Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Have a Look! that sunday...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Al-Islah, Muara

Didn't do much today. Woke up early, i always do. Every Tuesday, i go to Al-Islah to visit someone i love so dearly. I tell you, if you love someone, you think you can make a difference, and you want to see your love one to have another chance to have a better life, dont give up. Make that decision quick, stick to it and BELIEVE that this is for the better in long term even if it hurts so much to let go. You know what to do when it is out of control, its about to do what you need to. ok.

I would love to take some shots in there but i am not allowed. Thats the rule. If you been in there, you would cry. Seriously, it hurts to see them suffer during the recovery but at the end of the day, you feel good that they are in the process of healing. My heart cries to see all that. But have to be strong and face the reality of life. Especially when the parents visits their sons and daughters, the daughters and sons visit their parents, yes, i am talking about the anak-anak visit the parents who are in there. Amazing kan. What happen to all this? Sad but True. This is it. Well at least they still have a chance to live a better life if they practice to be clean and clear from drugs. Young people, its not cool to smoke weed, its not cool to take whatever types of DRUGS, and its not cool when you are totally DEAD just because of DRUGS... think about it. Your parents bring you to this world to be you, and YOU ARE YOU. I love you and your family loves you too. And I pray that you love yourself too.


Oh.. its my off day today. Miss working too. I love to talk when i am on-air but tend to shut up when not at work.... I watched the "28 WEEKS LATER", not good.

Monday, May 28, 2007

how about this?


How about you? how do you get to look younger? I have my latest collections of earings. Yes, i do love it!

By the way, if you want to have a great Manicure and Pedicure, go to ARTITUDE STUDIO at Serusop. Delima Complex. Its very very good. Try it before you give your comment on it.



This is what i like to read... when i need to. And guess what? I M READING IT ALL THE TIME... know why? I want to worry stress free...

one of the content:-

How To Break The Worry Habbit Before It Breaks You.

this morning?

Ryte.... this is what i did this morning.

"Prison Break"

Guess what? i just bought the set of dvd of Prison Break Season 1 & 2. i will never have to missed watching it again. Now i can take my sweet time (that whenever i have the time toh...) to watch it. Eh... Happy ku...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

the other day, yesterday and today....

If you can't be the highway, then just be a trail

If you can't be the sun, just be a star

It isn't by size that you win or you fail

Be the best of whatever you are...

The reason why i want to share it with you is because i m so frustrated today. Yes i do. But then again, what to do. Nak hilang, hilang lah. Tiada dapat rasa hati menerima, tapi apa kan daya...aik... huh! Gimme a minute to take a deep breath ya.... just a minute...


Congrats to all yang go tadi at the Walkton. Amazing to see those who datang. Amazing and Zura suka toh. I enjoyed my 4km walk. Great walk to start a beautiful morning. The elderly pun ada and to the youngest datang meramaikan to support the Walkton For Life... I met the some of them from the Aid's Council, they are very friendly. Everybody having fun kali ah. At first i took a lot of pictures. Tapi all hilang. I m really SAD..SAD... I wanted to share with you jua how it was during the time we were there. Well, only for me to see saja for a short time. But i got a few only by the end of the acara. And hey, the last lucky number was given to me 026 and i got the lucky pize too. I dont actually mau lah the lucky number atu, but that lady (so sweet...) give jua to me. Ok lah, i take it.


At RTB, PelangiFm at Studio A. I went there at almost 2pm. Fun... Full blast....


Work with Iril Rentak 1-5. Fun berabiz ani bah. We did movie review, the Spiderman, the apa tu yang ice skating and the last about the Pirates. But you know what, MUST SEE "HOT FUZZ". Yes, i ketawa throughout bah. If you feel depressed, then go watch that movie. You be glad and dont forget to say thanks to me yah.... In the evening, the Pilihan Akira Talentime, apa lagi kami jadi penyurong trolley and jadi JELITAWAN. Caya, our baju sama seperti sarong trolley ah. GOLD in color. Oh, i also manage to take shot of Taufik Batisah from the Singaporean Idol....(in White baju ah)... Oh and Aron and 'C' are the MC for that night. Me? busy taking picture and that is lydia and Harun sorting the hadiah for that night.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Thursday punya cerita:
Oh i went to tasek thursday petang. Bit late than usual. I do walking and naik bukit, sikit-sikit aja. And this time, while i was enjoying myself coming down from one of the bukit, and a tree 'SNAKE' melintas behind me. I heard the couple behind me like beteriak little little saja, and i jump tarus eh. Its black color lah and about the size of my jari manis and the length is a meter. When i berteriak "What?", i guess the SNAKE pun tekezut.... Probably ia pun kan melintas saja. ha..ha...

Wednesday ceritanya cani:
Wednesday PelangiFM have the MENYANYI BERSAMA ARTIS OF THE MONTH FOR MAY07 - MARIA... here is the shot i have of her while singing with the listener. She is so cute and smart too. She is taking her 'O' this year. But if you miss singing with her the other day, she will be performing for the PENTARAMA for all districts untuk HM's Birthday. Yes, i do like her latest song. Different then the usual.

Sambong lagi Thurday punya ceta:
so Thursday, i work with lydia too, suboh kali ah. Caya, she didnt sleep kan meliat bola. Atu baru ia. For me, probably i would be awake for the "PRISON BREAK". Hensem giler lah the hero atu. Oh well, i do missed it too due to work schedule. But i love to watch it when ever i got the opportunity. Tapi steady masih Lydia beb...

Thursday, May 24, 2007


While working with Lydia this morning, i received this txt. It says:-
"Mari lah kita sama-sama bernyanyi.... Aku banar-banar kesian, param pam pam.... Tahun ani Liverpool kepunan, param pam pam... Piala yang di angan-angan kan, param pam pam... Piala jadi milik AC Milan, param pam pam... Lain kali jangan ngucap dangan, param pam pam... Liga Perdana kami ada sembilan, param pam pam... Baik tah berusaha tahun depan, param pam pam... Sekian"
I supposed that goes to the Liverpool Fans? Kejam bukan tak kejam. But i thought that was creative. I am not into football. Well best of luck next time. I love cooking. I just masak tumis cornbeef, tumis kacang panjang and rebus tahai.... yummy...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Walk for the Reality of HIV/AIDS

Hey, I'll be there too. Set your alarm clock for sunday and write it in your diary now. Wear RED you guys. Do something different and Make A Difference. Wake up early and eat breakfast. See you at PADANG SIR' MUDA OMAR ALI SAIFUDDIEN - the Walk for the Reality of HIV/AIDS. And be there at 6.30am. Show the world that you care.
SUNDAY 27 MAY 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

introducing my siblings & me

Thats me "Zura" . The one in the middle is "Eddie" and the youngest is "Jack"..

beautiful girls of brunei