Friday, May 20, 2011


I hate (well a pretty harsh word to use for myself, but what's would be another word for hate? Dislike .. not liking? .. etc Anyhew ..) when i wanted to sleep, my eyes ready to sleep but my brain is not shutting down. My body just want to shut down so badly that my brain not cooperating with it. MMMM...

I felt restless. I have a bad dream and i know that's a MAINAN MIMPI? And i just couldnt continue my sleep after that. Didnt want to open my eyes to check the time, what the heck! but then its like TIDOR TIDOR AYAM. Menjaga talor kali .... hahha.

Now i am feeling tired but i dont want to sleep because its already morning and i don't want to miss my morning. Did you get that one?

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