Friday, October 21, 2016


my 'heart' is back. Welcome home sayang.. Alhamdulillah.


Always wonder ... ... ...

Got it!

When you do a lot of working out.. wow!! you will want to wear whatever. Yes true. Like all fit into you.  Semangat ku tarus eh! Back to the gym. Let's Go!!

GYM 2014


Working out .. was so into it. Working out.. 
In order to have strength again, well working out again. 
When you stop more than two week, worst over a month.. 
well... start all over again. 
You will get back your strength.. of course paning paning like dulu tu.. 
haha!! tantu. 
But at least you start all over again than be a couch potato!!

Working out!

Looks super easy, yeah did it. Well .. took me 6 months to really wanting to do more. Otherwise i be just sitting at home watching tv. Haha!! Great!! Now need to start again you!!! Seriously .. to get fit is you to want to be fit. 

Owh these guys ya.. Not sure of their names if you asked me. Just taking picture :)  That is a bonus!! 

Salah-Salah rasa ..

'HERE FOR YOU'  ft ELLA HENDERSON  on a beautiful Friday morning. Wet as it is in the morning drizzling 'drizzling' .. woke up early, took the black car for a ride of its life 'haha' out and about. Chilling at home now, wearing what i wore last night.  Thinking of what to write. So much in my head to share. Pardon my English. I don't need you to correct it, thank you. Do your own thing please.. 'haha' i am cool, are you?

So twice AZIMAH her name ..  a bit over the knee black skirt and pink top with a black bangles slide a bit upper the 'siku' on her right hand, sitting on the stair of three, since morning bah. So went back in the evening, and still that pink top with black skirt sat and stand, watching people passes by.. $2 please, pakai makan nya.. She approach this other car infront of me, i came out of my car and approach her, asked her, what is she doing? She said $2 saja pakai makan.. Seriously?

She had been doing this everyday nya.. and of course people tani di Brunei ani would dengan ringan hati bersedekah if ada orang minta duit like that. Of course what is a dollar, two or even five or maybe ten. Yes of course .. why not. But she'd been there since early morning. I got my coffee at the Coffee Bean, a bit up is the BIBD Bank. So she stood there, sat there, people passed by and menghulurkan her $$.  So i just looked and ignore. Then the evening of the same day, last night, she was still there. Like emmmm :( what is she doing?

Called the police and wonder if anyone make any calls with regards to this, and no that policeman said. So i said this lady in all details, was there since morning.. asking for $$ .. Owh nya okay will call Polis Bandar and inform them. I was there a while and alum jua ada. I approach thsi pink top black skirt because she was knocking ceramin kereta orang and i asked her, and interviewed her lah sakajap.. She said she been doing this everyday.  Wow!! That was the second time i saw her.

Last time when i went to the ATM SCB Bandar, i parked infront atu and rush in. She came in and said 'minta duit' .. and that time there was this guy in there with me, same thing mengambil duit jua.  When i heard her said that, i was like OMG ada orang dangan nya kali nie dalam hati berkata.. I told that man next to me jangan jalan, don't leave me, and wait.. Haha!!!! Hahaha!! Jalan ia tinggalkan nya ku. COWARD SHIT banar laki laki ah. So i was alone and she was still there.. 'minta duit' nya.. OMG panik but calm. Yes .. i don't mind bagi duit, ya don't mind.. but i don't want what i imagine like ada lagi dangan nya etc etc.. So i was done, and i looked at her.. i said come out from there.. so i know she was alone. She was telling me this and that etc.. this that etc.. So i pacah kan my duit and gave her some. And i told her use that $$ wisely. And she left gone and i never see her again.

So semalam atu, when i spoke to her, then i realized that she was the one. I told her she did that last time too.. and she sort of like owh ya kah.. Local nie, Zimah nya namanya. I asked her why she do this? Nya ani atu etc etc. I think the third time if i see her, i think i will get her details and let pihak yang berwajib to help her out. I don't exactly know why she do that. I was shocked.

Yang cali nya, i jua yang call polis and i jua yang told her i called the police. And i gave her some $$ and she left. She wanted to hug me to say thanks, tapi i didn't hug her. Kesian jua.. Not that i don't want to hug her, she been there since morning. Salah salah..

I pray for her safty. I pray for Allah be with her. And i pray someone would help her out of her misery. I don't know why but i am sure she yang tau why.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Someday ..

This i will remember. My time will come.

 Al Fatihah buat nenek Hjh Masinu Sarang Mohammad, semoga roh nenek di cucuri rahmat Allah, semoga roh nenek ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang beriman dan sentiasa dalam lindungan Allah. Aamiin Ya Allah.

 Al Fatihah buat babah Hj Zainal Abidin bin Hjh Seri Ganti/Ladi, semoga roh babah di cucuri rahmat Allah, semoga roh babah ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang beriman, dan sentiasa dalam lindungan Allah

Sharing a page .. life.

I'm like this cookie. What do you call this cookie? Jap ada and jap nada. What do you call that cookie? Haha.. anyhew, Raya ke 8, and yes 'fast', just like that. For all you know, it be December soon.

How's things? How's life? Yeah with you? How's everything? Overall in general? Yeah you..


Well, no complain. Alhamdulillah. Ada lah jua kan di complain kan di kusutkan, but here? No lah.. What's to complain now, its life kan. My INSTAGRAM would say 'That's Life. Love it. Hate it. Live it'. And yes, my moto in life. No fun if its not challanging kan.. But to bla bla bla bla inda lah berabis. See how strong you can be. And i will say i will go with the flow, then i terbaca to go with the flow ani ONLY DEAD FISH saja yang go in a flow. Well, yes you're right. But then again, it depends on individuals kan. If you fell like a DEAD FISH, then that's you. If you feel like go with the flow, live it and be it, i guess its another different prespective. Up to you. Argue or agree, after all, no fun bah if no debate kan. That's life.


Keep going.

I wanna share with you too.. This relate to me so much that keeps me going. Don't know about you, but i hope however you feel, no matter how much pain you feel, just read this bit ya.

from Mufti Ismail Menk  'When things don't go your way, don't be upsed or angry. Accept it with perseverance and a lot of patience. Remember it's a part of  HIS plan.'

Setentunya make sense right. You plan all perfect, but no. Its all perancangan Allah and terima dengan hati yang redha dan sabar dalam menempuhinya. Yes, you felt like OMG why me? Kan? Again, we pray 5 times a day. We make our own du'a all the time. We zikir all the time. So we must sabar for all good things to happen. Maybe we suffer now in dunia, but hey we have akhirat. So maybe we have all good things in akhirat. Simple as it sound, yes it is when we bertaqwa and serah all to Allah. Yes i believe.

Anyhew, with that i felt calm. Super calm you would not imagine.

I like this Hadith of the Day too.. ' Aishah (May Allah be pleased with her) said:  The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "None of you should say: 'My sould has become evil.' He should say: 'My soul is in a bad shape."' [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Nah.. how many people we hear them say that? So better start sharing to our families and friends. Just whisper saja in their ears. No need to be loud.  Okay..

So much i wanted to share. So much i have seen. So much .. so much so much i .. Banar so much.

Rest dulu. Just sharing a bit of life. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014


This morning, i was on my way to work.  At the traffic light, i was delighted so much because green all the way. Au nyanta. Seriously dengan doa dan zikir kali on the way atu. Tiba-tiba saja i started to think. Think about perassan. Boh gila jua eh. Haha.. perasaan jua lah di pagi hari kan di layan. Alum jua pagi, subuh jua tu. Haha... jap ah. On-air jap ma Q. back in a minute. haha!! 8.04am

8.14am - Wow.. lawa jua lagu KEKASIH hALALMU by Noura. Yang i dengar jua HIGHTLIGHTnya.. i'm only one for you... haha.

So anyway, sambong lagi pasal subuh ah. Tentang perasaan jua nie. Women can forget you instantly. Au banar. Really kah? Women can forget you instantly? Well, kalau you tanya me, like i talk to the voice, haha, voice lah jua. Nya .. yes can forget. And don't matter how much she loves you men. Seriously, if i explain pun you will never understand. Because you're not a women. Kan?

So i let you ponder and think think lah if you want think. I say sudah, you cannot be me, if you be me, you be FABULOUS and can write. What should i say, its better to be CRAZY than STUPID!! haha

Menulis blog

Balik balik jua i said i wanted to write again. Bah, mudahan ani permulaan penulisan blog lagi. Sekian lama inda menulis.. Bangkak dalam otak segalanya. Haha.. Banyak sudah tu. Tapikan, otak sentiasa banyak space. Haha..

Thursday, March 20, 2014


I belari dan terus belari. Haha..

I remember this moment. With my sister at the stadium.  She said, 'belari kak' .. okay. I belari lah. Not like fast track but belari. And then the funny thing about this was i already know where to stop. Well, planed to stop. Tapi oleh kerana belari with her, inda jadi plan. So next time malas i plan.

Belari non stop from tangga Stadium to tangga nya balik. But before sampai, ada stop sign rah jalan atu, not far, i told her i am going to stop there. Haha.. inda jua eh.  Till di tangga atu, we speed up belari to reach my car parked bawah tangga. Haha.

Sampai ke sana.. wah i almost faint. Ayung berabis, kan muntah pun ada. I buka pintu and duduk and sampat jua thinking sapa kan drive kereta if i ever faint? haha..

Well.. it was a good berlari.

love you baby sis.
Oh, this picture was taken last year jua kali. Now busy tia my sister. Haha. Bila lagi kan belari?? 


This picture was taken last year in March. My holidaying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  This restaurant is just in Bukit Bintang. Along jalan Bukit Bintang. One of the Arab Restaurant just across the massage salon. This is like after 12 midnight. To be exact it was just after 1am. We were hungry, after whole day shopping.  Back to the hotel, and then went down again for a feet massage. Then hungry, and decided to just go across the street and well at least we know 'HALAL' too.

I texted my friend and ask her what was the name of the restaurant. And what she reply nah? This memory yang masih tertinggal lekat dalam kepalanya.. she replied 'aku pun inda ingat namanya.. luan mahal hantap bah. pokoknya restauran arab. kes lapar!' and not just that.. she replied again ' kl ohhh kl... '.  Haha.. cute jua. Antam tah. but what touch my heart here at that time, see that guy behind me.

Yes, did you see?  Yes, he did his solat there in the restaurant. Amazing. Alhamdulillah.. Ya Allah. There they buat business, and there too where he solat. I love that. And i find that amazing. Inshallah.. mudah mudahan we also jangan cari alasan untuk tidak solat. The rest is up to you. But to me, this is amazing. Alhamdulillah. To me, this is also petunjuk for me. And hopefully, it is to you too after i share this picture.



'Mun jua biawak biar lah biawak. Jangan perasaan kan jadi kayu'  Coba tah.. Apa tu nya meaningnya?  I open lah for you BLANK ja di sana atu untuk you menterjemahkan nyangko tadi ah.

I was driving tadi, and i saw biawak ani arah parunan. Tau apa 'parunan'? Well.. kalau inda tau betanya tanya tah orang tua biskita or maybe inda jua orang tua, maybe orang yang like me jua. Haha.. Over jua!!!

Bah, sambong lagi. Sekali biawak ani arah parunan. Pikir nya inda ku nampak. Nampak eh! Sapa cakap inda nampak. Ia tah nyangko, 'mun biawak, biawak jua. Jangan ingat landing di parunan, perasaan kan jadi kayu' .. nah.. terpikir ku jua. Eh ada jua makna tu kalau di ikut kan. So BLANK again for you to fill up. Saja .. kadang enjoy jua kalau ada kan think about atu kan.

So ... biar kayu jadi kayu. Biar biawak buat cara biawak.

I love you too!!



Ketawa ku jua when my 'fren' cakap pasal minyak tanning ani. Lalai bercerita-cerita, sekali keluar 'minyak taning' .. Bangang ku sekajap sekali ku tanya jua.. apa kan minyak taning ani? Ku pikir minyak apa kah apa kah.. rupanya in English nya TANNING OIL. Au ah.. banar.

Pasal apa jua tu nah pasal minyak tanning ani, pasal pakai bekini bah ni ceritanya. Sekali keluar lah minyak tanning. Kan bercerita ku jua supaya cerita ani inda lupa.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

12.25 AM

Early this morning, i terjaga dari tidor. Tenang saja. Hati memikir akan sesuatu yang menyedihkan dalam ketenangan malam. I felt that i have gone through a lot in my life which i only knew. And i thought that was the worst. I flip open Facebook .. **

Good things about FB ani, when you follow the good ones that always remind you of something in life, you will have a positive thinking oleh nya. But once you follow the FBians yang sebalik nya, the way of thinking pun berkecamok. So up to individu lah which one you follow.  

For me banyak yang remind me about life. And that i am thankful to have met them in FB and follow them. What been shared i share it too if i felt it relates to me. All actually and i always sees it as a way Allah reminds me of this life and i should always say Alhamdulillah in whatever i gone through pebaik baik or sebaliknya. Meaning.. dugaan  when i always ask deep in my naluri, WHY ME? .. and surely you don't understand why i would ask that WHY ME because i look probably like nada problem.. kan kan.. So Alhamdulillah .. it is not that bad.

** Anyhew.. so sambong lagi cerita 12.25am awal pagi tadi, dalam hati said WHY ME?.. and again bila i flip the FB and saw this one particular picture.. I tarus said 'Ya Allah.. thank you.' Alhamdulillah, Allah memberikan physical yang cukup, pemikiran yang cukup, penglihatan yang cukup, suara yang cukup dan segalanya serba serbi yang cukup. Dan kenapa harus ada aku memikirkan sesuatu yang negative seketika pasal hidup terlalu banyak dugaan padahal semua yang ku miliki serba mencukupi untuk ku meneruskan hidup.  Kenapa harus negative? Kenapa aku mengatakan sakit sedangkan jika sakit tentunya ada jalan untuk menyembuhinya. Ya Allah.. 

Tapi bila i meliat gambar atu tadi pagi, Ya Allah. Ampunkan aku. Ampunkan aku Ya Allah. Terima kasih di atas dugaan yang kau berikan, dan aku memohon kekuatan iman untuk terus menempuhi hidup ini selagi Allah mengkehendaki aku hidup di bumi Allah yang semantara ani. Amin. 

Alhamdulillah.. Ya Allah. 



Well, i got invited on Tuesday by Syariah at 9am. Received call for the invitation and confirmed going. So i asked what's it all about? Well... he said don't know. Just invited. I asked again, ceramah kah? Well .. he said.. perbincangan Ugama. So it got to be about akidah. 

Place: Syariah Bandar Seri Begawan
Time: 9am
Day  : Selasa 25th March 2014

And i asked again, how many attending, and he said just two. ??? Two saja. Siapa? MMM..

Wonder jua WHY just two? 


Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Bukan bah.. ada lagi cara baru untuk booking hotel ani rupanya. Yes jua. If you plan to travel. Well.. Talking to a friend. Yes a friend. Sekali pasal booking bilik. So eh.. kan booking bilik ku eh kan travel. Ask me what type of bed i like kalau booking hotel? So i just said, as long as comfort lah and jua lagi bukan jua kan lama lama di bilik. Kalau kan lama lama di bilik baik tah balik rumah. Lama lama di rumah.

Sekali apa nah.. rupanya mesti jua katil nyaman dan kuat and tahan. Haha.. ketawa ku tarus. Baru ia. I ask kenapa mesti atu penting.. MMMMM bagi nya jua muka MMMMMM.  Bulih. So ask me lagi kalau booking bilik apa yang i prefer. Apa lagi of course location, bilik nya ada air panas for mandi, tv, etc. Pikir kan jalan jalan and back only for sleep. Sekali apa nah.. bah malas I.

Ada jua agenda agenda yang lain kali tu. Haha.. Now everytime when i want to book a room, i now would like to have KING SIZE bed.. maybe get LUCKY?? and mesti tahan lasak because now perancangan bukan saja kan jalan jalan tapi malam to get LUCKY and yeah.. besar kemungkinan jua inda betidur!! Haha.. sexy!

esok sambong lagi..



I was driving tadi on the way to work. All the way i was thinking about 'complicated' relationship.  You get to see it too di laman FB, or other website of mencari kawan. What is 'complicated' to you?  From all the time i have been living till now, there are many form of complicated ani. Its either the male or female yang complicated. Wow.. amazing what i know and the experience i pernah rasa and alami where probably you never know or perhaps you sendiri pernah lalui nya but in a different way but almost the same.

I used to hear when i was super young that 'complicated' relationship ani is something like boy inda betul or girl inda betul. Haha.. i look back at it, i smile. What is complicated ani kan? Are we sendiri yang complicated. Haha.. If complicated why not just get out of it and wala.. not complicated anymore.  Well sound familiar? Haha.. i am laughing bah nie while writing. Because when i see it complicated now, just say so its complicated and get out!!  Not as simple as it sound ya.. ya.. because WHY? ... why? ... because maybe you still think that it gonna work? Well HELL NOT and will never be.

You complete me.. that's how it should be. If the title complicated FUCK get out from dammm SHIT. Don't go forward because there's nothing worth staying if its FOREVER COMPLICATED.  By now ... it should be you COMPLETE ME. whaoaaaaa.... So, which one?

Tell you a story. Let me see, what name should i gave this girl... Oh oh.. lets say EVA.  And i am looking for a boy's name... oh .. oh.. lets say Oler.. So Eva met this girl in a shopping mall, which Oler was screwing. We are talking about girlfriend and boyfriend now. Its normal i guess in this world for one screwing others.. Haha.  Then Eva knows about this and confronted her and told her to leave Oler. And that girl said 'he love to screw me becasue you're a lame lover. He secrew me because i gave a good BLOW JOB.. '  Something like that. Haha..

As i said, when i look back i laugh. Because.. i could say that to any bitch too. But its just not my problem that you FUCK WELL or SERVICE WELL or BLOW JOBBING WELL because I DO TOO. The problem is the fucking male who loves to screw not only you but your friends too. So wake up.. who is FUCKING COMPLICATED??

Oh there are more to say and tell and perhaps share.. Haha.. I will write more about COMPLICATED in other form.

Monday, March 17, 2014


Log in from MSN to google. Wow.. only now baru dapat enter back. I hope i can upload the apps arah my Android phone ah, so dapat jua blogging wherever i go. Ani stranded bah. Lama inda log in datang bila kan log in keluar google. And this was not google log in dulu when i start my blog. Hopefully that settle. And i am going to start writing..


Saturday, October 5, 2013