Tuesday, May 31, 2011



(Pic UP) notice that horse statue depan rumah?
Beautiful house. Beautiful ..

Oh me.. on that 18th century ... i let you tell me what that is..

this flower, i just got to snap it. Look at the color
Oh.. NICE.

entah siapa punya horse. Eh pony kah?
Came up to me.. surprise surprise.
And jump about .. showing off ani bah..
sweet. So cute.
But.. still i don't think i will ride. Nop.. nah..
Ada pasal nya tu. Yes.. cerita dulu, i was on a horse,
at the beach, and melompat ia.. oh.. apalagi..
the rest i let you imagine what happen to me..

Stop at this park. So sunyi.
But this is where i was .. hahah.
That far from town.
Yes.. Yes sir.


HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY TO ARMY PEOPLE. IT'S ARMY DAY TODAY.. AND IT'S A HOLIDAY TOO!!! Tatoo show soon, but i am not in Brunei to watch that show.. Great event, not all the time ada, well.. got to pass that shows.

Wah big celebration. Wish i am there. :(

Monday, May 30, 2011



BUT ...


HAHAH... Woman is like ENCYCLOPEDIA?

mmm.. Is that right?


i let you figure it out.

Good day.


We enjoyed it!


Who is this guy???? Well check him out in your ITunes category COMEDY! Yes he is ALONZO BODDEN!!! The reason i wanted to go and watched him live on stage. Whaoooooaaa!!! Power. He got to autograph my the DVD i bought tonight. NIce one.

yup .. you can write AniZa there.. Tq.

That's Johnathan .. we ordered 2 lemonade!
He got US$10 tip from me at the end show..

Malas ku kan cuci tangan. Baru jua shake hand with Si Alonzo! Hiya..
I enjoyed my night. A memorable with lots of laughter in the air!
Godfrey was good too.. Sayang he was not around to take picture..
There were 3 shows. Started at 7.30pm till 9.30pm .
Mean to start the show was this guy, both arms tatoed,
then Godfrey, the the final was Alonzo.
Laughter in the air all the way. Fun berabiz.

Problemnya ganya :
mencari tempatnya. Percaya orang di sini ani, the receptionist can't be bothered
to explain di mana or whatever. All she knows when i ask her on the phone,
she doesn't know where i am at. Then i told her i was at the
Addison WAlk. And she said i don't know where you are at, and she said we are in the
same row tih Pete's Piano. MMMM... And we are on Beltline and Dallas parkway??

I drove out, and took right. All the way passing the the North Dallas tollway, and over the other road. Then stop somewhere, and make my way back again where i was, that was at the Addison WAlk, and saw a police car on the otherside of the road, and that caught my eyes on that building that says IMPROV di atasnya. MMM..

I said, STUPID WOMAN. I was not far from IMPROV!! Just next door and she said 'i don't know where you are at!! '

DAMM STUPID SHE WAS. Oh i just remembered, its not hers. She only work there. Why would she care if that place make money or not!!! She is stupid!!!

Anyway, it all clear up once i got the place. And when the show started. It was a great night for me. I took my mama coz i don't have anyone to go to.

The ticket each was US$17.00 i think with tax is US$22.
Spend on drinks and nachos all to US$25.00
And US$10 tips.

A good show.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Psst..! Where to find this one?
Soft plush nya..
tualanya ..
Psst.. ! let me know. Tq.

Love em bikes .. and the truck! Rugged banar.

when i saw this one, in my mind 'payah cari parking nie di Brunei.'
Inda dapat park arah parking biasa ada.
Terlalu lebar tapi LAWA!

Yup another STEAK HOUSE!

mmm... i don't like it bloody. I like it WELLDONE but not burn.
very confusing. I know who loves and enjoyed it bloody!
I just had a Traditional Chicken Fried Steak with Mash Potato and Salad on the side
and my brother had a yummy steak. And in the afternoon for LUNCH.




where were are now..

Go do the same..

Who likes waking up from a bad dream? Nop.. not me. Nop... nop. I don't like it. I just don't know how to avoid it. I wonder if you can avoid bad dreams? I just wonder. I felt used. I really am. How i wish not to allow anyone to use me in my dream... HUH!

I want to be asleep in peace. That's all. Life is already challenging enough and dream???? Oh well .. its not going to happen. But if so you want to fight with me, okay.. go in my dreams again, we'll meet. YOu 're falling! Hahah..

Anyway.. Good morning. Hi.. good to be here again. I am listening to Natasha now. Funny. She is funny. I got to listen to this. An early laugh. Haha..

You must be wondering who is Natasha? I let you guess. Hahahah... this is what she said.. 'don't you think you're a little ugly to be talking to me??' Hahah!! Funny kan.
A good thing for my morning. I need that tablet of laughter this early morning and that would be listening to some comedian! Hahah..

Go do the same.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Heard the 1st siren, that's a warning. 2nd warning means you got little time to do what you're supposed to do when tornado hit. Tornado outbreak here in few states. And you sendiri will see it for yourself in CNN NEWs the devastating news.

When i first hear it, i thought its just wind, hard wind blowing and makes sound. But lain jua sound nya atu. Then 2nd siren bunyi, bah tia. Kelam kabut all of us went to the 1st floor and ready if anything happen. The Tornado was on top of us and alum touch down. But touchdown somewhere in mid of Dallas somewhere.

Wah.. membari ijap jua banar. Lain rasa nya. I told mom to grab her handbag and i had mine hanging on to me, because the weather outside that night don't look good jua. I grab my travel pillow and went down. Panic jua merah padam muka kami. Our handbag atu ada travel documents etc. So bari ijap kalau hilang jua tu.

Whatever it is, that night to remember eh. Scary jua berabiz rasanya. I didn't sleep until 3am. But atu pun tidor tidor ayam. We never know. Thunderstorms hails sebasar baseball ball atu lagi, angin kancang .. bukan kacang eh, and so many happen sekali gus atu during that night, wowah..

Mother nature nya..


The tornado warning watch was until 12 am malam atu. But again on FOX wearther forecast still on the dangerous point. So macamana jua kan tidor. News now, banyak yang hilang mati. Kanak kanak yang umor 16 bulan, telapas dari tangan mamanya, just found kemarin jua mati. And anak yang 3 tahun pun baru kedapatan, mati. Ada anak yang masih hilang 16 tahun, balik sama bapanya, and abangnya, hilang alum dapat lagi. Yang 16 tahun atu got suck up by angin tornado dari sun roof keretanya. And bapanya and abangnya trying to grab and hold on to him, tapi angin suck him hard like vacum. Alum dapat lagi. Dan masih 200 labih still missing.

So the deadly tornado atu jalan jalan di atas ah and watching di mana lagi to land. But ada strong and threat of severe thunderstorm actions in some states. So watch out now until petang and malam.

Hopefully Memorial Day over the weekend will be better.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


yeS it sure is. I am so very sleepy and tired. let me share just a few i got here for you. Its been hot since 3pm till now. Earlier was hail and storm. Now its okay. Just for now. Tomorrow will be a lookout for tornado watch. Went to watch Texas Ranger vs Chicago at RANGERS BALLPARK IN ARLINGTON today. 3/0. Tickets US$30 each. The games was great! I had fun. My first time watching it LIVE. Great experience. Yes..

Tomorrow i will try to share more. I am sleepy. Going to bed soon. Enjoy it while you can with endless possibilities. Take care.


Monday, May 23, 2011


at the wildflower 2011
Richardson's arts & Music festival.
motif: watching WHITESNAKE in concert.
Ticket: US$20 each
Parking fee: US$5.00
Time was 6.30pm to 8pm

HERE I GO AGAIN their first #1(sold 8 million copies)
IS THIS LOVE power ballad hits #2


Nya inda jauh from Lovers Lane. From Mongkingbird lane. Bah tia. I can't imagine looking for my mom sasat jalan tadi pagi. Hahah. We went to Love Field Dallas then kan exit 75, not in sight. I wonder jua. And i got the USA phone and she does't, I stop at one of the street on Mongkingbird Lane and thinking jua tu.

Yes thingking .. thinking .. thingking.. Bah tia. I got my Brunei number and she got her Brunei number too. Okay.. But if i call her, her credit will go habis fast kan tu. Then i call jua wanted to know where exactly she was tadi atu. MMMMM.... banar boleh ilang ani bah. Hahah!!!

I told myself, baru ia ilang di Dallas on Forest Lane. I look after her for 45 min jua. Panic ada jua because worried if she go further entah kemana. Hahah.. But yes she did actually from where i last saw her. Buleh???

So next time, when convoy atu, peratian peratian tah. Jangan lalai. And kalau inda nampak, just straight or stop immediately to a safe nearby. Or otherwise ... I myself pun not born in Dallas nor raise in Dallas. So i myself pun an internationl person who drive jua (not bad eh) but still ialah jangan lalai.

When both of you in a different country, got lost, just stay where you are until your friend or you rescue each other. I was worried in every way. I just need the name of the street and i will find. Ada ada saja. Hahah... macam macam.

On Mongkingbird lane, beautiful. Ada tempat shopping nya we passed by tadi atu, just like in Europe. Its UPTOWN in Downtown Dallas. Beautiful place. Nice and compact. Rumah nya hebat-hebat. Nanti hopefully, before i go back, i will try to take pictures. Yes ... lawa.

Walaupun sasat, tapi nyaman mata memandang dengan keindahan that street. Just soothing nyangko. And Stress and tension after looking for 45 to one hours atu pun hilang. Hahahahha!!!! Sejarah banar. Baru ia. Something i must remember my mom got lost dari bekomboi from Mongkingbirdlane all the way to Preston Forest Lane..

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Too many products out there to want to make you loose weight. But the only best thing to do is to eat right and do exercise. have a balance diet and a balance (love) life is all you need. To be healthy meant everything. NOT just from your physical look but overall in and out. YEs.

Some look really healthy outside, but inside .. yes so true. So overall in and out. Once that achieved, you will glow. Glow you can't imagine that people surround you felt it too. Yes so true.

So, whatever products are out there to want you to loose weight etc, be very careful. Look up the ingredients too. Suitable or not with you. I am sharing this because here i saw a lot! A lot means its hard to choose really. You want this, you want that. But yet you know all you need to do is a balance diet, and a balance life and you get what you want. That's all.

But if you really want to try some of the products, yes its okay. Why not. Probably you really need it bad, so you need to exercise bad too. It also includes the exercising plan and eating plan. If you can live up to that, you are okay. But if you think twice for that, then forget it.

Just exercise and eat balance diet and have a balance life.. no problem. You will be on the way to have a healthy lifestyle.

psst... reason why i share this, i was at the pharmacy and saw this one product. Its say flat tummy and loose weight too. MMM ... Flat tummy, well i said i can do crunches. But need to do than to just keep on saying it.

So.. flat tummy but the supplement atu says it will help reduce stress, give you mood etc.. I am not stress and i am okay with my mood. I only want to have that falt tummy bit. Then when nya bring you mood etc... mmmm i think twice. I dont need that. Lain pulang karang ceritanya. Haha.. So to you, up to you. Its your body. My boday says no lah to that.


Di BRUNEI nie.. accident ..

and ani Di FRISCO DALLAS accident jua..
(gambar bawah)

Accident di mana-mana jua. Jika cuai, inda berapa peratian kah atau peratian kah, sama jua. Makanya berhati-hati lah. So yang di Frisco ani, i think orang atu kan masok ke kiri arah trafik light. But i think ia silap, the green light untuk straight saja, yang belok ke kiri merah. Inda meliat and tarus jalan. So yang ada right of way straight from the other road tarus terkajut because lampu nya green and kenapa ada kereta jalan dari sebelah sana yang kan belok kiri atu? BOOM!! langgar tia.

The reason why and how i know, i pun the other day at the traffic light and nasib i perati jua. Green light going straight but red going kiri. So i waited until the green arrow to left, baru jalan. Ia tah kan, jika terlalu suka suka hilang concentration. So be very careful jua. Waspada selalu.

Kan ada jua accident di Brunei and ada jua accident di Dallas. So di mana-mana saja. When you drive, you should know you're responsible of the safety for you and people with you. Doa selalu sebelum jalan dan dalam perjalanan dan bila sampai semoga sentiasa dalam lindungan Allah. Amin.


I used this road now almost everyday. Haha.. Just sharing.
How it look during siang dan jua malam nya. It's okay to drive,
just get your international license in Brunei, and you get to drive
anywhere in the world basically. hahha.. I remember my collegue at work
always use PRACTICALLY ... i am sure he remember me everytime he used that word.

Hahhah!!! If you're happy CLAP YOUR HAND!