Friday, January 21, 2011

Good Afternoon...

How's you day today?

Before i forget, i would like to congrats to those who gave your time to exercise this morning. Now makin ramai orang exercise. Remember when you exercise in the morning, don't eat breakfast. Just drink water. And have those bottles handy incase you thirsty.

Okay.. After exercise of course you can eat. But jangan lah yang berlemak.. HUHU.. that don't help at all. So exercise in the morning is a good choice but to eat berlambak with berlemak after that, not. You know what i mean? Okay.. cool.

So i did my walk this morning. 6am - bangun of course text my friend to make sure she bangun jua. And good yes .. I woke up at 3ish am and wonder jua sounds like raining outside. I wonder.. mmm.. jadi kah inda ni karang kan exercise.. haha. And you know what? My friend pun think the same rupanya. We walk 10 round tadi. Good. Very good. Weather was perfect this morning. Cantik sekali.

Balik.. stop at the restaurant minum jap. Yes.. baru tah boleh breakfast. I bought newspapers. One terbitan Media Permata and the other one Malaysia punya. Very interesting. The other one terbitan MEDIA TERKINI Malaysia punya.

Wah..!! on front page NAFSU DIIKAT BEKAS TUNANG... SUAMI DISIHIR KEKASIH.. ETC. Bari ijap jua. Rupanya masih ada yang mengamalkan SIHIR. You know SIHIR IS MURTAD jadi nya kan. SIHIR IS BLACK MAGIC.

So berita hangat sekali. Control NAFSU.. that's cruel. But when you in that condition then you wount see it as cruel but instead Yes.. aku control nafsu nya and ketawa lah..(puas hati) like what Syaitan wanted you to do..

Ya Allah..

Yesterday i took blood test and i got my result last night. Good very good. But cholesterol tinggi sikit, just by plus one. So.. i need to control it and to be more careful on what i eat.

When i got my the result, tefikir and wondered - what about the people yang tinggi cholestrol etc .. do they care about it jua kah? I ever ask .. orang orang yang ada problem in health, are they worried?

When you're sick, you don't know who can look after you. Pebaik tia anak or orang tua, do they have time to look after you? Or maybe pembantu rumah saja yang ada with you? Do they think awal, that its not fun being admitted in the hospital? Sakit ada and waking up in the early morning kena inject or di inject untuk mengambil darah? Its not fun.. sakit ada. But why not take good care now then its too late?

Eventually someone will tell me that penyakit and whatever datang nya dari Allah, terima saja dengan reda. Well.. i have a different way of thinking than the people who told me that. How about you?

I know we are all for Allah.. And whatever is from Allah. Yes.. but penyakit?? That also from Allah but do we have to be pasrah and not do anything about it? And when people like me ask you, why you don't look after yourself, and are you the one to answer THIS PENYAKIT FROM ALLAH MAKA PASRAH LAH???

Okay.. if you say YES .. good for you. But if you say NO, good for you jua. People have a different way meliat kehidupan ani. I see it this way, and you see it that way, i see it that way and you see it this way..

I am at work now. Khutbah Jumaat is on now. I am glad i am in Brunei, all the station is live with Khutbah Jumaat on air now. That's is one kelebihan Brunei Radio Station have that other countries nada tu. Its nice to hear sermon like this so we all sedar when almost inda sedar in our life. Maklum lah..

Like listening to ceramah, mengingat Allah.. sudah kawin, mata harus di jaga for perempuan. Tapi mendrive, melintas tia kereta ani, kereta hebat, looks pun hebat, WOW!! nah.. sudah bedosa kan? You see, we all say we sedar, tapi sometime we got carried away. Iblis dan Syaitan sentiasa on our side to pull us to be with them and this is the IMAN MESTI KUAT mean to us.. sentiasa dalam IMAN dalam apa jua. Memang inda dapat lari dari all that, but yes this is my point, when Khutbah Jumaat is airing, it makes us sedar .. Alhamdulillah.

Psst.. kadang ada jua katanya yang berIMAN atu, tapi bila kena hon, or orang drive inda tantu depan mata, sudah tia tujuk tangan TUMBOK TUMBOK arah orang. Ada tia lagi menyumpah.. ada tia lagi yang buat muka GARANG and ada jua yang kan beranti konon kan meluruskan kali and ..... banyak lah. So ia lah.. inda salah lah kalau sama sama saling menyedari.

Anyway, i be off soon. You take care ya. Though sometimes i said to myself, who siapa yang i said to take care ani.. haha. I wish i know. But hey if you are out there and reading this, yes.. you take care.

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