Sunday, May 27, 2007

the other day, yesterday and today....

If you can't be the highway, then just be a trail

If you can't be the sun, just be a star

It isn't by size that you win or you fail

Be the best of whatever you are...

The reason why i want to share it with you is because i m so frustrated today. Yes i do. But then again, what to do. Nak hilang, hilang lah. Tiada dapat rasa hati menerima, tapi apa kan daya...aik... huh! Gimme a minute to take a deep breath ya.... just a minute...


Congrats to all yang go tadi at the Walkton. Amazing to see those who datang. Amazing and Zura suka toh. I enjoyed my 4km walk. Great walk to start a beautiful morning. The elderly pun ada and to the youngest datang meramaikan to support the Walkton For Life... I met the some of them from the Aid's Council, they are very friendly. Everybody having fun kali ah. At first i took a lot of pictures. Tapi all hilang. I m really SAD..SAD... I wanted to share with you jua how it was during the time we were there. Well, only for me to see saja for a short time. But i got a few only by the end of the acara. And hey, the last lucky number was given to me 026 and i got the lucky pize too. I dont actually mau lah the lucky number atu, but that lady (so sweet...) give jua to me. Ok lah, i take it.


At RTB, PelangiFm at Studio A. I went there at almost 2pm. Fun... Full blast....


Work with Iril Rentak 1-5. Fun berabiz ani bah. We did movie review, the Spiderman, the apa tu yang ice skating and the last about the Pirates. But you know what, MUST SEE "HOT FUZZ". Yes, i ketawa throughout bah. If you feel depressed, then go watch that movie. You be glad and dont forget to say thanks to me yah.... In the evening, the Pilihan Akira Talentime, apa lagi kami jadi penyurong trolley and jadi JELITAWAN. Caya, our baju sama seperti sarong trolley ah. GOLD in color. Oh, i also manage to take shot of Taufik Batisah from the Singaporean Idol....(in White baju ah)... Oh and Aron and 'C' are the MC for that night. Me? busy taking picture and that is lydia and Harun sorting the hadiah for that night.

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