Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just it.. another day in counting.

Been out and about. Cooking good food and ate out too. Seems long at first but its getting there. I haven't been to a book store to get a good book to read. I wanted to read about Vampire and too about something that interest me in what i have been doing all along.

How about you? Have you got a good book to read?
YOu don't like to read?

Well.. i used to hate to read but now love to read. I try to read one paragraph at a time. Them more than that. Well it will take time. But put the book beside your bed. You will feel guilty for not reading it when its there for you waiting for you to read it. Try it. You be glad you did.

Been out since noon and home at 10pm. It was good. Good feeling. But i am lonely. Haha.. its okay. I will fight that loneliness. Night before goreng fish and ate with sambal penyet. Nice though not complete the taste.

Anyway, you have a good day. No calls today. Wonder why?

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