Saturday, May 21, 2011


Pick up my brother. Had 30 to 45 mins break and stop nearby Red Lobster restaurant. Lunchtime? Yes, lunchtime. I-Hop is just around the corner too but i guess my brother atu not really fave nya. I like that vegetables wrap at I-Hop. Simple yet filling. Nice.

So lunch we ate lots of prawns and lobster too. Nice one mushroom with lobster. Oh! not forgetting we at scallops too. The bread was warm and yummy too. I had two and i felt like i am the one who clear some of the plates. Can you imagine? Hahah...

Nice lunch but too short timenya. Wish i could spend more time so i could have my desserts. Ani no place for desserts. So pass that one ah. Had lemonande and refillable. I told my brother in our country mana ada refillable. Hahah.. Ya kah nya? I said yes. So nya, problem tu karang when he order inda beranti minuman. He loves to drink and sini ani minumannya gelas nya sudah tah basar, refillalble lagi. Coba??

Spend about US$65.00. And then tips 20% . Bukan jua selalu kan makan di luar ani and bukan jua selalu makan di Red Lobster. We had nice lunch. At least mom enjoyed it so much. I'm happy for that. My brother enjoyed his lunch too.

Oh ... yeah.. oh no. Nothing. Hope you have a great time with your family too. Look into their eyes, you will never see that precious moment again. Enjoy it while you still can.
You be happy just to see them happy too.

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