Monday, May 30, 2011


Who is this guy???? Well check him out in your ITunes category COMEDY! Yes he is ALONZO BODDEN!!! The reason i wanted to go and watched him live on stage. Whaoooooaaa!!! Power. He got to autograph my the DVD i bought tonight. NIce one.

yup .. you can write AniZa there.. Tq.

That's Johnathan .. we ordered 2 lemonade!
He got US$10 tip from me at the end show..

Malas ku kan cuci tangan. Baru jua shake hand with Si Alonzo! Hiya..
I enjoyed my night. A memorable with lots of laughter in the air!
Godfrey was good too.. Sayang he was not around to take picture..
There were 3 shows. Started at 7.30pm till 9.30pm .
Mean to start the show was this guy, both arms tatoed,
then Godfrey, the the final was Alonzo.
Laughter in the air all the way. Fun berabiz.

Problemnya ganya :
mencari tempatnya. Percaya orang di sini ani, the receptionist can't be bothered
to explain di mana or whatever. All she knows when i ask her on the phone,
she doesn't know where i am at. Then i told her i was at the
Addison WAlk. And she said i don't know where you are at, and she said we are in the
same row tih Pete's Piano. MMMM... And we are on Beltline and Dallas parkway??

I drove out, and took right. All the way passing the the North Dallas tollway, and over the other road. Then stop somewhere, and make my way back again where i was, that was at the Addison WAlk, and saw a police car on the otherside of the road, and that caught my eyes on that building that says IMPROV di atasnya. MMM..

I said, STUPID WOMAN. I was not far from IMPROV!! Just next door and she said 'i don't know where you are at!! '

DAMM STUPID SHE WAS. Oh i just remembered, its not hers. She only work there. Why would she care if that place make money or not!!! She is stupid!!!

Anyway, it all clear up once i got the place. And when the show started. It was a great night for me. I took my mama coz i don't have anyone to go to.

The ticket each was US$17.00 i think with tax is US$22.
Spend on drinks and nachos all to US$25.00
And US$10 tips.

A good show.

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