Saturday, January 22, 2011


While i cut and chopped the chicken, word PREGNANCY cross my mind. With all the news we heard about babies found here and there, died eaten by dogs, ants, in the swamp etc.. i am sad. so INHUMAN. Killing your baby. Killing the unborn. So INHUMAN.

There are people who wants to have children, but did't have that chance, yet you can, but just destroy it. How INHUMAN is that? People paid thousands and thousands of dollars just to be pregnant. Wow!!

You have that privilege but you don't appreciate it. People who don't have that privilege just hope and pray to God that their wish of having a baby would come true. And there is you .. confident not wanting and even to the extend killing the unborn or even have the heart to leave the newborn in the bin. Where is your heart?

Actually i wanted to share what was in my mind tadi. It was about Orang Betiankan Anak untuk couple yang inda dapat beranak. In my mind just now while preparing lunch. haha.. funny but i did't laugh.

Okay.. is there anybody who really wanted to have a baby but... I know there are ways to be pregnant now, but what if you have that problem, you and your husband cannot conceive, but still have the sperms? And also you as a woman nada place to put that sperm in your woumb? You have everything in this world, and just did't have that oppurtunity to give birth? Get me?

Okay, would you consider like having another woman (anybody) to carry that baby for you? Like she's healthy overall, and all you have to do is to take your husband's sperm and your sperm and insert it in another woman's boday. How's that?

Okay i am going to stop here. I will wait if there are people who really really don't have that opportunity would consider? Or the another woman's body to consider too? On both side.. How's that ah?

Let say this couple got married, but husband is not interested to have a baby. Not interested to have a baby because of economic problem. Let say.. at the age, and in counting after that pence, and after that not enough to support the baby's education later on etc.. etc.. the reason lah. Then the woman just feel like not complete. I wonder jua if the husband would allow the wife to carry another couples babies inside her? or what?

Okay.. the woman want to do something in her life otherwise just not complete as a woman. What's the purpose of being a woman, knowing you can give birth and not using it. okay. So this woman wonder.. if there are a couple out there who wants to have baby and used her to plant those sperm and help deliver their child?

I ask you - for ladies only. - Would you let yourself to deliver another couples' baby when you know you are healthy but you and your husband is not expecting a child in this marriage or you can't be bothered? (what a question..)

Me? entah ah. When i was chopping the chicken, why not. It will help others to fullfill their dream. I think. YOu? Would you? For me it would be a good feeling yea.

Oh.. complicated ah.. but okay. It is not impossible.. but still i don't know really if there are people out there who want to do that too. Haha.. ! i let you imagine.

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dyahz said...

Hem..vry cmplictd ee..lau me nda me sngup bg ank me rah urg lain and it wil be weird to me lau inside my whomb cmes frm another guy then my own huby..p if i hve to,i wil askd 1st the hby n my hby if he willing to let me to be pregnant n is it truely ok to the women to acept the facts that i wil crrying her bby for her?aha..the vry hard question!Entahlah n0 cment:C