Friday, January 14, 2011


That day was something. Yes been working in that line for what.. 13 years now? I have never work in one place for that long. I must have enjoyed working there too. It is something ah.

When i was young and fast (ahoy!!! tia fast..) and curious and of course, i don't see working is important to me. And i wonder why was it not important to me? I prefer to do business instead. I was irresponsible (whose not? ... don't lie eh) , and i just have dream to become successful. I don't know in what line of work, but that one day i will achieve something.

Never plan what i wanted to do and to be. Actually ada, but that no comment lah. Just plain thinking, without knowing what will be going along with me. What and how i will become. Why type of person i would be among my friends and families. I just never think of that. Purely innocent. Clear and nothing to worry or make worry. Just straight on...

Just as horrible as you have gone through, yes i did too. But lucky you who just go all the way without anything in your way. That's not me. I have lots to tell, but hey this is how i become. You like it or not, this is me.

Story at the Uni..

I was invited and sat for a good time for judging. Funny, i tried to imagine if it were me there sitting there and being judge. If i were their age long long time ago, well i would have not been prepared and i would not take things seriuosly. I would have said the same thing too. Since i can see what they couldn't , then that makes me, or us different than them. Always wanted the best for every single one of them, and this be a good use one day in the future. Personality and being open minded is good to have in you. Narrow minded would just kill you. Try to see things in every different corners of the world and you will see and understand and it will answer to your questions too. But bare in mind, that not all questions have the answers and that's where you have to live up and common sense lah comes in.

You're good in something, and you probably not good in other things. Can you multitask? Well.. don't ever put that in your CV if you wanted to work where ever when it need you to multitask. Haha.. But hey again... (Rain heavily outside..)

Talking about rain ani, in at 1.30pm and out at about almost 7pm. Rain heavily during the time judging and out rain was pouring. I wore that most expensive new shoes.. heheh, not so lah, but my latest collection that is so hard to get the color my size and the heels i wanted, so i told my friend that if it rain, i will remove and walk barefooted. Truely so.. i did. Dark, i didn't want to think about what i am stepping on, all i care was my shoes are now safe and dry in my handbag. Hahah!! Do you do that too?

I will not take the risk of wetting my shoes eh.. My kaki basah, i can wash and dry em. But my shoes, telakap saja karang and rosak tia if i walk in the rain with it.. But Zura... that's what you need shoes for...

Oh! Latest news.... i heard ada orang membali kasut di Spore harga $1500.00!!!! Yang tapaknya merah atu kah???? hehhe.... Nude color lagi. Wowow!!! Nice. That if i yang punya, well... well... well.... i frame saja kali. Heheh.

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