Tuesday, January 25, 2011


How to sleep early? How to sleep 7 hours ani? When you have children or kawin saja or beranak kah sudah or belum kawin tapi tinggal rumah family banyak keraja etc ... siapa tidor 7 hours or 8 hours?

I need to sleep sharp at 10pm, so i can get that 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Okay .. try again tomorrow night. Waking up at 5am, do yang wajib and prepare breakfast and 6am go for walk. That's what i want.

After work, pick up son at 5.30pm.. itu ini itu ini almost 6pm sampai rumah. Terus ke kitchen.. wash hand and prepare for dinner. Masak lah.. sambong sampai almost 8pm. Dinner finish.. sesi homework and study for one and half hour, almost 10pm.

Ouch!! i need to sleep now. Banyak keraja ani, bukan nya sanang. Ia tah, when i attend kenduri kawin and pengantin nya umor 18 or 19 kah.. wah?! Bukan siok siok saja waktu kawin. Memang siok tapi..

So ... sambong sendiri lah when sudah berumahtangga atu. Hope happiness forever. In between atu ... .... .... so strong lah jua and when you have children much more life for you. But when something happen, please do not .. DO NOT leave your children. Mereka sangat rindu you tu, tapi oleh kerana you are not around, you woun't know. Pada hakikat nya your children miss you.

You will know what i meant. My son is my life. That's all i can say. And because of my son i become a stronger person. And because of him i get to learn about life and appreciate life more and want to live life the fullest.
Imagine ... di sebaliknya. I woun't be the person i am now. Whenever whatever it is, when i wanted to do something with my life, i felt to have a great career to go away, i always think of my son. Yes .. and i said to myself.. this time will not last forever. This feeling woun't be the same forever. This time we will not see again.. this time we will not see again. Children grow very fast. And we grow old too.. at the end we be gone and our children will build a family.. so on so on and on..

Ops.. melarat cerita ah. Mula pasal sleep for 7 hours, now jump to children tia. Well.. its related jua. How can you get that 7 or 8 hours... haha!!
Good nite. Tmro sambong. Psst.. meliat sudah cerita Khurafat? Au banar meninggal kan memory yang luarbiasa. Funny ah.. how our mind think of that.

Oh.. i love the word my friend said GULA GULA. Do you know what it meant? GULA GULA IS THAT THING BAH YANG DI ANGGONG NYA KE SANA KEMARI DALAM CERITA KHURAFAT. Phew.. bepaloh paloh meliat.
Bah.. Good nite.

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