Monday, May 9, 2011


I am going to sleep in 5 min from now. I am tired jua inda jua. Like i can stay awake until tomorrow, but i don't want to. Need to sleep. Time to sleep. Otherwise rosak program. So many plans with brother and his girlfriend throughout my stay. Sometimes this week, we are going to see him play hockey. And over the weekend, will be out of town. Next week hopefully be watching baseball. Didn't get a chance to watch basketball.. no tickets? laku berabis.

But today, i watched E and it was about TOO YOUNG TO KILL for whatever reason?? Unthinkable murder children below 15 killed own parents, families including sisters and brothers, even bestfriends includes the families. And worst killing another younger children during camping. Horrifying but this really happen. Some would felt sorry they did it, some not.

Guilty for murder, sentanced for 10, 15, 20, 60 to 105 life sentance. At the young age .. just so innocent yet brutal.

One killed his parents. He waited for his father to get off work at 4pm. He wanted to commit suicide. He told himself, if his father arrive at after 4pm, he wount kill him. That day, his father came home at 2pm, and he was shot. Mother was a teacher and reached home just later that evening, and shot 3x. Didn't die, that child pull his mother down the basement, and shot 2 more times. One on the chest and one on the head if i am not mistaken. Whatever it is, both died. And he goes to jail.

What do you think of that story? It was on the 15 shocking crime, too young to kill.

Anyway, enough of that. I am sleepy. Many news about OBL. Too many too. And there was a documentary about SH too. Tension when you watched too much of this, better go read good books or take your family out to watch movie. Huaaaaaaaaaaaa.... zz.. zzz...

I am going to sleep now. Oh TV still on, and its about MILITARY. WAh the SEAL people. Handseome berabis banar. Young and tough. Ready to serve the country.
Tapi setau ku, kalau SEAL ani inda boleh nampak bah muka nya. Kan SPECIAL FORCES? But here, dalam TV lagi. Banar !!! So what is SEAL?

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