out there and reading this, yes.. you take care.

Friday, January 14, 2011


That day was something. Yes been working in that line for what.. 13 years now? I have never work in one place for that long. I must have enjoyed working there too. It is something ah.

When i was young and fast (ahoy!!! tia fast..) and curious and of course, i don't see working is important to me. And i wonder why was it not important to me? I prefer to do business instead. I was irresponsible (whose not? ... don't lie eh) , and i just have dream to become successful. I don't know in what line of work, but that one day i will achieve something.

Never plan what i wanted to do and to be. Actually ada, but that no comment lah. Just plain thinking, without knowing what will be going along with me. What and how i will become. Why type of person i would be among my friends and families. I just never think of that. Purely innocent. Clear and nothing to worry or make worry. Just straight on...

Just as horrible as you have gone through, yes i did too. But lucky you who just go all the way without anything in your way. That's not me. I have lots to tell, but hey this is how i become. You like it or not, this is me.

Story at the Uni..

I was invited and sat for a good time for judging. Funny, i tried to imagine if it were me there sitting there and being judge. If i were their age long long time ago, well i would have not been prepared and i would not take things seriuosly. I would have said the same thing too. Since i can see what they couldn't , then that makes me, or us different than them. Always wanted the best for every single one of them, and this be a good use one day in the future. Personality and being open minded is good to have in you. Narrow minded would just kill you. Try to see things in every different corners of the world and you will see and understand and it will answer to your questions too. But bare in mind, that not all questions have the answers and that's where you have to live up and common sense lah comes in.

You're good in something, and you probably not good in other things. Can you multitask? Well.. don't ever put that in your CV if you wanted to work where ever when it need you to multitask. Haha.. But hey again... (Rain heavily outside..)

Talking about rain ani, in at 1.30pm and out at about almost 7pm. Rain heavily during the time judging and out rain was pouring. I wore that most expensive new shoes.. heheh, not so lah, but my latest collection that is so hard to get the color my size and the heels i wanted, so i told my friend that if it rain, i will remove and walk barefooted. Truely so.. i did. Dark, i didn't want to think about what i am stepping on, all i care was my shoes are now safe and dry in my handbag. Hahah!! Do you do that too?

I will not take the risk of wetting my shoes eh.. My kaki basah, i can wash and dry em. But my shoes, telakap saja karang and rosak tia if i walk in the rain with it.. But Zura... that's what you need shoes for...

Oh! Latest news.... i heard ada orang membali kasut di Spore harga $1500.00!!!! Yang tapaknya merah atu kah???? hehhe.... Nude color lagi. Wowow!!! Nice. That if i yang punya, well... well... well.... i frame saja kali. Heheh.


I got to share you this. To remove blackheads, you only need tomatoes. Peel and rub it onto your face. How easy is that hah? ...

psst... i saw that on TV and thought of sharing it with you.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

about DIET..

Okay you go for exercise. But don't take only an apple for dinner. And after exercise you took the electrolyte drink. It has sugar too you know. So that if too much in the body, become fat. That's why when you do exercise end up drinking up that sort of drink, well... you will never see changes. That's what i always heard from people. Why not opt for just plain water. Just water?

Eating a balance diet with exercise is important. Sometimes i too forget to eat vegetables. Just fish or meat or chicken. But i know i miss it, the next day i will take vegetables. I never miss my green tea and also never miss my ice blended Mocha. How's that? I seldom eat rice. But i do eat. I ate bananas too.. and red apples. Now i know i can make kerabu apple. Wow!!! Wonderful ya.

Anyway, if you think you're too fat, don't take drastic diet. You feel you're heavy and feel fat, try to find out how to slowly kill those fats. Now i am fat in some part of my body. My legs are okay.. my arm just okay. But i have a problem with my tummy. And i am sure you have certain areas are fat and some just normal. So when my friend saw me, Zura you look kurus. Kurus? mm.. i said nop. I am fat. Of course they don't know where the fat is lah.. hahah.

When you feel fat, and you're really fat, don't be malu lah. Its either you make yourself fat or your bones structure are big and you got so many isi and you become fat. Now.. when you know you are, why don't do something about it. You know being fat is not healthy, it sqeeze everything inside you body ie. your organs and that is not healthy at all.

Okay.. Diet. Don't do crash diet. You die. Seriously. Meaning penyakit obviously be on its way to mess up your body. So you don't want to do that. What your friends do might work on them but it don't work on you. We may look the same, but we are not the same. That's why, we all all different blood type, different size of kidneys etc.. a lot more. So don't think what your friends do mean you can too and it will give the same results. But what you can do, when they do, you can do whatever however way your way you do. Mean, you have to be confortable with what you eat, what you do when you do your exercise etc. Having friends with yes, its nice, but that doesn't mean you have to follow what and how they do their things.

So, please opt for good food for breakfast, morning snacks, lunch, afternoon snacks, and dinner. Try to avoid supper. All that drink at least 8 big glasses of water that excluding juices etc. Exercise at least 5 times a week, and do a different one if you have too if you want to.

Too much sugar and carbo when not needed in the body become fats. So When you take too many than your body needed, it stored to become fats. And worst would be you are at high risk for diabetes. I am not an expert but just something i know and would like to share with you. Don't deprived your body of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that it needs. Our body know how to react when it have too much. That's why we go to the toilets. Poo or Pee .. yes. Or sweat it out.

My sister in-law lost 5 kg just avoiding carbs in her meal. Wow.. wonderful. How you could do the same. Know your food pyrmid.What to eat less and what to eat more. So you can eat whatever you want, again portion. Make sure you knows your limit. Eat healthy. Balance diet. Drink a 8 glasses of water and do your exercise. Don't give execuses to be healthy. Its your life. Its you... oh, Fruits and vegetables is a MUST in your daily diet. You don't like vegetables or fruits, well try to take the organic supplements equivalent to the amount needed everyday.. and always pray and doa for a good health.

pssst... how people did it, that doesn't mean you will get the same results. Consults your dietition or nutritionist about what to do and how to be healthy. I am sure they surely will help you. As long as you do what they tell you to do and in addition to that, do try to look into some websites about good food, good health and how to prepare and cook your food etc.. I hope that help.

Good luck.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


You want to make someone smile.. Okay i share with you. I was in the elevator the other day and one officer ask ... i don't know him but he just ask me...

Apa yang laju?
I said don't know.
Peluru.. he said.

You ask your friend

Apa yang laju?
jawapannya: PELURU!

The officer ask me lagi.. okay carry on

Apa yang perlahan?
mmmm... i said don't know. (inda sporting kan.. haha. Mind you i was not ready to mengerakkan minda, i have something in my mind, but anyway... )


You ask your friend

Apa yang perlahan?

Jawapan : Psst... (say it slow and mengirit irit... ) answernya .. masih PELURU. P... E.... L... U... R... U...

:)!!! Selamat mencoba untuk membuatkan ia senyum..

i LIKE THIS.. yoU Like IT TOO?


psst.. hahah!


Jangan melihat dari cermin mata sendiri, lihat juga dari cermin mata yang lain. Jangan sampai lain kata cermin lah dulu diri sendiri..


Monday, January 10, 2011


Touch the line once you reach the trafik light ler... Don't stop before the line. Must be on the line. Red light turn to green when you're there. Believe or not, you try first and let me know. Okay...

Psst.. you see why the trafik light takes so long to trun green, because you see their car didn't reach the line.. line ... line.. Wanted to play safe stop before the line, not so. Bah try dulu.. Good luck.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Jangan sombong dengan kemampuan yang ada pada diri untuk mencipta nama .. Gunakan lah kemampuan untuk banyak membantu dan menolong orang orang yang tidak berkemampuan.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Missed my Tuesday..

Ops.. ia tah kan. 365 supposed it be. But no internet service for me yesterday. So many to say. You know what happen? Big black Scorpion on the bed crawling. Maybe it thought the brown sheet is the earth. Haha!! Not funny you know. My first time to see black scorpion as big as you palm. Mmmm my palm not yours. So that's big for me for a scorpion.

Oh.. i got a call yesterday too. Wow.. no comment. Hehhe. Not that interesting. But interesting to me and some of us. Bah ... later. I am with my colleague now. Working.. Happy working to you. Enjoy your day today berabiz cause you know it will not come again...


Monday, January 3, 2011

School starts today..

Oh yes. Back to usual. January .. school opens. Parents sending to school in the morning for the morning school. Some drive like they own the street, the road. When i send my son to school, this car infront of me drives really slow. I asked myself tadi, why people tend to drive too slow or sometime too fast and not following the speed limits there is? You know lah.. like that i like to ask kan. Then i think again, oh sama jua when you want people to stop smoking, they will not stop but on purpose smoke lagi infront of you. Or when you are not allowed to smoke in public area, ada jua yang gagah atu smoke kan. So .... you figure it out lah what type of people they are and i are and you are.. aiseh. Ada lyric lagu tu.

Looks mendong jua but sunny jua. A combination of both making you unsure to wash clothes or not. Oh.. did i tell you i watched the Black Swan? You know what? Hiya.. bari ijap jua kan capai cita cita to be the perfect Black Swan atu.. deep meaning. Scarry if you really menghayati nya. Gila banar. She would kill to be the Queen Swan atu. OMG.. ada jua tu di opis-opis kitani, yang gila kan pangkat. Not giving chances to people walaupun they know they don't have a chance jua. Tapi Black Swan ani, she got the part and will not let go. In opis-opis, got a small pangkat, but want to die with you down with you if had too as long as you don't go beyond. Sebab too got black magic. Sihir just untuk pangkat. Mun 200% go to heaven doing that, siapa pun inda mau. But HELL ... thank you. Yang inda puas hati buat lah black magis labu labu kan parut orang sampai mati. OMG sampai like that. Puas tah hati tu.. OMG sama mati bunuh diri .. so murtad already. Garenti .. you know lah.

When you do all that, inda tia challenging. You know you will will forever tia. And that's no fun. What to live for when there's no fun and challange? Coba tah you think about it. Ada yang kana labu parut, ada yang survive tapi ada jua yang mati. Yang mati bersedih lah keluarga but yang membuat nya sampai like that ke mati, ketawa kali. Tapi ingat, diri bakal mati jua. Tapi inda lah seindah mati yang di buat nya pada seseorang atu. Mungkin di beri rasa rasa yang dashyat or tarus di beri mati and dalam kubus saja seksa nya. Inda mata tani nampak, tapi we sort of know ya. But is that what you want? Ask yourself lah.

If you do that to people, make sure you don't have families. What if your own daughter or your own son or some you love so dearly di buat like that? You belum tau sebab you belum rasa. So think think think many many many ...hahah .. pikir puas puas lah sebelum bertindak. Back to the Black Swan, she thought she kill... but deep in her she will kill no matter what.. as long as puas. But at the end.. Wow!!

Breakfast sudah? I am going to fish market later to buy prawn. I want to make prawn rebus, buy vegetables and fruits. I thought of fasting today, but inda tah jua jadi. Maybe Thursday i fast. I want to start fasting every Monday and Thursday. Bayar fast yang belum di bayar. And then the rest be a normal day. How about YOU?

Sunday, January 2, 2011


To all my beautiful children, i praise Allah for giving me all of you. I keep my prayer that Allah grant us every beautiful dreams and shower all of us, our family circle and all our love ones with wisdom, success, good health, wealth, endless blessings, love, joy, peace and protections from now and as the new year 2011 begins till eternity. Amin..

Have a good morning and enjoy the new day with lots of love, big bear hugs and kisses from mom. Don't forget to raise your two hands and stay silent for a few minutes to praise to Allah Almighty, in your deepest heart for giving us what we have and appreciate every moment and may all those moment has its special purpose. Amin...

Mom loves you always ... You're always my baby..


Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.. i love the movie!!!!! Playfully romantic. :0)

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Slept until 9am. Half slept until 12pm. Helew... baik. Mangasoh mata. Baru ia. Went to Serasa.Families picnics.. pakai merah lagi. The chosen color to start 2011. Hot tu eh. Haha.. Went home another nap. Oh makan.. yes makan at restaurant next to the Yatch Club Serasa. Nice.. got jamming but not jamming jua kali tadi atu. Just doing the practise jamming kali. Yup.. but nice. That guy knows what he's doing with that keyboard. Very good.

Home nap for 20 minutes. Now joining families and children at the pool in one of the house. Calm.. yes now weather calm. Sun down.. i wonder raining kah petang ani? Well.. can't give you the answer to that. You see.. today is today, still a mystery, apa lagi tomorrow. You can planbut not sure it will go your way. Sometimes ya it will most of the time, nop. You got to struggle lah, but at the end if you can take it, yes you survive for the day.

Me? updating my bolg. M looking out and thinking. What today and tommorow going to be like. But hey.. i hope things goes well, we all dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik dan sentiasa dalam lindungan Allah.

I am going to watch BLACK SWAN dulu..

Psst.. i watched the AFC Jamie buat tomatoo salad. Wah simple and delicious eh. Red tomatoo, slice, parsley, cherry vinegar, sprinkle of salt and sea salt ... and i forgot the one item atu. Slice and add to the tomato jua. Nice..

If you got chicken kah, or red meat kah pusu kah or whateve lah, deep fry it with olive oil sekajap, then add the cherry vineger and then pour into the tomatoo. Jangan semua.. some of the oil yang labih atu you can keep in a jam jar and use it when you plan to deep fry meat. Add it and you will taste the unbelivable taste... Heheh.. Just a bit to share.

Babak akhir 31.12.2010

10.50pm ..

M eating 6 to 8 pcs of chicken wings. One slice of meat (wrong cut against the urat and karas kalau dipotong and di makan) and one just nice cut of lamb. Yummy. Australian chop. I must say balik balik nyaman berabiz. Rugi you inda rasa, just imagine saja. I will allow that ya to imagine saja. Very juicy.

No problem. Wasn't a good minute just now at home before we join them. About golf? Huh?? Playing golf tomorrow? No way. But what to do. But its okay.. mad me oleh nya. But its okay. Who would want to play golf on new year pagi? Who don't want to be with family? Bangang ku tarus eh. But its okay.. let it be. Heheh..

Mom at home and sleeping early. Told us to take care tonite.. The rest just at home like a normal day for this New Year. Yup another year. Clebrating berabiz pun still the same year but have we achieve what we want in 2010 or there just going to be another same year for this 2011? .. Sampat lagi tu berkata-kata and menyoal yoal.

Hey, guess what nah? I asked about the lamb tadi. Apparently baru di keluarkan from freezer at 7.30pm. And defrost until 10.30pm. Marinated for half hour and on the bbq grill at 11pm. Wah.. the taste so yummy walaupun without sauce. That's what i called a good home bbq-ing. Usually sauce or gravy for extra taste but inda eh.. no need. Weldone chef nya semalam atu eh.. !!

Daging cedera ceritanya sini. But lamb, so perfect. So lupa kan daging. Lamb nice as it is. 12 ammakan. Before that i make my own drink. Kasturi ice. 3 biji kasturi, sugar a bit in hot water and add ice cubes. nice. And enjoying my food and drinks. Simple very simple. Without loud music from TH tajal tajal tengah halaman rumah. Little River Band Greatest Hits Album eh. - 12.16am now..

Tadi children ready with plastic guns dorang. Color bright orange withe sponge bullet khusus untukinda menyakitkan bila di tembakkan to other people... plastic sniper (lurus kah inda jua spell nyatu.. ) Exact 12 am.. boy oh boy, bunyi dentuman bunga api, wah.. basar bunyi nya toh.. basar jua bungaapi nya. Hahah.. kaya kaya. I m sure orang yang pasang bunga api atu beli untuk satu kampong and mana mana yang boleh nampak lah jua.

Like a terrorist ... aiseh. Like a shooting ground. Can you imagine. Everybody with their own watergun, plastic sniper with sponge bullets shooting up to the sky once the NEW YEAR 2011 ... Haha... cali bah. We adults just watching ani and senyum, ketawa ada jua. You know why? Because dengan penoh semangat ani bah. Haha.. after that form a group, group a and group b lah. All over halaman and garden rumah. Haha... all wet at the end. Imagine water gun yang basar. Bukan yang damit like the old times dulu... Hoaha.. no.. no.. the big one. Ada yang sampai mentorch-torch di garden to look for the bullet. Orange color jua.

....... Gila!! ops. I was reading the album cover the history of the Greatest Hits album ah, and one bullet... ahem.. the sponge orange bullet kena tembakkan to my kepala. Who??? haha.. you knowwho. Ketawa ia lapas atu. Inda cali for me toh. But i was like... HEY!!! and saw him there ketawa, okay... that's not funny. Oh so me yang pemarah. Who wouldn't? YOi would too if you were readingand i shoot you or humban batu. Hahahhahhahah!!! nah, if that was me, then funny kali.

Teriak teriak ... Haa! Loud loud and music in the air. What type of music? .. late 70s and 80sremind me Jamiroquai... THREE TO GO!! (voice from my back) PASS PASS!!! Hahaha...! Different crowd this year. And me yes writing my story. Ada yang bercerita about cooking and eating. Ada yang running around on the compound. Some playing games on ITouch ...
ahem. and some playing army. Some di belakang rumah, enjoying the entertainment from the neighbour's houseada kareoke, lepas orang bebadak tomorrow kawin nya.. 1.1.2011??? Hellew.. and the morning just end at 2.30am.. home for everybody.

Cerita the last of 31.12.2010! and WELCOME TO 2011.