Friday, January 28, 2011


Been a busy week. Had lunch with mom, aunties and cousin. Now at home just cleaning the house, water plant and 'menyasah' towels. Been a busy week didn't have time to wash towels and also been raining. Weather not been friendly past weeks or so. Now ada got sun, menyasah lah. Towels most important.

Had lunch tadi i learn a lot. And a joke too. Funny.. Oh somehting i would like to share in my other write up after i am done with this one. Banyak cerita but the one that caught my attention, about amah. Amah mencuri segala seluar dalam, tudongs, bags etc.. kasut, dan bermacam macam lagi. Memakai barang kitani, like noone business. Apakan?

Over lunch, talked about amah here and amah there. I actually
plan to get amah. But amah nowdays bukan akan aman but
sebaliknya. Sama ada with PL or tabiat and sifat. Bila tah ada
amah yang membantu ani? Is it really that bad already kah that
amah have to curi and etc? Is it really that bad already that this
is makin meleluasa?

This is bad. Not only over lunch tadi, but coba tah when you and friends bejumpa, ask about amah? Who would be the one telling you or amah ku baik.. etc. When was the last time you hear that your amah ani baik sampai habis kontrak?

I want to mengambarkan you, taim menaip blog ani i am doing my laundry too. I did all the towels already. Now my own personal laundry. Tonight i will be working. So still.. still got time to wash. Tomorrow will be my special day, and i am only going to pamper myself. There will be no laundry, no cleaning, no washing dishes etc, just pampering myself. Yes that would be my gift for me.

Oh about the amah thing.. i wonder why we yang bawa pekerja luar that including amah, if them buat hal, we yang keluarkan all duit? Not only membayar gaji nya sebulan and ticket nya etc and if masok penjara we have to pay jua? Does that make sense kah? And how many of us here knows about this regulation?

Okay.. contoh if your amah mencuri, that's bad kan. Okay when bad, what do you do? I don't think you will let that amah to get away? This is not her country.. or amah kah pekebun kah driver kah or etc? ! Now continution nya.. say found guilty the amah atu kah, we will be ask to either deport or jail? If we choose to deport, how would you know that 'bad' people will be deported forever because we don't want others to be treated the same and to bayar so much for the bad one. Where as there are good one out there. And how would we know that this bad poeple wount pakai passport baru and enter lagi?

Ada yang perasaan ku kena deport but still ada jalan jalan here in our country you know? How's that? So what is our right? What is their right? Or we just keep quiet and do whatever we feel like doing?

Like make our own rules of solving this problem. When we make a report, its just a problem and if caught guilty, we be worst to face all the consequenses? Wow!!

Now wonder we hear advice from others that kalau amah beulah, antar tarus balik. Mean straight to the airport and send back?

So who should we seek help? That would be encouraging orang jahat bermastautin tu eh. What do you think? Has anyone think about this even?

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Subaihah (Hayati Ridzuan) said...

Zura, dear, what do you mean kalau amah masuk penjara we have to pay?
I found out my amah for these 3 days udah menyeluk duit from my wallet. I'm doing some online business, pkl. 2 orang bayar $70, kan maghrib, kan jalan keluar, $40 gone from my wallet!!! This morning saja, $10 lesap lagi..I'm thinking of jotting down serial no.s of each note to track them coz she always ask me to remit her money at middle of the month. Maybe this is her part time job.
Now any idea, where I can get cctv ? anybody knows which company rents it out?