Saturday, January 1, 2011

Babak akhir 31.12.2010

10.50pm ..

M eating 6 to 8 pcs of chicken wings. One slice of meat (wrong cut against the urat and karas kalau dipotong and di makan) and one just nice cut of lamb. Yummy. Australian chop. I must say balik balik nyaman berabiz. Rugi you inda rasa, just imagine saja. I will allow that ya to imagine saja. Very juicy.

No problem. Wasn't a good minute just now at home before we join them. About golf? Huh?? Playing golf tomorrow? No way. But what to do. But its okay.. mad me oleh nya. But its okay. Who would want to play golf on new year pagi? Who don't want to be with family? Bangang ku tarus eh. But its okay.. let it be. Heheh..

Mom at home and sleeping early. Told us to take care tonite.. The rest just at home like a normal day for this New Year. Yup another year. Clebrating berabiz pun still the same year but have we achieve what we want in 2010 or there just going to be another same year for this 2011? .. Sampat lagi tu berkata-kata and menyoal yoal.

Hey, guess what nah? I asked about the lamb tadi. Apparently baru di keluarkan from freezer at 7.30pm. And defrost until 10.30pm. Marinated for half hour and on the bbq grill at 11pm. Wah.. the taste so yummy walaupun without sauce. That's what i called a good home bbq-ing. Usually sauce or gravy for extra taste but inda eh.. no need. Weldone chef nya semalam atu eh.. !!

Daging cedera ceritanya sini. But lamb, so perfect. So lupa kan daging. Lamb nice as it is. 12 ammakan. Before that i make my own drink. Kasturi ice. 3 biji kasturi, sugar a bit in hot water and add ice cubes. nice. And enjoying my food and drinks. Simple very simple. Without loud music from TH tajal tajal tengah halaman rumah. Little River Band Greatest Hits Album eh. - 12.16am now..

Tadi children ready with plastic guns dorang. Color bright orange withe sponge bullet khusus untukinda menyakitkan bila di tembakkan to other people... plastic sniper (lurus kah inda jua spell nyatu.. ) Exact 12 am.. boy oh boy, bunyi dentuman bunga api, wah.. basar bunyi nya toh.. basar jua bungaapi nya. Hahah.. kaya kaya. I m sure orang yang pasang bunga api atu beli untuk satu kampong and mana mana yang boleh nampak lah jua.

Like a terrorist ... aiseh. Like a shooting ground. Can you imagine. Everybody with their own watergun, plastic sniper with sponge bullets shooting up to the sky once the NEW YEAR 2011 ... Haha... cali bah. We adults just watching ani and senyum, ketawa ada jua. You know why? Because dengan penoh semangat ani bah. Haha.. after that form a group, group a and group b lah. All over halaman and garden rumah. Haha... all wet at the end. Imagine water gun yang basar. Bukan yang damit like the old times dulu... Hoaha.. no.. no.. the big one. Ada yang sampai mentorch-torch di garden to look for the bullet. Orange color jua.

....... Gila!! ops. I was reading the album cover the history of the Greatest Hits album ah, and one bullet... ahem.. the sponge orange bullet kena tembakkan to my kepala. Who??? haha.. you knowwho. Ketawa ia lapas atu. Inda cali for me toh. But i was like... HEY!!! and saw him there ketawa, okay... that's not funny. Oh so me yang pemarah. Who wouldn't? YOi would too if you were readingand i shoot you or humban batu. Hahahhahhahah!!! nah, if that was me, then funny kali.

Teriak teriak ... Haa! Loud loud and music in the air. What type of music? .. late 70s and 80sremind me Jamiroquai... THREE TO GO!! (voice from my back) PASS PASS!!! Hahaha...! Different crowd this year. And me yes writing my story. Ada yang bercerita about cooking and eating. Ada yang running around on the compound. Some playing games on ITouch ...
ahem. and some playing army. Some di belakang rumah, enjoying the entertainment from the neighbour's houseada kareoke, lepas orang bebadak tomorrow kawin nya.. 1.1.2011??? Hellew.. and the morning just end at 2.30am.. home for everybody.

Cerita the last of 31.12.2010! and WELCOME TO 2011.

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