Wednesday, January 12, 2011

about DIET..

Okay you go for exercise. But don't take only an apple for dinner. And after exercise you took the electrolyte drink. It has sugar too you know. So that if too much in the body, become fat. That's why when you do exercise end up drinking up that sort of drink, well... you will never see changes. That's what i always heard from people. Why not opt for just plain water. Just water?

Eating a balance diet with exercise is important. Sometimes i too forget to eat vegetables. Just fish or meat or chicken. But i know i miss it, the next day i will take vegetables. I never miss my green tea and also never miss my ice blended Mocha. How's that? I seldom eat rice. But i do eat. I ate bananas too.. and red apples. Now i know i can make kerabu apple. Wow!!! Wonderful ya.

Anyway, if you think you're too fat, don't take drastic diet. You feel you're heavy and feel fat, try to find out how to slowly kill those fats. Now i am fat in some part of my body. My legs are okay.. my arm just okay. But i have a problem with my tummy. And i am sure you have certain areas are fat and some just normal. So when my friend saw me, Zura you look kurus. Kurus? mm.. i said nop. I am fat. Of course they don't know where the fat is lah.. hahah.

When you feel fat, and you're really fat, don't be malu lah. Its either you make yourself fat or your bones structure are big and you got so many isi and you become fat. Now.. when you know you are, why don't do something about it. You know being fat is not healthy, it sqeeze everything inside you body ie. your organs and that is not healthy at all.

Okay.. Diet. Don't do crash diet. You die. Seriously. Meaning penyakit obviously be on its way to mess up your body. So you don't want to do that. What your friends do might work on them but it don't work on you. We may look the same, but we are not the same. That's why, we all all different blood type, different size of kidneys etc.. a lot more. So don't think what your friends do mean you can too and it will give the same results. But what you can do, when they do, you can do whatever however way your way you do. Mean, you have to be confortable with what you eat, what you do when you do your exercise etc. Having friends with yes, its nice, but that doesn't mean you have to follow what and how they do their things.

So, please opt for good food for breakfast, morning snacks, lunch, afternoon snacks, and dinner. Try to avoid supper. All that drink at least 8 big glasses of water that excluding juices etc. Exercise at least 5 times a week, and do a different one if you have too if you want to.

Too much sugar and carbo when not needed in the body become fats. So When you take too many than your body needed, it stored to become fats. And worst would be you are at high risk for diabetes. I am not an expert but just something i know and would like to share with you. Don't deprived your body of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that it needs. Our body know how to react when it have too much. That's why we go to the toilets. Poo or Pee .. yes. Or sweat it out.

My sister in-law lost 5 kg just avoiding carbs in her meal. Wow.. wonderful. How you could do the same. Know your food pyrmid.What to eat less and what to eat more. So you can eat whatever you want, again portion. Make sure you knows your limit. Eat healthy. Balance diet. Drink a 8 glasses of water and do your exercise. Don't give execuses to be healthy. Its your life. Its you... oh, Fruits and vegetables is a MUST in your daily diet. You don't like vegetables or fruits, well try to take the organic supplements equivalent to the amount needed everyday.. and always pray and doa for a good health.

pssst... how people did it, that doesn't mean you will get the same results. Consults your dietition or nutritionist about what to do and how to be healthy. I am sure they surely will help you. As long as you do what they tell you to do and in addition to that, do try to look into some websites about good food, good health and how to prepare and cook your food etc.. I hope that help.

Good luck.

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